Ramadan Pork Chops

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‘Hate Crime’ at Abu Hamza Mosque? Telegraph London Editor Suspects Fakery

Andrew Gilligan voices his suspicions in the article below. It wouldn’t be the first time Muslims had stage a ‘hate crime’, by any means:

On the night of 19 July, a severed pig’s head was left on the railings of the North London Central Mosque, in Finsbury Park. It appears to have been a serious racist attack – pork is of course forbidden to Muslims – and it reportedly caused great offence to worshippers who discovered it when they arrived for early morning prayers. But some aspects of the mosque’s response to the incident have raised questions.

Would British Muslims really go so far as to stage a hate crime? You may be surprised to learn that this is already established practice in the steadily-Islamising US. (undhimmi)

Sikhs Ordered to Embrace Islam

New Delhi, Aug 20 – Amid uproar in both houses of parliament, the government Friday assured that it was committed to the safety of Sikhs in the Kashmir Valley where some Sikh families have reportedly received anonymous letters from extremists asking them to either embrace Islam or leave. (Indian Government vows to protect Kashmir Sikhs)

Two Christian Girls Gang-Raped

An every day occurrence. Uncovered meat.  Imagine it was the other way around and Muslima’s would get raped in the lands of the kafirs!

Two Christian girls in Pakistan’s Punjab province were brutally raped in recent weeks. On July 22, a group of madrassa (Islamic school) students gang-raped a 12-year-old Christian girl in Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi district. A teacher who reportedly witnessed the rape stated:  (CFP)

Malaysian Principal Tells Ethnic Chinese to ‘Go Back to China’…

Malaysia’s economy would collapse if they did. But Islam is more important than the economy…..

A high school principal, a Muslim Malay,  was said to have made derogatory remarks against ethnic Chinese and Indians during a school assembly earlier this week.

“Chinese students are not needed here and can return to China,” she was quoted as saying according to one police report filed by the parents of one student.  “For the Indian students, the prayer string tied around their neck and wrist makes them look like dogs because only dogs are tied like that,” the principal reportedly said.

The Third September 11 Memorial

Remember the “Crescent of Betrayal” outrage, whereby moonbats plan to memorialize Flight 93 by building a giant mihrab north of Shanksville, Pennsylvania? Follow that up with the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, and there will be only one 9/11 monument left to build — a Pentagon memorial:

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  1. * Saudi judge asks hospital if it can damage convict’s spine as punishment for paralyzing man/a spine for a spine….

    He should have come to the West & committed the crime(s) – his “human rights” would prevent any deportation or effective punishment. Victims of islam not permitted to play victim card, have ‘human rights”, get justice…

  2. * UK warns Libya any celebration of Lockerbie bomber’s freedom would be offensive and tasteless

    Unlike releasing him, which while offensive and tasteless, did recognise the perp’s “human right” to cark it in Libya, instead of HM Prison.

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