Crooks & Crims Behind Ground Zero Mosque

Ground Zero mosque money man sued for ‘ripping off’ company

ONE of the money men behind the developer of the Ground Zero mosque was sued for allegedly ripping off an insurance company for nearly $1.8 ($1.97) million

Hisham Elzanaty, who owns medical companies that operate out of a building in The Bronx, New York, allegedly billed State Farm Insurance for unnecessary tests related to automobile accidents that would maximise the insurance payout, the papers said.

According to the documents, which were filed in 2007, the suspected scheme may have begun as early as 1998, the New York Post reported, citing court documents.

Mr Elzanaty, who was reportedly a “significant investor” in mosque developer Sharif el Gamal’s $4.8 million purchase of the former Burlington Coat Factory building, was also ordered to repay $331,000 after an audit showed Medicaid overpaid him.

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Abdul Rauf, the Ground Zero imam, a tax cheat? Who would have thought?

Rauf’s tax-exempt mosque on W. 85th Street in Manhattan doesn’t exist

More duplicity and deception from this vaunted “moderate.” “Questions Raised About Rauf’s Nonexistent Mosque,” from IPT News, September 1:

The federal government considers the Muslim group founded by Ground Zero Mosque leader Feisal Abdul Rauf to be a tax-exempt church. But federal records show the group obtained that status by claiming to hold prayer services for up to 500 people in a Manhattan apartment building that has no space to hold that many people.The application for tax exempt status from the American Sufi Muslim Association (ASMA) in 1998 claimed the group had an established place of worship at 201 W. 85th St. in New York. That is a 17-floor apartment building.

The 1998 tax filing, called a 1023 form, is required for any institution that wants to be considered a religious house of worship and therefore exempt from taxation. In the filing, Rauf is identified as ASMA’s founder. The application said the group was already operating as a prayer center for between 450 and 500 daily worshipers.

However, a review of the building and real estate records indicates there is nowhere in the building to house that many congregants. ASMA lists its office address as 201 W. 85th St., Apt. 10E on the tax form, while it cites only the building address as its location for prayer services.

The building has apartments only and no public spaces, such as a conference or a board room, to accommodate 450 people. Apartment 10E, building records show, is a one-bedroom apartment with about 800 square feet of living space. In the 1997 incorporation records filed with the state of New York, Rauf’s wife, Daisy Khan, was named as an ASMA director living at that address.

But when ASMA filed for its church status with the IRS, Khan was no longer listed as a director. Instead, Rauf signed the form that said ASMA’s address was the same as Khan’s apartment – 201 W. 85th St., Apt. 10E….

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