Today's Ramadan Murders and Other Islamic Cultural Enrichment

Now that’s a witch hunt:

Accused Witch Murdered by Islamic Extremists in Gaza… (RoP)

The witch in the picture got away, unfortunately…..

Religious Minorities Denied Flood Relief in Pakistan... (Allah is merciful and compassionate… but Muslims are harsh against the unbelievers, merciful to one another. – 48:25)

Russians don’t like it when the muezzin calls: ‘we don’t like it when the mullah yells across Moscow and Russia in a language other than Russian!” (Pravda)

Funny that!  America’s Muslim POTUS Hussein Obama  calls the Arabic call to prayer “the most beautiful sound in the world”

Seven people have been killed and 14 injured in a bomb blast in China’s Xinjiang region.

Its was not the “bomb blast” that killed them, it was Islam:

A local government spokeswoman, Hou Hanmin, said a Uighur man drove a three-wheeled vehicle carrying an explosive device into a crowd.  The man was arrested at the scene and investigations were ongoing, Ms Hou said.

“Tiny minority of militants” to blame:

Chinese authorities say a small group of “militants” are behind attacks in Xinjiang. (Al BBC)

Last “Palestinian” linked to 1972 Munich massacre kicks the bucket


A funeral has been held for a Pal-Arab said to have been who was involved in the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre in which 11 Israeli athletes died.

The ceremony for Amin al-Hindi was held in Ramallah, with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and senior Palestinian leaders present. He was buried in Gaza.

Mr Hindi, who died aged 70 in Jordan on Tuesday, led the General Intelligence Service under the late Yasser Arafat.

In the 1970s, he was a security officer in the PLO’s ruling Fatah movement.

WTF is “a militant offshoot of Fatah?”

He is alleged to have then also been a member of Black September, a militant offshoot of Fatah behind the Munich attacks.

Two Israelis were killed by the group at the athletes’ village, and nine more died in a botched rescue attempt by the German police. A German policeman and five Palestinian gunmen were also killed. (More)