Sowdi Prince Al Waleed: "Associated But Nothing To Do With Ground Zero Mosque…"

Walid Shrugs It Off (NYT)
“I have been associated with this mosque in New York, but frankly speaking, I have nothing to do with it,” he said in an interview. “I’m not for putting that mosque there.”

Sez the guy who tried to give NY mayor Rudolph Giuliani a ten-million dollar cheque on the ruins of  the World Trade Centre, if only he would denounce Israel and “America’s policies in the ME’. (Continued below the fold…)

Some good news:

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Allah is my witness, I swear by the profits beard….

Who do you believe? Me or your lying eyes?

Comedy Gold from the Bunglawussi website

Trust me, I’m a Muslim criminal with 20 years behind bars, I wouldn’t lie to you:

A Muslim who served 20 years behind bars has slammed a report that claims prisons are factories for hundreds of home-grown terrorists. Former prisoner Danny Afzal, who works as a researcher for the Prison Reform Trust, hit out at the Royal United Services Institute journal after it published a report warning that prisons are radicalising Muslims.

“The report is based on unreliable secondary evidence. I’ve visited prisons first hand and spoken to enough Muslims there to know that the report’s ‘facts’ are unfounded.”  (From the Bunglawussi blog, always good for a giggle…) They also complain that “it is the Telegraph version of the story that is reproduced by Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch.” (Don’t panic, we’re just Islamic)

That’s right folks, for 20 years Danny was the prison bitch, he knows all about  prison da’awa and radicalization behind bars, why would he lie?  Go back to sleep,  nothing to see here……

Got no money, got no home, spinning wheel, all alone….

But not when you’re Muslim and you wanna build a $ 100 million mosque in NYC. Then you can get public funding

Daisy sez ‘WE AIN’T GOT NO MONEY’……. (Tundra Taboids)

No wucking forries:

Ground Zero Muslim center may get public financing

(Reuters) – The Muslim center planned near the site of the World Trade Center attack could qualify for tax-free financing, a spokesman for City Comptroller John Liu said on Friday, and Liu is willing to consider approving the public subsidy.

Muslim Brotherhood emerging as backer of Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero

What a surprise: the group dedicated in its own words to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within” has connections to the “moderate” Ground Zero mosque. “Mosque’s Saudi Patron,” from Investor’s Business Daily, August 26/JW

Don’t miss the latest, excellent essay from Sultan Knish: Friday Afternoon Roundup – A Convenient Stabbing, an Inconvenient Bombing

Steve Emerson: Rauf is a "radical extremist cleric who cloaks himself in sheep's clothing"

Imam Rauf’s Newly Discovered Explosive Audio Tapes

Steve Emerson has unearthed 13 hours of audio tape of Imam Rauf. Enough  to break his neck.

Listen to Emerson here on Bill Bennett (Atlas Shrugs)

“Steve Emerson has unearthed 13 hours of audio tape of Imam Rauf. Emerson and his team of investigators has spent the past four weeks going through the newly found material. Rauf is a “radical extremist cleric who cloaks himself in sheep’s clothing.”

Among the shocking revelations Emerson’s team will reveal next week — they found Rauf:

Defending wahhabism – a puritanical version of Islam that governs Saudi Arabia

Calling for the elimination of Israel by claiming a one-nation state, meaning no more Jewish State.

Defending Bin Laden’s violence

Demonstrating that there is a lot more to this man than merely a cleric.

The American public now sees the “deception perpetrated by all these Islamic groups that claim they are against violence and terrorism and insist that their rights be respected but in reality are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood.””

(Pamela Geller @Atlas Shrugs)

The World is a Mosquerade

You’re a Bigot If You Think Ground Zero Mosque Is Inappropriate

How does the far left survive in this country? They are so hateful, so harmful to the nation, it is amazing they have any platform at all. If you oppose gay marriage, you’re a homophobe. If you want a secure Southern border, you are anti-Hispanic. And now, if you think building a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero is inappropriate, you are intolerant, an anti-Muslim bigot.

Daily Rushbo: Rush Limbaugh calls it  HAMOSQUE

Krauthammer on Pelosi’s Mosque Comments: “I’m Trying to Decide if Her Statement Was Out of Malice Or Pure Lunacy… I’m Going With Lunacy” (Video)

Charles Krauthammer slammed Speaker Pelosi today on Special Report for her outrageous comments on the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Pelosi wants to investigate those who oppose the mosque. Krauthammer called her comments “pure lunacy.”

Here’s the video/thanks to Gateway: More Rantburg links: Decision Not to Rebuild Church Destroyed on 9/11 Surprises Greek Orthodox Leaders Bush to the rescue: Mosque supporters beg George W. Bush to come to Obama’s rescue Islamization Watch:

9/11 Mosque Imam: Wonders Why Opposition So Hostile, When America’s Children and Grandchildren Will All Be Muslim Anyway!! [Video]

(Actually, it was his wife, the equally deceitful and duplicious Daisy Khan, who said that…)

Ed Koch sounds a bit senile and misses the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf & the Muslim Brotherhood ‘Born in Kuwait in 1948, Feisal Abdul Rauf is the Imam of Masjid al-Farah, a New York City mosque. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Columbia University. His father was the late Muhammad Abdul Rauf (1917-2004).’ from above link his father..

‘Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rauf (1917-2004), was an Egyptian contemporary of Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. He was a professor at Al-Azhar University until 1948; in 1965 he moved to New York, where he purchased – with $1.3 million in funding from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Libya – a plot of Manhattan real estate to serve as a site for a large Islamic Cultural Center (ICC) whose construction was bankrolled by sources in 46 Islamic nations — all members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Construction of the ICC did not begin until 1984. Alyssa Lappen explains the reason for that long delay: “[Muhammad] Rauf withheld information on the Islamic donors until 1984. Only after wrangling for permits for 20 years did Rauf begin construction — at that point, funding sources no longer mattered as construction became a fait accompli.”

See, its all our fault, sez imam Rauf:

Islamic domination and rule on its way with New York mosque

Pro radical, pro Hamas and Saudi money all over this project

By Dr. Laurie Roth/CFP /thanks to Mullah / Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Imagine the Mayor of New York saying such a thing after downtown New York was gutted and thousands were murdered by folks backed aggressively by money trails mostly from Saudi Arabia!  Then there is that small detail that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis themselves.  You can read more of Bloomberg’s enlightened comments,  minimizing the money trail of this current mosque,  the size of Texas here.

“I don’t know, and government shouldn’t – do you really want every time they pass the basket in your church and you throw a buck in,  they run over and say,  ‘Okay, now, you know, where do you come from? Who are your parents? Where’d you get this money?”

So far we know that the large money trail emerging behind the aggressive push of this mosque is linked to Saudi Arabia,  Islamic leaders who support the murderous and terrorist group,  HAMAS and support other radical Islamic groups worldwide.  Master private Investigator Doug Hagmann and I talked recently about the compromised money trail behind the mosque and very soon he will have more disturbing information to release on my national radio show and in print.  Stay tuned.  It isn’t pretty,  though Bloomberg no doubt thinks we are wasting our time exploring the money trail.

What many may not realize is that since the 1970s King Fahd and other Saudi leaders issued a directive that “no limits be put on expenditures for the propagation of Islam.  The Washington post talks about the endless spending regarding this goal worldwide.  For example,  in 1984,  $130 million was put into making a printing company to produce Saudi-approved versions of the Koran.  By 2000,  they had distributed 138 million copies.

Saudi Arabia has long felt called to convert the world to Islam or enslave the world,  via tax and oil power.  They also feel the internal call and pressure to compete with Egypt and Iran regarding building the world wide caliphate.

The drama and aggressive Islamic push has continued by the Saudis.

1993 the Saudis created an Islamic affairs ministry designed to export Wahhabism

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