Watch it if you dare….

Saudi Arabians Torture Employees-  Hammer Nails  Into Sri Lankan Housemaid

Our friends, the Sowdis:

Nothing to do with Islam, not every Muslim tortures his maid, most muslims are just  ordinary moms and dads, can’t blame the actions of a few bad apples on 1.5 gazillion peaceful, law abiding muslims…. (fill in the rest…….)

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2 thoughts on “Watch it if you dare….”

  1. All right Sheik, you know I’m one of your biggest fans, following you slavishly every day, quoting you incessantly and spreading most of what you write on my blog and all over the net, but can you PLEASE stop writing the plural s with an apostrophe?

    It’s not “mom’s and dad’s” but “moms and dads.” It’s just plural!!! When you write “mom’s” – people think “mom’s what?” You also write “it is” like “its” instead of “it’s.”

    Yes, in the greater scheme of things, this may not seem important. When the bearded bastard with a scimitar stands outside your door ready to slit your throat, who cares about an apostrophe?

    I’ll tell you who: The enemies of truth and rational thinking. If I link to your blog to someone who blathers on about the ” tiny minority” or whatever, they’re going to latch onto the fact that you write “It’s a travesty” like “its a travesty” or “his mom’s execution” like “he’s moms execution” or even “they’re execution’s” instead of “their executions.”

    It’s a small thing! Nowadays people say this kind of thing doesn’t matter; the main thing is that you can get your point across.

    But it DOES matter, Sheik. In the world of respect and looking up to role models and – you know. all that. It does matter. If I get irritated by reading “ordinary mom’s and dad’s” to the point where it takes my attention away from what the article is about, chances are other people will feel the same.

    Be the educated, well-spoken guy.

    1. Thanks Cecilie.

      Please forgive me for my mistakes. The only excuse for my unnecessary apostrophes are that I’m not a native English speaker……….

      I stand corrected, humbly…..

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