"True Nature of Islam Revealed"

Islamic Radicals Threaten Suicide Bombings Against Gainesville Church

By Adam Kirk/WAKV

A Gainesville church plans to go ahead with the burning of the Muslim holy book on Sept. 11, despite threats of bombings and the lack of a permit.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Terry Jones, pastor at the Dove World Outreach Center will call for Sept. 11 to be an “International Burn a Koran Day.”

However, the Gainesville fire department has denied a permit for the event.

One jihadist website vowed to conduct suicide bombings in Florida to avenge the Koran burning, while others predicted an increase in terrorist recruits as a result of such actions.

“By Allah, the wars are heated and you Americans are the ones who…enflamed it,” says one such posting. “By Allah you will be the first to taste its flames.”

Jones said the radical threats confirmed his views of Muslims.  “I can understand that they would be offended. I think their reactions–violence, threats, murders terrorist attacks–that only reveals the true nature of Islam which needs to be revealed,” he said.

Spencer disagrees with pastor Jones:

Jihadists take the bait, threaten Florida church with suicide bombings


“First they ignored us, then they laughed at us, then they fought us – then we won”. – Mahatma Gandhi


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Ever wondered where WikiLeaks gets its $$$?

A RACIST thug was jailed yesterday after branding Scots cops “haggis-munching ginger b******s.”

Gee.  I almost thought only white people can be racist……

Pakistani Mohammed Amir launched the foul tirade – and threatened to blow 20 people up – as he was nicked for battering his girlfriend.  The 29-year-old lout told police officers he’d “gladly” wipe them out with passers-by during the arrest in an Aberdeen city centre street.     Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/

7 thoughts on “"True Nature of Islam Revealed"”

  1. I thought the true nature of islam was already revealed by burning
    churches and killing people over the cartoons of muhammed.
    They (muslims) never burned a bible or a veda in their life, right?
    In a free country you can burn all the books you want, it does not matter you can’t burn them all anyway. You can burn books but not
    the ideas or principles nor real spirituality. (it is symbolic; if they burn
    american and israeli flags, effigies of american presidents or authors,
    does that invite the right to nuke them the burners off the planet?).
    YHWH will try “all works” with fire to see if they will stand or not.

  2. In regards to the Koran burning…parallels may be made to the building of the Mosque.

    How do Muslims feel, knowing that it is perfectly legal to burn a Koran ?

  3. Will Obama make a speech reminding Americans that our Constitution guarantees the right to free speech!

    I for one hate to make the parallel with the building of the Mosque, because Americans have every right to make a statement by burning the koran, especially when all over the world, in every Muslim country Islam erases, takes away, burns away the human rights of non-Muslims…(non-Muslims are daily treated as kettle in pakistan, raped, murdered, butchered…and yet pakistan has the gall to complain to the U.N. of islamophobia)

    Of all places, in the tiny islands known as the Maldives, non-Muslims’ citizenship has been taken away, and non-Muslims are now not allowed to build places of worship…

    In Saudi Arabia, bibles are confiscated and most likely burned.

    In Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia…Pakistan, u name it (Muslim country) non-Muslims go through the most violent ordeals, the most violent and crude persecutions and torture…

    There is no comparison to the right of an aggressor to build monuments in the U.S. (much like it is pointed out, the right of the Japanese to build a shrine) compared to the right of those who suffer aggression to protest the very reason for it by burning the koran.

    Yet, I still would not do it for the sake of those non-muslims that live in muslim lands, and even for the sake of those muslims that are debating seriously within themselves where they stand…though that right is there and must remain there for others to do as they see fit.

  4. What do you want to bet that if there IS a resulting bombing, the meda says the church brought it upon itself.

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