Anti burqa mural vandalized in Newtown, Muslim mayor supports vandalism

Mural Rage

Update: SECURITY has been called in after tensions threatened to boil over a provocative mural to ban burqas at a Newtown workshop.

Security guard Nathan Daniels, called in by Mr Redegalli to protect his work, said there had been a lot of abuse – nearly all from women.   “The trouble has been mainly from feminists saying it was sexist and racist. This one woman was abusing the artist – shouting and swearing at him as well as making threats that she’s `going to get him’, so we had the police called in,” Mr Daniels said.   (Source)

Strange “feminists”, indeed. UPDATE. As she’s done previously, Elizabeth Farrelly presents a feminist challenge

The  jihadists from “Aussie Muslims” are sharpening their knives:

“Sergio Redegalli Sydney Hate-Mongerer Paints Anti-Burka Mural”

Lauren Murada from the  Inner West Courier hastens to deflect from reality:

Is it unAustralian to dictate what people wear?

Newtown shop owner Sergio Redegalli doesn’t think so and has painted a large mural on the side of his shop of a woman wearing a niqab (Islamic headdress) with the slogan ‘Say No To Burqas’.

Mr Redegalli said he is not racist or anti-Islamic but the mural on Station St was “anti-extremist, attempting to stop violence in the future”.

“I would not like to see Australia have Sharia law (the sacred law of Islam),” he said.

“It might never happen but it will be challenged. It’s through that process of it being pushed I’m worried about the violence.

“Just because the Cronulla riots happened six years ago doesn’t mean the tension isn’t there.”

Mr Redegalli said that he is not anti-hijab and that the nowhere in the Qur’an does it state women need to wear a burqa.

He has had a sticker on his car for the past month stating ‘Australian’s have nothing to hide, say no to burqas’.

Mr Redegalli is using his shop, Cydonia Glass Studio, to create discussion about the issue because he believes state and federal governments are too scared to bring the issue up.

“This mural has come from frustration that political correctness has gone so far you can’t say anything about Muslims without getting in trouble,” he said.

Its already happening. Mural Rage is the next big thing after cartoon rage, pope rage, teddy bear rage, Koran rage and all the rest…..

“This is a stance on rights for ourselves, we can say something peacefully without having violence.”

Mr Redegalli said he also believes Australian’s have the right to see another persons face when people are speaking to them.

Mr Redegalli said the mural has been vandalised twice since he painted it on Monday, once with the word ‘bogan’ written across it.

He said 10 to one people who walk past believe it’s positive, and when people have been negative he has invited them into his shop to try and explain his views.

“No one that is Muslim have vandalised this, I think it’s just the locals who are doing it,” he said.

While the Inner West Courier was interviewing Mr Redegalli, one woman walked past and yelled “‘all you are doing in condemning young Muslim women to being stuck in their homes”’.

Marrickville Council requested that Mr Redegalli paint over the mural yesterday, but backed off.

A statement issued from Marrickville Council said they had several complaints about the mural and while they don’t have the legal right to remove it, they are currently pursuing other legal avenues to remove it.

‘‘I strongly condemn this action which goes against the values which the Marrickville community has believed in and practiced for generations,’’ Marrickville Mayor Sam Iskandar said.

‘‘I believe this is an isolated incident which is not supported by the broader Marrickville community.’’

Strange that the Arab mayor  has no problem with vandalism. Instead, he lectures Australians on “values which the Marrickville community has believed in and practiced for generations”- but the burqa was never part of that, Mr Iskandar.

The soldiers of allah have already published Sergio’s contact numbers  to harass him. It might be a good idea to call him to assure him of our support!

Tel : 612-9557-5898

Fax : 612-9550-5670


In other news:

Peace & Harmony Promoting Mosqueteers Will Wage Jihad if Koran Burner is Not Charged

Ingham prosecutor says Quran burning not a hate crime

From The Detroit News:

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  1. all you are doing in condemning young Muslim women to being stuck in their homes”’.


    Then either of 2 things will happen:
    1-the women will be so frustrated, they willl force a chance from within islam.
    2-or they will go back to their own countgry and continue to use the face mask there.

    Just you, islamics, do NOT come to other peoples countries and try to pass on your own retrograded culture!

  2. I think if Redegalli wants his 15 minutes. He should paint another mural about how the mayor Andrea Guglieri the mayor of Diano Marina on the Italian Riviera made the regulation effectionately known as the “90-60-90” which bans so called “fat and ugly women” from the beach and legislates they are to be fined! Two more cities on the Riviera followed suit! Now they are some extremist views!!! Why attack Islam and forget what your ‘civilized’ society are promoting. Italian Vogue anyone? Images of anorexic women bought and sold they are commodities not humans!!!! I don’t even like to say this but I will because it’s true. The Catholic church has paid out how much in hush money to paedophilia victims? Leave Islam alone because u don’t understand it! And you have bigger problems in your own backyard.

  3. Why would he paint a mural about Andreq Guglieri? What does that have to do with Newtown? Or even Australia? The burka issue unfortunately is relevant to Australians. Certainly western society has it’s issues, the big difference is that when atrocities are committed, the law steps in. When Christian nutjobs kill abortion doctors in the US, they get arrested, tried and sent to jail. When Islamic nutjobs stone to death a woman for adultery, it’s sanctioned by the government. See the difference?

  4. .

    Not only is sharia SHIT, so is all of PIGslam. And I AHEV TEH RIGHT TO SAY SO.

    moHAMedans are dishonest, useless, hateful, disgusting, retarded, dumb, evil, lazy.

    All of which they have proved and continue to prove each and every day.

    PIGslam must be REMOVED and PURGED from the WEST.


  5. Use are disgusting. Just because a woman choose’s to cover her beauty from others and dress modest use are complaining ? But it’s ok to have brothels and and half naked woman walking around ? Like really at least this way if someone is talking to a sister it’s in her eyes not her tits or lips. Maybe she has a bad past and wanted to change n doesn’t want anyone to recognize her ? Maybe she is soo beautiful that she doesn’t want to get attention or ppl checking her out with bad intentions maybe she is in secure about her face n wants to cover it ? The list goes on ! Just like u have the right to walk around almost naked u should have the right to walk around covered !! I thought this was a multi cultural country yuk how can use be so arrogant and narrow minded really ? What do u really even no about Islam ?! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

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