Religion of Inbreeding

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Despite birth defects, questioning incest is ‘attack’ on Islam

Islam, we have a problem. Another problem that is.

TAZEEN AHMAD: Three of my uncles are deaf. Five aunts died as babies. Why? My grandparents were first cousins who married | Mail Online.

In the UK more than 50 per cent of British Pakistanis marry their cousins – in Bradford that figure is 75 per cent – and across the country the practice is on the rise and also common among East African, Middle-Eastern and Bangladeshi communities.

Some told us they face extreme pressure to marry in this way. One young woman, ‘Zara’, said when she was 16 she was emotionally blackmailed by her husband’s family in Pakistan who threatened suicide over loss of honour should she refuse to marry her cousin.

She relented and lives in a deeply unhappy marriage. But others told me of the great benefits of first cousin marriage – love, support and understanding. To them, questioning it is an attack on the community or, worse, Islam.

Anyone checking the figures in the U.S.? Australia? Europe?


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  1. Incest within Islam has long been known. I wrote about the ABC television program on this subject last week. The proof is there and you will find it in articles from Denmark and elsewhere. One father was having anal sex with his daughter, so she would remain a virgin. Yep, thats your good old Muslim daddy. They are swill. Birth defects, intermarriage and incest will eventually kill them off. Hooray.

  2. The Connection Between Muslim Inbreeding and Terrorism

    The Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels returns with a new essay about the effects of Muslim inbreeding.

    The connection between Muslim inbreeding and terrorism

    by Nicolai Sennels/Via Gates of Vienna

    If there are two things that characterize Islamic culture, they are terrorism and inbreeding. The latest research shows that these two things might be closely connected.

    The concept of Islamic terror does not need any introduction. Not everyone might know, however, that seventy percent of Pakistanis and forty percent of Turks are inbred (Jyllands-Posten, 27/2 2009 “More stillbirths among immigrants”). Research shows that the same goes for close to half of all Arabs (Reproductive Health Journal, 2009 “Consanguinity and reproductive health among Arabs”).

    First cousin marriages have been the tradition in many Muslim families for innumerable generations. Such marriages increase the risk of negative mental and physical consequences. My article “Muslim inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society” details extensive research data on the subject. In brief, inbreeding through consanguineous marriages increases the risk of depression (Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 2009 “Relationship between consanguinity and depression in a south Indian population”) and schizophrenia (American Psychiatric Press, 1982 “The role of genetic factors in the etiology of the schizophrenic disorders”).

    The risk of serious illnesses or handicaps increases by up to 1800 percent (BMJ, 1994 “Infant death and consanguineous marriage”). Risk of mental retardation increases with 400 percent (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 1978 “Effect of inbreeding on IQ and mental retardation”). Such facts might make several pieces fall into place for many people.

    Here comes another eye opener:
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  3. Old news Sheik – The evidence of their reduced IQ’s is pretty clear from their (muzzie) statements and their rather primitive and simplistic logic.

  4. Go to West Virginia and you will find that a lot of 1st cousins that are
    married to each other and they are all Christians

  5. @none,

    Show us the numbers to back up that statements?

    There are over 1.8 million people in WV. How many are inbred and married to their first cousins?

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