Anti-jihad party wins 20 seats in Swedish Parliament

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Violent riots in Stockholm last night

– Only short notice in the papers

In one of them, that is, Aftonbladet

– Nothing to see here. If it’s not in the paper, it didn’t happen (Aftonbladet)

Police station in Stockholm suburb of Husby was vandalized in the night. More than ten police patrols were attacked bystonethrowing new Swedes with masks. Before this, the they had vandalized the metro station.

The reason for the riots is unknown, according to the police. According to the news agency TT, a witness thinks that “One of their friends must have been arrested.”

Spencer in Sweden last July with Kent Ekeroth and Daniel Assai of the Sweden Democrats

The Sweden Democrats are mercilessly defamed in the mainstream media. Predictably, they’re charged with being “racist” and “neo-Nazi,” and predictably, they’re neither, as you can see from this pdf. They’re actually a staunchly pro-democracy, pro-human rights, pro-Israel party that is making a strong stand against Islamization and the stealth jihad in Sweden. (Visual evidence of the party’s actual nature comes in the photo above: Ekeroth is Jewish, and Assai an immigrant to Sweden from Iran).

The far left, or course, have their knickers in a twist. Their reaction is nothing short of hysteria:

I spoke in Sweden at the invitation of the Sweden Democrats last July; you can see the videos here and here. “Extremists in Sweden ride immigration wave,” from UPI, September 25:

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Sept. 25 (UPI) — In a seismic upheaval in Swedish politics, an extreme-right movement accused of being Islamophobic has won seats in the country’s Parliament, observers say.Election victories by the Sweden Democrats, a party widely denounced as “racist and neo-Nazi,” have probably saddled the country with a fragile minority government, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported.

Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson, 31, celebrated his party winning nearly 6 percent of the vote by declaring: “We’re in.”…

“The Sweden Democrats Are Not the Problem”

Here’s a video from the Gates of Vienna, subtitled by Vlad Tepes. There’s also a transcript on GoV…..

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  1. Gothenburg, Sweden
    Why was this blonde
    Swede murdered?

    Accidentally pocket call from Elin’s phone to the first person in her address book. Message was left on answering machine. A desperate cry for help. Cries of a woman was heard – male voices – foreign accent.

    Elin Krantz body was found in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Monday afternoon, after having disappeared early Sunday morning when she took the tramway with a friend to get home.

    A nineteen year old man, Rasmus Johansson, is also missing. He disappeared on Friday. Call was also made from his phone, under strange circumstances, but it seems the two only happened to disappear from the same area on the same weekend.

    A man has been arrested Tuesday afternoon, in connection with the murder of Elin.

    Sweden in general, has a terrible score on the Europe rape ranking.

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