Show Me the Money, Daisy!

Daisy Khan says they have nothing in the bank. So where do they have it?


Investigative Project uncovers numerous questionable aspects of Ground Zero mega-mosque imam’s organizations financing

Daisy Khan says they have nothing in the bank. So where do they have it? “The Tangled Web of the GZM Imam’s Organizations Raises Questions,” from IPT News, August 26/JW

The backers of the Ground Zero Mosque have virtually no money, one of the group’s leaders says, and plan to create another nonprofit organization that would further complicate the already labyrinthine financial network surrounding the project.Daisy Khan, one of the leaders of the project, told supporters over the weekend that the mosques organizers have “nothing in the bank” for their effort. Khan said there is no money and that she doesn’t know of anything that has been raised.

Painful: Laura Ingraham with Akbar Ahmed and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, a real putz:

Tracing the money going to the two nonprofit groups led by Khan and her husband and partner in the mosque project, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, requires a world map.

Federal tax records show Rauf and Khan direct the two groups supporting the mosque project – the Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA). Those two organizations, along with Soho Properties, which owns the site of the proposed mosque and community center, are coordinating the project.

However, federal tax records show the Cordoba Initiative has not listed contributions from at least two charitable foundations that have supported its activities. In another case, a foundation gave money to Cordoba’s sister group, the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA), that was supposed to go to Cordoba; that money was also not listed in Cordoba’s tax records.

Cordoba has failed to list almost $100,000 in charitable donations since 2007, federal tax records show.

Between 2006 and 2008, Cordoba’s charitable tax filings with the IRS show a total of $31,668 in gross receipts. However, tax filings from two charities that have donated to Cordoba or ASMA show more than $130,000 to donations to Cordoba during that time….

Hmmm. And there is much more. Read it all.

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  1. Look at the disinformation being pushed by the moonbats over the Muslim Taxi Drivers attacker and it seems that even the American Thinker (AT) Blog has fallen for their BS.

    Why is AT jumping on the disinformation bandwagon . Michael Enwright is NOT a right wing Tea Party anti Muslim he is in fact PRO Muslim and a member of the Park 51 SUPPORT group and the Muslim Taxi Driver does NOT support the Mosque .

    The MUSLIM taxi driver however it seems OPPOSES the Ground Zero Mosque.

    Now that puts an entirely different complexion on things doesn’t it.
    “Drunken Left Wing moonbat Islamophile White guy becomes enraged because the Muslim taxi Driver does NOT agree with HIS support of the TRIUMPHALIST GZ Mosque and violently attacks him”
    This is what your story headline should be.

  2. How does a CULT which is constantly and repetitively bragging about its 1.5 BILLION membership get the chutzpah and disgusting HYPOCRISY to cry “persecuted MINORITY’ whenever it suits THEM and how do PC,MC Left wing, Islamophile moonbats have the intellectual STUPIDITY not only to not challenge them but to AGREE with them.

    Now I know HYPOCRISY and LIES are as Islamic as barbaric Shariah Law but what is the moonbats excuse?

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