Islamic domination and rule on its way with New York mosque

Pro radical, pro Hamas and Saudi money all over this project

By Dr. Laurie Roth/CFP /thanks to Mullah / Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Imagine the Mayor of New York saying such a thing after downtown New York was gutted and thousands were murdered by folks backed aggressively by money trails mostly from Saudi Arabia!  Then there is that small detail that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis themselves.  You can read more of Bloomberg’s enlightened comments,  minimizing the money trail of this current mosque,  the size of Texas here.

“I don’t know, and government shouldn’t – do you really want every time they pass the basket in your church and you throw a buck in,  they run over and say,  ‘Okay, now, you know, where do you come from? Who are your parents? Where’d you get this money?”

So far we know that the large money trail emerging behind the aggressive push of this mosque is linked to Saudi Arabia,  Islamic leaders who support the murderous and terrorist group,  HAMAS and support other radical Islamic groups worldwide.  Master private Investigator Doug Hagmann and I talked recently about the compromised money trail behind the mosque and very soon he will have more disturbing information to release on my national radio show and in print.  Stay tuned.  It isn’t pretty,  though Bloomberg no doubt thinks we are wasting our time exploring the money trail.

What many may not realize is that since the 1970s King Fahd and other Saudi leaders issued a directive that “no limits be put on expenditures for the propagation of Islam.  The Washington post talks about the endless spending regarding this goal worldwide.  For example,  in 1984,  $130 million was put into making a printing company to produce Saudi-approved versions of the Koran.  By 2000,  they had distributed 138 million copies.

Saudi Arabia has long felt called to convert the world to Islam or enslave the world,  via tax and oil power.  They also feel the internal call and pressure to compete with Egypt and Iran regarding building the world wide caliphate.

The drama and aggressive Islamic push has continued by the Saudis.

1993 the Saudis created an Islamic affairs ministry designed to export Wahhabism

In 1993 the Saudis created an Islamic affairs ministry designed to export Wahhabism.  They have not slowed down the radical influence which is known for infiltrating this ministry and push.  According to the Washington post,  the ministry’s reach is well funded and aggressive.  They pay the salaries of 3,884 Wahhabi missionaries and preachers world wide.  They have six times as many missionaries as the 650 diplomats in 77 Saudi embassies.  $530 million is paid yearly for salaries of 50,000 Islamics on the pay roll.  Then there is hundreds of millions more spent on the development and building of mosques,  schools and infiltration of Universities,  including the US universities.  They are everywhere,  backed by Saudi money.  They push the Wahhabi brand,  which is fundamentalist and radical.

Doesn’t it matter to anyone in the media and New York leadership that we are playing right into Islam’s hands by allowing the building of a mosque at ground zero? Just yesterday on my radio show I interviewed award winning, former New York Times writer,  Joan Swirsky about this,  who reminded my listeners that there were already 100 mosques in Manhattan alone.  Why did we need another one at the grave and attack site for God sakes???

“It doesn’t matter where the money comes from”

Money Trail: pro radical,  Pro Hamas and Saudi money all over this project

No,  it doesn’t matter at all.  As the money trail continues to unfold (stay tuned for Doug Hagmann’s report) it reveals pro radical,  pro Hamas and Saudi money all over this project.  This, in your face,  13 story mosque is nothing but an international Islamic trophy and funded “missionary” move by the Saudis to intimidate,  seduce,  manipulate, then dominate New York and America.

Along with it being an obvious insult to America and New York to put an Islamic mosque at ground zero,  it would also no doubt be a call,  worldwide for Islamic radicals to come and worship there.  It would become almost the Mecca of the west since it would be the towering Religious symbol of enemy mockery and Islamic worship at the scene of the crime.

No,  it doesn’t matter where the money comes from,  or who is behind this.

I think we should be just as open to many other people and groups who made a murderous impact.

How about putting a Nazi war memorial next to the Holocaust museum.  We could also put Ted Bundy statues next to all the murder locations of women across the country.  After all,  before he was executed he saw a Pastor.  Why not put the KKK headquarters next to the NAACP and then offer a special KKK hat line for the stores.

So far the 13 story,  100 million dollar mosque continues to gain ground in New York amid a growing array of insanity and cowardly compromise surrounding its discussion.  Mayor Bloomberg recently stated with all the passion he could muster that he didn’t care at all where the money came from to build the mosque.

The truth is dangerous and horrifying.  Wahhabi Islam and other types of Islam are aggressively pushing their way into our Universities,  schools,  culture and slamming mosques into place everywhere.  They are backed by hundreds of millions of dollars.  Their goal is simply to convert us and control us as they drift as quickly as possible to a country run by Sharia law.

Stay tuned for the next few Friday shows at as Doug Hagmann reveals more, compromising funding information behind the Mosque.  We will scream the truth to everyone except to Bloomberg who doesn’t care.