Little by little: replacing European multiculturalism with Islamic monoculture

Dutch parliament, German Chancellor: We’re not anti-Islam

One step forward, two steps back:

The Dutch parliament passed a motion (NL) today saying that the government should ‘proclaim in word and deed that fighting Islamization is not a goal of the [gov’t] policy.” The only parties voting against the motion were the PVV and Christian SGP.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, also denies she’s anti-Islam. Via The Local/Islam in Europe

Discrimination, inbreeding tagged as causes of Islamic jihad terror

Never shoot from the hip: there is more to it than meets the eye.  Sennels knows his stuff. The Koran, the manual of jihad terror,  may not be the only thing that causes criminal behavior in Muslims, or the fanatical frenzy, which is, according to Winston Churchill, “more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog”. Sennels contributions to the counter jihad are excellent:

Sennels  reasons along the lines of German banker Thilo Sarazzin, who also associates the criminality of Muslims with inbreeding,  their resentment of education and low IQ.  Robert Spencer correlates Muslim behavior with Islamic scriptures, which is more appealing but disregards the inbreeding factor. Perhaps not equally relevant, but it must not be overlooked that centuries of third cousin marriages cause severe damage to the gene pool.

German government moves to criminalize forced marriages

The problem, of course, is predominantly found in Muslim communities. Germany’s efforts follow those of Britain, which has implemented measures of its own to attempt to protect against the practice in recent years. “Germany moves to outlaw forced marriages,” by Michelle Martin for Reuters, October 27 (thanks to JW):

Moscow: Muslims pray on sidewalks for want of mosques

MOSCOW: It is a typical Friday scene – worshippers kneeling in the rain outside Moscow’s biggest mosque, forced to use their shoes to anchor their prayer rugs to keep them from blowing away in the autumn winds.

Same as in Paris, Milan, New York and everywhere  in the West that has foolishly allowed the soldiers of Allah to settle behind, what’s in their mind, enemy lines……. Continue reading

Via M&C:

Young Muslims in the European Union are not more violent than the majority, according to a report on the findings of a study released Wednesday, which found that discrimination rather than religion fosters violence.   (more)

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Religion of Inbreeding

Thanks to Creeping Sharia

Despite birth defects, questioning incest is ‘attack’ on Islam

Islam, we have a problem. Another problem that is.

TAZEEN AHMAD: Three of my uncles are deaf. Five aunts died as babies. Why? My grandparents were first cousins who married | Mail Online.

In the UK more than 50 per cent of British Pakistanis marry their cousins – in Bradford that figure is 75 per cent – and across the country the practice is on the rise and also common among East African, Middle-Eastern and Bangladeshi communities.

Some told us they face extreme pressure to marry in this way. One young woman, ‘Zara’, said when she was 16 she was emotionally blackmailed by her husband’s family in Pakistan who threatened suicide over loss of honour should she refuse to marry her cousin.

She relented and lives in a deeply unhappy marriage. But others told me of the great benefits of first cousin marriage – love, support and understanding. To them, questioning it is an attack on the community or, worse, Islam.

Anyone checking the figures in the U.S.? Australia? Europe?


UK Today

“Christian” names to go:

Officers Can’t Ask for First Name Anymore

Thanks to Politically Incorrect:

In once great Britain it is common to ask for the “Christian name” when dealing with individuals. What is meant by this “Christian Name” is simply  the first name (baptized name). “To be on Christian name terms,” is the normal expression for saying that one is on familiar (rather than formal) terms with the individual. However, since it is a silent affront to “those with other beliefs,” this expression is to be done away with.


UK: Rise in Muslim marriages between first cousins [75%] ‘putting children at risk of birth defects’, warns Baroness

The usual response will follow ~ the Baroness Deech who is putting forward the proposal ~ will be called racist. Read more…Islamization Watch

UK Violence Erupts: Fascists (UAF) and Muslims Descend on Patriots (EDL) and Police

The patriots — check out the Israeli flag on the right and background, and American flags

They came to protest the encroaching oppressive sharia law and jihad — peacefully. So of course the thugs and the sharia nazis had to show and turn it into a violent melee. More from Atlas Shrugs

Some scum was arrested: Weyman Bennett  -Idiot And Con Artist. According to the Tundra Tabloids he also works for Al BeBeeCeera

UK: “Anti Islam” headmistress wins damages

Efforts to Islamize a local UK state school meant that headmistress Erica Connor was forced out on charges that she was racist and Islamophobic.

The headmistress forced from her job after two Muslim governors tried to give Islam a stronger presence at a school is entitled to £407,000 damages, the Court of Appeal ruled yesterday.

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Counter Jihad News

Sheik Yer’mami is on a fishing trip and his internet connection is down. In the meantime, may we direct you to a few news items that might interest you:

Muslim Cousin Fucking:

The marriages of Muslim cousins is arousing confusion in Norway and Sweden. Finland has declined to acknowledge the issue of Muslim cousin breeding and hopes the issue disappears.

The Eye Witness presents on the Swedish SVT series’ program about Muslim cousin fucking. The program raises the question why the Swedish authorities remain silent about the risks of the Muslim inbreeding. More on  Muslim cousin fucking in Scandinavia>>>

Sweden’s welfare services not good enough for Afghanis:

“We receive way too little of assistance. We have no food, no activities, and nobody is helping us out with our homework,” complained Jofari. “They promised us that they’d help, but they don’t. We are required to study instead of preparing food and shop. They just tell us ‘here are the rules’ and that ‘we must accept them.’

This led the Afghan Muslims to hunger strike – it means even less food an activities, because they quit attending the school as well.  Afghan boys in hunger strike in Sweden/CJ

Abu Hamza loves UK

Here’s the song: Abu Hamza

Abu Hamza, the jailed cleric, has launched a bid to retain his British citizenship in a move described as legal “guerilla warfare” by a judge.

Hamza, the hook-handed former imam at Finsbury Park Mosque in North London, is currently in jail for incitement to murder and stirring up racial hatred.

He is fighting extradition to the US when his seven-year sentence is completed next year, claiming that it would breach his human rights.

Not to worry: Britain hasn’t deported any Mohammedan headbangers yet. Why would he be the first? Telegraph In fact,   Rashid wants to leave but  Britain refuses to let him go>>

Australia: Polygamy Leaves Muslim Women (and children) in the Dirt…

*  Jihad by demographics: Muslim population ‘rising 10 times faster than rest of society..,

They are our children, too

* Not.  They are THEIR children and they shouldn’t be here..


From our “we will outbreed you with the bellies of our women” department:

Andrew Bolt – 

How much are we subsidising a foreign lifestyle – and “foreign” in several ways – that is prone to let down children, as well as the community in which they will move?

THEY were eight children living in a three-bedroom house with mice and rubbish in every room. Four had disabilities: some couldn’t hear properly; some couldn’t walk properly; all were malnourished and had head lice. Several had broken bones, and none could use a knife and fork.

Their mother, a young Sunni Muslim woman, veiled from head to toe, found caring for the children impossible, especially as the older ones grew wilder, and then violent. Her husband, an Iraqi, is believed to have at least two other women he refers to as his “wives” and they, too, have children.

He moves between their different houses. None had paid work.

The NSW Department of Community Services has known of the situation for years; and has surely also known that it was a disaster waiting to happen. Last October – that is, more than eight months ago – the crisis came.

Muslim Demographics

* A case for civilizational missionary Yusuf Irfan, don’t you think?

The Real Population Time Bomb

Why a Projection of Future Demographic Change May Underestimate the Real Growth of Islam in Western Nations and Its Consequences…

There is a YouTube video, titled Muslim Demographics, which has been viewed, quite understandably, more than a staggering nine million times. The video predicts an alarming expansion of Muslim population based on projections of the growing percentage of Muslims worldwide, the growing percentage of Muslims in Western nations resulting from immigration and the growth-rate amongst Muslims living in the West, as well as the low birth-rates amongst non-Muslims.

Such projections should always be critically viewed as past predictions of population growth, which generally used to scare Westerners out of having children, have proven to be grossly inaccurate. Many may well remember the 1968 book, titled ‘The Population Bomb’. The best-selling book was written by Paul R. Ehrlich. Ehrlich predicted that in the late Twentieth Century millions of people would starve to death due to a population explosion. Ehrlich opined that radical action was needed to limit population growth. Academia fully endorsed and accepted Ehrlich’s predictions and continued to advance his general theories long after his estimated statistical predictions were obviously wrong.

I remember studying his theories in college in the mid 1980’s. Ehrlich was still presented as a sage despite the fact that, by that point, time had proven him wrong. One result of Ehrlich’s work was that Western nations did greatly curb birth rates. While I have no doubt that social changes such as the increasing number of women working outside the home and the availability of birth control and abortions were a more direct factor in limiting birth-rates in Western nations, it also seems obvious to me that many young Westerners have been led to believe that limiting the number of children they have is socially conscious and that, by doing so, they are “saving the planet.” One need only question teenagers on the topic to confirm that they have indeed been led to believe that they should have no more than two children and preferably less. Ehrlich’s work has clearly contributed to the low birth-rates that are dramatically affecting Western nations and the relative percentage of Muslims to non-Muslims in Europe.

No matter how critically we examine the Muslim Demographics video and regardless as to the validity of its predictions as to when the growth of the Muslim population will reach certain levels, it is undeniably accurate as to the trend of relative demographic changes. The percentage of Muslims in the World, in Europe and even in the United States is clearly increasing and dramatically so. The rate of that growth is subject to great debate and variability, but the trend cannot be denied. As the percentage of Muslims climbs, you can be sure that all of the problems associated with the Islamic faith will increase.

Europe, for example, will become an increasingly hostile place for Jews after having several decades of relative tolerance following the horrors of the Holocaust. Daniel Pipes has also opined, and I concur, that the Golden Age of Jews in the United States may well be coming to an end. But as the Jews are fond of pointing out, what begins with the Jews never ends there and all non-Muslims will eventually feel Islam’s growing, malevolent influence.

Despite the fact that the Muslim Demographics video may well, and probably does, have some inaccuracies, it may well have offsetting errors. For example, I did not see any hint of adjustment based upon two factors that are sure to develop. One factor is that at a certain level of Muslim demographic penetration into Western culture, non-Muslims will become increasingly uncomfortable and will seek to flee to more tolerable locations. History reveals with few exceptions, if any, that the percentage of non-Muslims in any culture dominated by Islam shrinks dramatically over time.

In recent decades, we have all noted of the relative decline of almost all non-Muslim groups in most Islamic countries. Given the overwhelmingly negative perception of non-Muslims in Islamic doctrine, it is a certainty that non-Muslims will be persecuted and discriminated against in any Islamic culture. While some Muslim leaders may enforce some level of tolerance at times, eventually Islamic generated hatred of non-Muslims will always surface. As a result, separate and apart from demographic changes arising from birth rate differentials and immigration, the percentage of Muslims in some Western nations will rise as non-Muslims emigrate to more hospitable countries seeking to evade the harsh reality of life with Muslims that are taught to hate non-Muslims.

The Qur’an contains a few conciliatory verses, but that message is overwhelmed by the much more frequent and strident message of hatred toward non-Muslims. The Qur’an states that non-Muslims are: not to be taken as a friend (3:28), to be confused (6:25), to be Terrorized- ” I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.”(8:12), to be made war on (9:5 & 29), to be considered unclean (9:28), considered evil and a helper of evil against God (23:97 & 25:55), to be punished (25:77), to be humiliated (37:18), to be hated (40:35), to be beheaded (47:4), to be laughed at (83:34), and assumed to be plotting against Muslims (86:15). Finally, as if there could be any doubt based on the foregoing, the earliest biography of Muhammad originating from Ibn Ishaq flatly quotes Muhammad as stating: ‘‘Muhammad is the apostle of Allah! Those with him are violent against Unbelievers but merciful to one another…’ The Qur’an is in accord: ‘Muhammad is the apostle of God; and those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other…’ (48:29).

Based on the hatred generated by Islamic doctrine, while there may be many cultural Muslims that ignore or are ignorant of the foregoing doctrine, there will always be a significant number of Muslims in any population of Muslims that will try to make life miserable for non-Muslims. Consider, for example, the well-known case of author Brigitte Gabriel. While she is a welcome addition to the American melting pot, she is here for one reason—the increasing hostility of Muslims toward non-Muslims as the percentage of Muslims increased in Lebanon. Gabriel’s experience will be repeated upon millions of non-Muslims even in the West as Islam’s influence expands. The age of European migration to the United States may well repeat itself in the coming decades as European demographics become increasingly Muslim and European culture becomes increasingly hostile to non-Muslims. Indeed, there is already such a trend as native Europeans are emigrating to places like Australia and U.S. in increasing numbers.

But there is another, less obvious danger building with potentially catastrophic results. We have already seen an influx of Muslims into Western nations as a result of the dysfunctional nature of Islamic culture. (Please see my essay, Islam Caused Islamic World’s Decline). Islamic culture simply produces more people than its hamstrung culture can support. As a result, millions of Muslims flee to Western nations, but most retain their belief in the very religion that was a substantial factor in their economic misery thereby undermining Western culture. The exodus of Muslims from Islamic countries to Western nations will eventually turn into a tidal wave of immigrants beyond the scope of anything experienced to date. This tidal wave of Muslim immigrants to Western nations and eventual steady outflow of native Europeans may well result in the fulfillment of the predictions set forth in the Muslim Demographics video, even if the birth-rate predictions that underlie the conclusions do not remain constant. Consider, for example, the likely prospects for Saudi Arabia.

The Arabian Peninsula consists mainly of desert that, under normal circumstances, can only support a low-density population, but that low-density population balance has been completely obliterated by oil revenue. The total population of Saudi Arabia in the early 1950’s was about 3.2 million. While I suspect that the nation can accommodate a population level well beyond that number, I am certain that as oil revenue declines in Saudi Arabia as it ultimately will, there is no chance that Saudi Arabia can support its projected population levels. The current population level of Saudi Arabia is 28,686,633. Out of a total of 224 countries in the World, Saudi Arabia ranks number 52 with respect to the average annual number of births a year per 1,000 persons in the population. Population growth in Saudi Arabia is estimated at 1.848 percent annually. At that rate, the population will double in approximately 39 years. (Calculated by dividing 72 by the projected compound growth rate and rounding off.) Even if Saudi Arabia expelled all of its immigrant workers, that still means a potential Saudi Arabian population level of more than 40,000,000 in 39 years.

That is a tremendous amount of people for a largely undeveloped country with limited agricultural and water resources. Of course, as per capita oil revenue declines, the level of population growth may well decline as well. However, it is still readily apparent that eventually Saudi Arabia will not be able to support a population level that has been and will continue to be artificially and greatly increased due to the unusual circumstances of a relatively primitive culture obtaining great wealth via oil revenues. The sad irony is that the longer Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth lasts and the more it is able to manipulate oil prices in its favor, the greater the increase in the level of unsustainable population, therefore, the more devastating the eventual population correction. As a result, Saudi Arabia is literally a ticking population time-bomb, the explosive force of which is increasing every year as oil wealth allows for large families.

I do not know when the oil-rich Gulf States will reach peak oil production or oil revenue and begin to decline, but I do know that eventually the oil spigot will run dry and many Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia will have to make due without the aid of vast oil revenues. Saudi Arabia has already been troubled by the decline in per capita, inflation-adjusted, oil revenue due to its burgeoning population. Imagine what will happen when even the face value of the revenue decreases. While the Gulf States are making valiant efforts to prepare for a post-oil economy, I doubt that the efforts will have the level of success necessary to support burgeoning population levels in a desert environment that clearly cannot support the level of population already sustained without the aid of oil revenue.

I foresee tremendous upheaval in the Middle East when several oil-rich Islamic states begin to fail as the oil spigot runs dry. Not only will tens of millions of people be forced to flee to other countries thereby exacerbating the problems associated with Muslim immigration into Western nations, but, if you can imagine such a thing, the Middle East will be further radicalized. I can already hear what fundamentalist Muslims will say. They will claim that Western nations stole their oil and left them destitute. The Saudis are a proud people that perceive the oil as a gift from Allah. They greatly value the esteem they have received on the world-stage as a result of their artificial importance arising from vast, valuable oil reserves. It is hard to even fathom the cultural shock and devastation that will occur as the nation slides backward into what it was—a largely barren, primitive, and relatively unimportant backwater.

As the oil-rich Islamic states decline, they will cause untold sorrows to Western nations that may well surpass the current levels of sorrow arising from exported terrorism and fundamentalist Islamic ideology. One of those sorrows will be the economically forced migration of millions of Muslims into Western nations with all of the problems associated therewith. Imagine millions of Muslims raised in the Saudi cultural and educational environment that fosters the belief in Islamic supremacy and hatred of non-Muslims flooding into Europe and the United States.

Far from being an exaggerated, alarmist version of events to come, the Muslim Demographics video may well eventually turn out to be a conservative dream as opposed to the real nightmare to come.

If ‘Muhammad’ and ‘Abdullah’ already hate Western civilization and are willing to engage in acts of terrorism while their lives are subsidized by the transfer of great wealth to their culture due to the manipulation of oil prices, just imagine how much more motivated they will be when they are destitute and are falsely led to believe that Western nations stole the oil with which Allah blessed them. Given the increase in knowledge and technology which Western nations are ignorantly bestowing upon the Islamic world, ‘Muhammad’ and ‘Abdullah’ will be well positioned to cause great sufferings in Western nations that will be undermined by significant levels of Muslims within their borders.



Denmark is once  AGAIN considering banning cousin marriages due to the prevalence of serious and rare birth defects found in the children born to these muslim couples.

The Opinionator

 “Cousin marriages is most common in families with Pakistani and Turkish roots. A Norwegian study from 2007 shows that a third of Pakistanis and a tenth of Turks are married with a cousin……According to Sygeplejersken (Nurse) journal, the risk for cousin couples to have children with a handicap or genetic disease is double the average.”