CBS' Propaganda for the Ground Zero Mosque

Readers notice: “Anti-mosque comments have a strange way of disappearing from comments…”

60 Minutes whitewashes Ground Zero mega-mosque leaders, smears Pamela Geller (JW)

60 Minutes on the Ground Zero Mosque (Atlas)

Pamela: Considering it’s CBS, yes it could have been worse, but it was pretty bad. I am called a “conspiracy theorist” for speaking the truth and investigating the stealth jihadists behind the mosque. You can write to CBS here.

An update on the 60 Minutes hit piece, here’s the transcript

Predictable, sure, but still outrageous — although they can’t prevent the truth from coming through from Pamela Geller, who comments and notes much of what 60 Minutes left out here.

For a particularly egregious example of media bias, compare Scott Pelley‘s offensive question to Pamela — don’t you think it necessary to tell the truth? — to his deferential, even reverential treatment of the openly pro-Sharia Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and the developer Sharif El-Gamal, who has described beating people up as “exercise and stress relief.” Pelley doesn’t even come close to asking Rauf about why he wouldn’t condemn Hamas, or El-Gamal about where the money is coming from, or…either of them whether they thought it necessary to tell the truth.

This piece is essentially a PR vehicle for the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque proponents, to help them overcome the public’s overwhelming opposition to the mosque project.


(CBS) Of course the national argument isn’t about measuring the length of two city blocks – it’s about the distance between perceptions. If you believe Islam is a moral religion hijacked by terrorists, proximity doesn’t matter.

If you believe Islam condones 9/11, this is too close.

“It got the unanimous approval of the community board…the people who live down there,” Pelley remarked to Pamela Geller, who is a key figure in this debate. “How did this become your business?”

“It’s not my business, it’s America’s business,” she replied. (In fact, more than 70% of New Yorkers oppose this victory mosque!)

Geller is the Islamic center’s most ardent opponent. Geller is a former New York media executive who writes a politically far right blog that mixes news, opinion and conspiracy theories.

Smears & stupidity…..

“We live in a multi-cultural society, a pluristic (sic) society, with all different kinds of people. And how do we do that? We do that by getting along. And you don’t build a 15-story mega mosque at Ground Zero, and talk and say that it’s healing, and say that it’s outreach. Don’t spit in my face and tell me it’s raining,” she told Pelley.

Last December, Geller’s appears to have been the first blog to rename the community center “the mosque at Ground Zero.” Five months later, in May, a committee of the lower Manhattan community board approved the project unanimously. That led Geller to organize a protest at the next board meeting.

All the same, the board approved the project again, 29 to one. Then, on June 6, Geller held a rally at the World Trade Center.

By late summer the community board had approved the center four times. But major media had picked up Geller’s label and across the country, politicians exploited the debate.

Geller kept writing, calling the project “an act of jihad” and “a grotesque flag of conquest on Ground Zero.”

“To what degree are you obliged to tell the truth in your blog?” Pelley asked.

“That’s all I do is tell the truth,” she replied.

“To be accurate in your blog,” Pelley asked.

“Okay, Scott,” she replied.

“You moved the mosque to Ground Zero. It’s not gonna be there. It was never intended to be there,” Pelley pointed out.

“That building is Ground Zero. And I will say something else. Truth is the new hate speech. And you and I live in so tawdry an age that just telling the truth makes you a hero. And yet, there are so few heroes. Or makes you a devil, in the eyes of the media. That’s all I do is tell the truth,” Geller said.

“You think you’re seen as a devil in the eyes of the media?” Pelley asked.

“Absolutely,” Geller replied.

“You don’t seem to mind that too much,” Pelley said.

“I do mind it very much. What am I gonna do? Shut up? You’re never gonna shut me up,” Geller said.