Ramadamalambam, whalambangboom!

Tiny Minority of Extremists Smoke 15 Coreligionists in Paki Mosque

Islam’s holiest month is always its most violent.

Once again it was Islamic jihadists, misunderstanding their peaceful religion. One wonders how many thousands of such stories are going to come across the transom before the learned analysts and the mainstream media begin to question their assumptions. And the answer is: no number of such stories will be sufficient, because their dogmas (Islam is a Religion of Peace that has been Hijacked by a Tiny Minority of Extremists, “Islamophobia” is a twin “extremism” paralleling “Islamic extremism,” etc.) aren’t based on evidence in the first place. “Blast kills at least 15 in Pakistan mosque,” from Reuters, August 23/JW:  Islamophobes murder 15 inside Pakistan mosque — no, wait…

Don’t wait till he runs amok:

U.S. Muslim Soldier Decides to Be Conscientious Objector…

Obviously,  he is in the wrong army. He would come in handy for Taliban “Boyz Night”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A U.S. Army soldier wants to leave the military service as a conscientious objector based on his beliefs as a Muslim, but he says he’s concerned he may be deployed to Afghanistan anyway. (More from RoP)

Kashmir ‘Protesters’ Pelted with Stones as Locals Grow Weary…

Doesn’t mean they’re ‘moderate”

SRINAGAR: Fed up with repeated strikes by separatists in Kashmir Valley, shopkeepers are up in arms against protestors, who are tasting their own bitter pill as locals are attacking them with stones.  (Kashmir /RoP)

Stick-Wielding Islamic ‘Gang’ Stamps Out Sin, Beats Christians

Despite the platitudes by President Obama about Islam being based on peace, the cold reality is very different. After all, peace and Islam do not go hand-in-hand because Islamic Sharia law is not based on equality, on the contrary it is about the supremacy of Muslims over the non-Muslim dhimmis.

Also, the central aspect of Islam is clearly about Mohammed and not God. Muslims follow what Mohammed did and not what God ordained and for non-Muslims this appears that Muslims have a “duality” because God appears to come a poor second to Mohammed. (Christian Post via RoP)

Ground Zero Victory Mosque Supporters Rant Against Jews Then Beat Jew-Supporter at Rally (Video)

Dana and American Power posted this disgusting episode from the Ground Zero Mosque supporter’s rally yesterday in New York City. The speaker at 3:56 in the tape blames the “Jewish Zionist Israel” for the mosque controversy and current political climate. When the cameraman calls the speaker a racist the crowd attacks him and starts chanting “bigots go home.”

Author David Limbaugh Talks “Crimes Against Liberty” With Sean Hannity

(Video thanks to Gateway)

What does it take to bring the Obama fraud crashing down?

“Obama is harming America, affirmatively!”

Conservative columnist and author David Limbaugh was on with Sean Hannity tonight to discuss his latest book Crimes Against Liberty which was released on Monday and is already #2 #1 on Amazon.

David Limbaugh: I really believe the nation is at a turning point, we either go full blown towards socialism, Marxism, or we turn back and restore our founding principles. This upcoming election in November will tell the tale and I wanted to write this book to do my part to explore Obama’s agenda and how destructive it’s been to America

I always felt that, we knew who he [Obama] was, who he hung around with, he was extreme liberal he had the record, he masqueraded as someone who was bi-partisan…He go into office and he quickly proved who he was, the hyper extremist liberal that we all thought he was”

David Limbaugh ends the interview with a great statement: “Folks, don’t underestimate his capacity for mischief because you think he’s a nice guy, he’s harming America

David says that Obama is running the nation into the ground and is the most destructive president in our nation’s history. Limbaugh also says the next election will be a turning point for our country on whether America will turn toward socialism-Marxism or go back to a democracy. He also says Obama has no respect for the US Constitution.

This was an excellent interview.