Fanatical Ramadan Frenzy

From the RoP:

Natural disaster in the Muslim world is kind of like it is in other places, except that the victims shoot the relief workers
trying to help them if they belong to a different religion.

When not complaining about ”Islamophobia’, the Muslim community busies itself with racking up dead Christians.  Two weeks ago, a  young  family was beaten to death by an Islamic mob in Pakistan.
Last week, a Protestant pastor was gunned down in Russia.   Christian children  were hacked to death in Nigeria over the weekend.  And, on Monday, two Christian brothers falsely accused of blasphemy  were murdered while in handcuffs outside a courtroom (pictured).

India: Muslim mobs loot and ransack Hindu shops and Hindu temples, beat up Hindus, torch public buses

And the police did essentially nothing, confining the Hindus to their homes while the Muslim mobs continued to roam free. “Debanga [sic] Burns – Hindu Temples Descecrated [sic]; Hindu Markets Looted,” from Hindu Samhati, September 6 (thanks to JW):

Thailand: Jihad against teachers

The intrepid mujahedin, gunning down teachers and forcing school closures in the entire province. Later on, they, along with analysts in the West, will complain about the region being poor and underdeveloped, and say it causes jihad. But this is a classic example of jihad causing poverty, and obliterating the means of improving one’s lot in life.   Buddhist Teachers among Six Slain by Religion of Peace…

Thai Muslim women gather for a prayer outside a mosque in the southern province of Pattani during the month of Ramadan late August 24, 2010

“Call for Thai school closures after teachers killed,” by Rapee Mama for Agence France-Presse, September 7 (thanks to JW):

ABC News, Hamas-linked CAIR whipping up hysteria over “Islamophobia”

“Anti-Islam Rhetoric Heats Up Ahead of 9/11: Muslim Groups Prepare for Wave of Anti-Islamic Sentiment as Ninth Anniversary of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Approach,” by Dan Harris and Lee Ferran for ABC News