A happy 2010 Rosh Hashanah and G'mar Chatimah Tovah

All Jewish Winds of Jihad readers, may you have an easy fast.

We must prevail, and we will prevail.

Security forces on high alert as Israelis mark Yom Kippur (H/T Tundra)

Security and rescue forces will be on high alert during Yom Kippur which begins Friday afternoon and will end Saturday at dusk.  Security crossings into Israel from the West Bank were temporarily closed Thursday night and will open again at midnight on Saturday in accordance with security assessments adopted by the IDF. (J’Post)

You know our enemies love to attack us on our high holidays……

Documentary video: The Yom Kippur War

Thirty-seven years ago tomorrow, Israel was surprised (or was it? Note around the 3:00 mark of Part 2) by a two-front attack on it by Egypt and Syria. The following is a four-part documentary about the war.

Watch the rest on Israel Matzav

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  1. Have a Happy and Sweet New Year in 2011!
    Shana Tova from United with Israel!
    This week the Jewish people will be celebrating Rosh Hashana – the Jewish New Year.

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