To burn or not to burn


More love from the religion of peace and tolerance. Sorry, fellas, here in America we have free speech. Nobody said boo when Piss Christ was an art exhibit or Comedy Central had Jesus snorting coke or when the steady stream of Jew hating cartoons and TV shows in the Muslim world came out, so the prophet moe and his followers are going to have to grow up.

Muslims must learn to get along with others and live side by side with their fellow man. 🙂

Yet another Islamic event at the White House to continue celebrating the Month of Jihad (according to Muslims). Take the hint at what this “Next Generation” gathering is signaling. Hat tip BareNakedIslam

Heat packing, Koran burning pastor Terry Jones:

“We think it’s time to turn the tables, and instead of possibly blaming us for what could happen, we put the blame where it belongs — on the people who would do it,” he said. “And maybe instead of addressing us, we should address radical Islam and send a very clear warning that they are not to retaliate in any form.

Who is Terry Jones?

White House follows lead of US and Nato commander in Afghanistan, saying church group plan could put troops at risk.

Suddenly, the Muslim POTUS Obama worries about the troops: (Al Jizz)

Protests were held in Indonesia against the proposed Koran burning [AFP]

Why does the world care when people want to burn a koran? No one seems to mind when bibles, flags or human effigies are burned.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Tuesday said he “strongly” condemns the planned burning of Qurans on Sept. 11 by a small Florida church.  Rasmussen said such actions could have a “negative impact” on the security of the NATO troops fighting in Afghanistan.

Want respect? Earn it!

“I think it’s a disrespectful action and in general I really urge people to respect other people’s faith and behave respectfully,” Rasmussen told reporters in Washington, ahead of a meeting with President Obama. “I think such actions are in a strong contradiction of all the values we stand for and fight for.”   (The Hill)

CAIR’s BS Propaganda Goes into Overdrive

Muselmanic Hysteria:

72% of Americans are “birthers” and “religious bigots”- Keith Ellison, one of two Muslims serving in congress. (ZIP)

8 thoughts on “To burn or not to burn”

  1. * No one seems to mind when bibles, flags or human effigies are burned.

    I assume that Swordi Arabia, Morocco, Maldives and other progressive muslim nations burn confiscated Bibles – maybe they do treat them with reverence, wearing gloves Gitmo-style, but somehow I doubt it.

  2. Mullah Lodabullah its seems Islam is more in tune with their true spiritual inspiration concerning this than we realize. They murder Christians for living out, acting upon what the Bible tells Christians to do than to just target the Bible in book form itself. This is what truly haunts Satan and his darkside companions. Its doing what the Word of God says it what really shakes this planet and shows what Islam for what it really is…and that is what Muslims hate more than the symbolic appearance of Christianity. Its easier to control and force Christians into dhimmi status when they are powerless hypocrites not demonstrating the gospel to the nations. Just like with Jesus when “the Word became flesh”…when a Christian literally performs the Bible, all darkness takes note and tries to kill them off.

  3. To the left wing PC, MC left wing moonbat Islamophile mind Mohammedan Terrorism killing 3000 on 9/11 and Terrorist bombs and countless acts of unimaginable savagery and head choppings and Rage Boy riots all over the Western World are “UNDERSTANDABLE’ . But burn a Koran and oppose an Islamic Triumphalist Grounf=d Zero Mosque and you are an Islamophile and a bigot and even called by some morons who by doing so prove just how stupid they are a ‘Racist’ . Is this HYPOCRITICAL, ILLOGICAL and UNBALANCED you bet your life it is but such is Islam and such is left wing moonbat stupidity.

  4. As a true Bible believing Christian, I know that the only way into the presence of Almighty God is in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We Christians are not on earth to fight our God’s battles, but rather should walk in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus. Burning this book or any other book will not receive commendations but on the contrary generate more fear and hate from the army of allah which is just another name for lucifer.

  5. To burn or not to burn. That is the question… Perhaps it should be to BAN.

    Yes, Mullah, for instance the US flag… Remember the US flagpin that Obama refused to wear? I also saw a photo in a YouTube video where Obama doesn’t bother to sing the anthem, while the real Americans (Hillary Clinton, McCain, Palin and others, as far as I can remember) were singing with pride, having their hands on their chests.

    Jane, I believe that the koran teaches genocide. By teaching that muslims should kill non-Muslims wherever they find them (or otherwise, they must convert and pay infidel tax – jizya – to further fund islam and jihad), it is spreading hate speech and inciting genocide.

    There may be some violence in the Old Testament, but those are ‘historical accounts’, it does not incite violence against those who are not Jews or Christians.

    According to the Rome convention, incitement to genocide is also a punishable offense. Perhaps the koran should be banned on these grounds?

    EXCELLENT IDEA: Perhaps Geert Wilders and Pam Geller can get together and complain to the International Criminal Court in THE HAGUE about this INCITEMENT OF GLOBAL GENOCIDE OF NON-MUSLIMS.

    Remember Sudan? There are muslims killing Africans.

    Recently in South Africa, a song called “kill the Boer” (boer means farmer, but generally refers to all whites) has been called unconstitutional and hate speech. The ANC vowed to appeal this decision and take it to the highest court.

    This despite the fact that innocent people are being tortured to death, with their blood being used to write “kill the Boer” on the walls in their homes…

    “High Court judge S.P.B. Hancke ruled that it was proven beyond any reasonable doubt that gardener Joseph Hlongwane, 22, had tortured to death the elderly, unarmed Helen Lotter (76) and her daughter Alice (57) on March 6 2009. No explanation was given by the gardener as to why he had displayed such extreme cruelty, carrying out at least three hours of torture.

    The gardener of the two unarmed, frail Boer women who were tortured to death on March 6 2009 was found guilty of their extremely cruel murders. The trial left many questions unanswered: why the women were tortured to death over a three-hour period; why the slogan “Kill the Boer’ was daubed on the farm house wall”

    At the initial hearings, ANC supporters (and government leaders) organised a counter-protest, defending and mocking these brutal murders at the court house:

    Sort of like leftard apologists saying “Americans deserved 9/11”. What BS!

    SheikYerMami posted on this as well:

    Of course then one of those Boere laid a complaint with the ICC in The Hague, and nothing has been heard of that appeal since then. Nothing was heard again about Brandon Huntley either, the white South African who received refugee status from Canada. The ANC called Canada racist, and requested a review, but then the brutal murder of one of the farmers made worldwide headlines and nothing was ever heard of this case either.

    And are you at all surprised that JIHADIS ARE INCITING WHITE GENOCIDE in South Africa? (video of another muhammad – from the Black Panthers – saying kill the white babies)


    I think unfortunately if those korans are now not burnt, the genocidal jihadis will consider this to be a victory, because ‘oh, those infidels are so scared’. But, that said, I think I will go with “not to burn”, because:



    Genocide doesn’t stop being genocide just because it’s the ‘holy cow’ of some twisted ideology pretending to be a ‘religion’… Current jihad events are just part of the greatest incitement to genocide in history.

    The muslim conquest of India was the bloodiest in history:

    If we are not careful, history will repeat itself…

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