Brigitte Gabriel on Hannity vs Hamas trumpet Jehan Harney

In a series of interviews the past two days, Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Rauf significantly raised the stakes.

The self-described “bridge builder” has proven to be anything but, warning America that dire consequences await us if the mosque is not built.

In doing so, he described those who oppose the mosque at Ground Zero as “radicals,” a description one Fox News analyst termed “insulting.” In effect, he is asserting that 71% of Americans must yield or we will inflame the Muslim world.

Brigitte Gabriel participated in a heated debate with a friend of this imam on Sean Hannity’s radio program yesterday. The imam’s friend went so far as to say that the “smoke” caused by this controversy will cause “fire” against America.

You must listen to this firework:

Click on this link: “Brigitte Gabriel and Jehan Harney Audio File ” to listen to the debate.

Imam Rauf’s true colors continue to become more visible to the American people. Recall that he said, shortly after 9/11, that America was an “accessory” to the attack.

Now, to argue that America must capitulate or face the consequences, Rauf actually makes the case for ACT! for America’s core mission—rising up against the threat of radical Islam in whatever form that threat takes.

We will stand for freedom and our national security. We will not be intimidated.

Here’s an older vid with Hamas supporter Jehan Harney, a nasty piece of work:

More of the same:   This is from Jehan Harney’s blog:

This is is her (rather one-sided) take on Horowitz:

Jehan debates Horowitz on Hannity from Jehan S. Harney on Vimeo.

He’s focused on Hamas. I am focused on our freedom of religion rights that people like him could chip away compromising democracy for everybody in America. That’s one aspect of the debate about the mosque near ground zero controversy… If I live in America, I care about what’s happening in my backyard, not the crazy stuff going on in the Middle East. Muslims in America practice their faith peacefully while abiding by the law, yet they are demonized by those who don’t approve of Islam as a religion. I thought people in America are free to believe and peacefully practice whatever they want, so why now religion is subject to debate…

Jehan debates Horowitz on Hannity from Jehan S. Harney on Vimeo.

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  1. That Jehan Harney brings out the worst in me. If I can’t shut her up pesonally then I’ll simply turn off the debate because I refuse to listen to her BS.

  2. Sean, please stop adding more fuel to the fire. Your Fox News and its parent, News Corp, are partially owned by Saudi Arabs. Who are you kidding? Please do not degrade your status to that of an idiot like Terry Jones. Why don’t you tell your listeners about the importance of our economic health, political, security and military interests and keeping good relations with the Moslem and Arab worlds? Why don’t you have the courgae to tell your listeners the difference between fanatic Muslims, are in fact enemies of Isalm? Why don’t you tell your listeners about the many Muslim soldiers, government employees, scientists, and bankers who are working hard to build, help and promote America? Please do something before the upcoming CNN and MSNBC documentaries do to tell people about the Arabs who own major shares of the News Corp and its FOX.

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