Montenegro Jihad

Montenegro steps up surveillance after Muslim politician calls for new autonomous province

Still looking to chip away territory wherever the opportunity seems to present itself. And why not? It’s worked this far. “Montenegro: Radical Muslims placed under surveillance,” from AdnKronos International, August 19/via JW

Monastery in Montenegro

Podgorica and Beograd, 19 August (AKI) – Montenegro’s security agency is stepping up surveillance of radical Muslims suspected of links with fundamentalist Wahabi movement in the region. Police have been authorised to tap the phones of alleged members of a group based in several towns in Montenegro, reports said.

There some 100 to 120 Wahabis in the tiny Balkan country, according to the national security agency.

The move came after a local politician Dzemail Suljevic from the Serbian part of Muslim-majority Sandzak – which has districts in Serbia and Montenegro – last week urged Muslims from the region to form an autonomous province.

Sandzak stretches from the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina to Kosovo over an area of 8,403 square kilometres. Six of its municipalities of are in Serbia and five in neighbouring Montenegro.

The towns in Montenegro that secret police from Podgorica have placed under surveillance are ones that Suljevic said should be “added” to Sandzak. They include Plav, Gusinje, Rozaje and Bijelo Polje.

The country’s Wahabis are believed to be financed by various Islamic charities, Montenegrin news agency MINA cited the national security agency as saying.

The idea of autonomy for Sandzak, which has sparked opposition from both Serbia and Montenegro, reportedly comes from radical imam Muamer Zukorlic. He is known for his hostility to the state-endorsed official Serbian Islamic Community (IZS) and his spiritual allegiance to Bosnia.

Meanwhile, in Sadzak’s town of Novi Pazar, the Serbian flag was brought down from local elementary school and burned, while the Bosnian flag was left intact.

Police said late on Wednesday they had arrested three young men in connection with the incident.

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  1. So I guess if you want to visit this beautiful country, you should go now in case they push through their stealth (and not so stealthy) jihad.

    That monastery will be destroyed or turned into a mosque, the way they did with the “cordoba” mosque in Spain, and the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul.

  2. SheikYerMami, you may want to filter your Google ads. I’m seeing ads for muslim dating agencies (*shock* is that allowed?) and ads for “how to convert to islam”.

    I’m guessing the last thing you’d want to do is to assist them in their evil ways.

    1. Can’t be done, they’re automatically generated and pop up whenever words like ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’ are mentioned.

      Click on them often because the Muselmaniacs pay for them….!

  3. It actually can, because you can set up your Google ads not to show anything about your competitors’ products etc. You just need to set up a filter. BUT you do make a valid point…

    Let them fund your site! 🙂

    And let’s all get electric cars.

    Whichever side you take in the climate debate, oil brings pollution and funds jihad.

    Israel pioneers electric Cars – Cuts out Oil Cartels-from Ha Aretz

    And speaking of oil, I’ve actually been wondering about that Gulf Oil Spill. Not a single word about the exact cause of the disaster anywhere, and then a week or 2 ago, I heard about another (infidel-owned, I’m sure) drill catching fire. Call me paranoid, but couldn’t that be sabotage?

    Anyway, don’t want to go off topic.

    This news about Montenegro just shows you that it’s not about Israel being where it’s not supposed to be… What about Bosnia? What about Albania? Bosnia was part of Russia and they had to go after it to establish a no-go area from which to operate the way they do in Manchester (UK) and Austria

    I’ve just found this extremely interesting article about this type of takeover of other countries:

    “History of Jihad against the pre-Islamic Albanians (1332-1920)”

  4. Jihadists on the rise in Balkans: “Oh Osama, annihilate the American army. Oh Osama, raise the Muslims’ honor.”

    A few years back, if you spoke about jihadists in the Balkans, you were an “Islamophobe” who denied the patent reality that all Muslims in the Balkans were moderate, peaceful lovers of America. If you dared say anything about this, you were probably a secret supporter of Milosevic and genocide to boot, beyond the pale of decent human beings. Just ask the enlightened dhimmis and jihad collaborators at Commentary.

    But as always, the truth will out. “Radical Islam on rise in Balkans, raising fears of security threat to Europe,” from AP, September 18 (thanks to JIhad Watch:

    SKOPJE, Macedonia – SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — An online music video praising Osama bin Laden has driven home a troubling new reality: A radical brand of Islam embraced by al-Qaida and the Taliban is gaining a foothold in the Balkans.
    “Oh Osama, annihilate the American army. Oh Osama, raise the Muslims’ honor,” a group of Macedonian men sing in Albanian, in video posted on YouTube last year and picked up by Macedonian media this August. “In September 2001 you conquered a power. We all pray for you.”

    Although most of Macedonia’s ethnic Albanian minority are Muslims, they have generally been secular. But experts are now seeing an increasing radicalization in pockets of the country’s Islamic community, particularly after armed groups from the ethnic Albanian minority, which forms a quarter of the population of 2.1 million, fought a brief war against Macedonian government forces in 2001.

    It’s a trend seen across the Balkans and has raised concerns that the region, which includes new European Union member Bulgaria, could become a breeding ground for terrorists with easy access to Western Europe. Many fear that radicalized European Muslims with EU passports could slip across borders and blend into society.

    At the center of the issue is the Wahhabi sect, an austere brand of Islam most prevalent in Saudi Arabia and practiced by bin Laden and the Taliban.

    “Wahhabism in Macedonia, the Balkans and in Europe has become more aggressive in the last 10 years,” said Jakub Selimovski, head of religious education in Macedonia’s Islamic community. He said Wahhabis were establishing a permanent presence in Macedonia where none existed before, and that “they are in Bosnia, here, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia and lately they have appeared in Bulgaria.”

    It is the first time a high-ranking official in the former Yugoslav republic’s Islamic community has agreed to speak openly about the presence and threat of radical Islam….

    Bosnian police discover jihadist weapons cache in investigation of murder of policeman

    Bosnia: “Radical Muslims” urge fellow believers not to join state security forces, the “forces devoted to a fake god who we should fight against with all of our powers”

    “Aiding and abetting Muslim designs in the Balkans, in the hope that this will earn some credit for the United States in the Islamic world, has been a major motive of American policy in the region since at least 1992”

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