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Missouri Grade School: Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ Song is ‘Insensitive’

But not only:  “singing is not permitted due to the sensitivity of all student beliefs.” (Gateway)

CAIR: Hooper whines about “Our Image in the World”

Hooper doesn’t like  the Koran burning event planned by Terry Jones, the evangelical pastor here who plans to memorialize the Sept. 11 attacks with a bonfire of Korans.

“Can you imagine what this will do to our image around the world?” said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington. “And the additional danger it will add whenever there is an American presence in Iraq or Afghanistan?” New York Times, 25 August 2010

Religious coalition to protest ‘Muslim bashing’

“A lot of the public Muslim-bashing rhetoric has been getting to me,” said Kate Heichler, president of the InterFaith Council of Southwestern Connecticut. “It’s time to do something.”

Interesting.  “All faiths?” I see only Muslims. It probably means Shiites & Sunnis…..

State run media desperate to find a ‘rightwinger’ who is as kooky as they are:

ABC Confounded Stabber Not Right-Winger, Still Exploits ‘Knife Attack That’s Cut Deep Into National Debate Over Faith and Fear’

Bonus: A Pisser by the Name of ‘Omar’ (Hate crime, hate crime)

ABC News sure wanted to paint Michael Enright, the 21-year-old charged with stabbing Muslim cab driver Ahmed Sharif in Manhattan, as a bigoted hate crime perpetrator who is the inevitable result of Islamophobic opposition to the mosque near Ground Zero. And the network didn’t let the facts get in the way of their agenda –

Newsbusters links:

CBS Uses Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque to Lecture About ‘America Becoming Islamophobic’

Totally unhinged: the far left spin-doctors back their Islamic masters to the bitter end. Here its CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor who is making a complete ass of himself barking up the wrong tree….

NY Times Frank Rich: Fox News Trying to Portray Obama as a ‘Closet Terrorist’

How about we simply call him the usurper, the Manchurian candidate or the Muslim POTUS?

Chris Cuomo: Christians Shouldn’t Condemn Jihad Because of Crusades

Chris Cuomo. Dumber than dirt. Clueless about history. Garbage in, garbage out:

“To all my christian brothers and sisters, especially catholics – before u condemn muslims for violence, remember the crusades….study them,” Cuomo tweeted.  Cuomo should take his own advice and study the Crusades. Even a brief study would reveal a much more complicated situation than Cuomo’s tweet suggests about who struck first.

ABC ‘reprimands’ far left agitator who tried to provoke mosque protestors

The ABC employee’s role at the rally was to provoke a confrontation with participants so ABC News cameras could record it and then use the footage; literally, making news. (manufacturing news to suit leftist media spin)

CNN: Koran burning far worse than Islamic terrorism

A pontificating CNN dick tries to lecture a determined pastor who knows his stuff:

According to CNN, the Florida-based Dove World Outreach Center, a nondenominational church, says it’s inviting Christians to burn the Muslim holy book on Sept. 11 to commemorate those who died on that day.

The CNN spinmeisters have already swallowed the Muslim bait, those who oppose Islam cause violence:

Yes, because there is nothing more Christian than a good book-burning and a little violence. And they say Islam is the violent religion?

Funny that. The preacher didn’t call for violence, but gets the blame for the Muselmaniacs who want to blow him up.

Spencer takes a more realistic approach:

Awareness is a mightier weapon than a bonfire.

As such, it would be better to read aloud from the Qur’an for all to hear of its hatred and subjugation of non-believers, the second-class status of women, cruel and unusual punishments, and open-ended calls to warfare in order to impose Islamic law.

Nonetheless, while Islamic advocacy groups are likely squealing with glee at such a free shot at playing the victim, at least one set of jihadists couldn’t contain themselves: “Islamic Radicals Threaten Suicide Bombings Against Gainesville Church,” by Adam Kirk for WOKV, via Jihad Watch

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  1. I wonder if the CNN reporter would have made such an emotional query if the moslem, or left winger, would have burned the Bible?

    …. NO!

  2. * Missouri Grade School: Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ Song is ‘Insensitive’

    Scratch a little, and find that the school district is preparing students for a diverse society and global economy … crescent moonbats in full flight!

    [Educational Equity and Diversity

    The Rockwood Voluntary Student Transfer Department has expanded its focus and changed its name to Educational Equity and Diversity. This change is part of our ongoing journey to eliminate the achievement gap in Rockwood.

    There is a growing momentum in Rockwood to expand our thinking according to Terry Harris, director of the department. “We’re talking about the concerns of race and poverty and how they impact learning in the classroom. The focus is to improve education for all Rockwood students. We’re working together to increase the scope of our efforts and prepare students for this diverse society and global economy.”

    Educational Equity and Diversity is built around these fundamental beliefs:

    Expectations: Ensure all students succeed as they realize their potential.

    Engagement: Foster strong relationships: teachers to students – schools to families – communities to communities.

    Examination: Take responsibility to ensure curriculum, teaching practices and policies meet students’ needs for learning.

    Join the equity and diversity team and help work together with students, teachers, parents, and community members across all Rockwood neighborhoods to build connections and improve education.]

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