"Feelings Hurt" vs Unhurt….

#@%$* ,  Which one ist it? Why don’t these headbangers sort it out among themselves before they try to force it on us?

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Islamic Hamas movement, which rules the Gaza Strip, slammed on Wednesday the French parliament for passing a law that bars Muslim women in the country from wearing Islamic veils.

Ahmed Bahar, deputy speaker of the Hamas-dominated parliament and a senior Hamas leader in Gaza, said in a written press statement emailed to reporters that the decision “is unfair, racist and hurts Muslims’ feelings.”

Muslims have a long long history of fairness towards black slaves. They  would never hurt the feelings of unbelievers.

He also called on the European Union’s court for human rights ” to condemn the decision of France and its parliament “for passing such a racist law which violates the law of the European agreement for human rights.”

Feelings not hurt:

Al-Azhar scholar supports French niqab ban

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How about sorting it out among themselves first?

A leading cleric at Egypt’s prestigious Al-Azhar Mosque on Wednesday applauded France’s ban on the face veil worn by some devout Muslim women, saying the niqab harmed Islam’s image.

Abdel Muti al-Bayyumi, a member of an influential council of clerics at al-Azhar, said the niqab, a full-face veil that leaves an opening for the eyes, “has no basis in Islamic law and there is nothing in the Koran or Sunna that supports it.”

“I personally support (the ban) and many of my brothers in the Islamic Research Academy support it. My position against the niqab is actually older than France’s,” said Bayyumi, who has authored a book against the practice.

“I want to send a message to Muslims in France and Europe. The niqab has no basis in Islam. I used to feel dismayed when I saw some of the sisters (in France) wearing the niqab. This does not give a good impression of Islam…. (Source)