Good News: Imam Rauf Will Save America From Islamic Terrorism!

But Who is Going to Save us from Imam Rauf?

Imam Rauf, the self described “head coach” of the global strategic initiative — audio here (his “players” include “the President of the United States, or the President of Malaysia, or the President of England” [sic]) said the following in tonight’s 60 minutes episode:

Lets trust Rage Boy instead!

“It’s my duty as an American Muslim to stand between you, the American non-Muslim and the radicals trying to attack you.”

Pamela wonders: More threats from this snake. He is going to save us ….. from jihadists? Who is going to save us from him?

34 thoughts on “Good News: Imam Rauf Will Save America From Islamic Terrorism!”

  1. Ignorance leads to fanaticism, to radicalism, to extremism, to insanity,
    to destruction.
    the gods (zeus, thor, allah, krishna etc.) make insane the people they
    seek to destroy.
    Only living faith in YHWH can save people.
    human systemised religion will always fail.

  2. i dont know how stupid you americans are. such ignorance. Stop insulting Islam and inshaallah, Allah will protect us from shaitan-minded people like you.

  3. anas – you are the ignorant and stupid one. Are you blind to all the crimes committed by your co-religionists???!!!!!

  4. to kaw;
    so killing thousands of iraqis, palestinians , by Americans and jews is not a crime? are you too dumb to open your eyes? You are stupid typical american, cheated by their own media.

  5. anas,

    Iranians killed more iraqis than the americans,
    and Jordan killed more palis than Israel.
    The american media isn’t that objective either because they cheat
    in favor of islamists like you.

  6. anas,

    allah can’t protect people from the devil because the moongod allah
    is not YHWH. (nor elohim/god/allah as tittles).
    people will never stop insulting religions/politics
    because they are not living up to the expectations.
    Only real divine theocracy can rule with justice and equity.
    human religions (christianity, islam, judaism, etc,) can’t succeed !

  7. Allah can and Allah will. Its pathetic not to have any faith. You should try to feel the sweetness of faith. Your real divine theocracy will never achieve justice and equity without any faith. And jordan killed more palis than israel?, do go out and check your facts. Please dont surf this kind of insulting website and make your assumptions from it, which is far too one sided. Do think in every perspectives available. Why dont you go and try learn Islam instead of insulting it blindfully? Are you fear that you will love Islam as you get to know it? This is not my challenge to you, this is your challenge to yourself. Obviously you never learn Islam thoroughly, why not skip your fear to learn it?

  8. allah is doomed, along with its false prophet. Flee from it, anas, before God hits the Delete key and ends it.

  9. ‘anas’ we DO know Islam which is why and how we KNOW it is evil and that people like you are at best DELUDED but more likely COMPLICIT. GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Allah did not even know the earth he supposedly created was a Globe not FLAT and that sun rises and sets at different times all over it why else would he make the STUPID PUASA Laws. He also PREDESTINES everything including your belief in HIM then punishes in Eternal Hellfire those that dont believe in him. So your Allah is an Illogical, Vengeful, Satanic entity which creates being simply to PUNIOSH.

  10. This is what happens to Dhimmis

    Pakistan: Muslims burn Christian man as policeman rapes his wife by Ahmar Mustikhan | March 23, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Washington, D.C. (March 23, 2010)– Travesty of justice does not fit the description of the events. This is simple barbarism.

    International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a Christian man, Arshed Masih, died yesterday after Muslims burned him alive for refusing to recant his faith. Additionally, a Muslim policeman raped Masih’s wife, Martha.

    I wonder when Christians will understand that normal Christian kindness to the cruel and intolerant, does not apply to Islam and its followers. The reason being, that even normal people who are cruel are shamed if people are kind to them. Muslims OTH accept the kindness, arising even out of their cruelty, as a sign that allah has made the enemy weak, and Christians are showing kindness because they realize that Islam is the true faith.

    Muslims are the followers of the anti-Christ Mohammed -Christians should treat them accordingly- not by turning the other cheek, but with firmness.

  11. Anas,

    I have learned about all major world religions
    and they have no real future.
    only the real Qahal YHWH will bring real theocracy.
    all human religions will fall prey to the anti-christ.
    I do have real faith in YHWH the Real GOD.
    allah, buddha, elohim, god, krishna etc. won’t do.

    About history; check your facts; jordan-black september
    and the iran-iraq war.

  12. to all Haters of Islam
    Jesus said : the best yet to come!!
    he was talking about Prophete Mohammed (pbuh) who completed the religion as Jesus did not!!!! real christian don’t talk like you that mean you are not even christian !

  13. Jesus never mentioned muhammed.
    Christ completed everything.
    muhammed only went back to the law.
    to be christian or not to be is not the question
    one got to be part of the Qahal YHWH through Christ
    lead by the Spirit in Truth under YHWH’s Glory.

  14. David,
    Jesus did NOT mention the child molesting Mo. Typical muslim .. you are even starting to believe your own mistruths (PC speech for lies). And how did mo complete his religion?? By making it violent, intolerant, and simply dogma with little real meaning. I don’t call that completion.

    You are a brain washed moron with very little to contribute to our species. And we do know islam: better, it seems, than you do. NO THANK YOU – YOU CAN KEEP IT!!!

  15. im sorry. Whenever a muslim commit a crime you will relate it to their religions but whenever christs,jews commit a crime you will say its all individual. To sm im sure u dnt really learn islam, in the way u talk about confident. You read all this stupid post in this website and claim u know islam. Btw, even the writer of this blog know how islam is the true religion.otherwise y bother wasting his time on misleading people toward islam, isnt it is due to your insecurity that people may realize the truth? To pragmatism, those puasa law has proven scientific benefits. Even doctors tell patients to puasa b4 any operations. And say what, puasa can even reduce fat americans percentage!

  16. to kaw, im one of the best engineering student in my university, and im pretty sure i hv a lot to be cntributed to the species. Brain washed? , come on. Open your eyes and take out your egos, you will see how easy the others spot on who is right and wrong. Im curious why do americans dont think the same way as 90 percent of the world would think. Too much pride, huh?

  17. Crime is crime whether it is done by christians, jews, muslims, atheists
    or whatever. all will be judged by YHWH.
    I started to read about islam over 40 years ago and 20 years ago i
    recognised the pattern of all religions going down because they are all
    humanly systemised; religion can’t save you; only a personal faith
    relationship with YHWH in YHM through the Ruach under the Kabod.
    if you want to follow false religion, that’s your choice.

  18. The problem, “anas,” is that the muslims committing these atrocities do not think they ARE crimes.

    Anas, you are an anus.

  19. SM: so you are one of those egoistic elders who closed their mind completely for the truth. I will ignore you since you are lying about everything you said. Study islam for 40 years, give me a proof. At least you should know the basics of islam and from the things you said above looks like you dont know anything. Its up to you, enjoy your faith to your god, but please stop misleading people towards islam. Im sure a person with a faith will never insult another religion.

    Joe: We are human too, who have feelings. If someone dare to go and commit suicide in name of his principle, there must be a solid reason, which you would never think of. Do this, go to palestine and come back and tell me jews done nothing wrong. Now answer me a simple question, which i would skip the religions for a moment and view from the humanity aspects, why do israel control everything entering in and out of palestine? is it their right to do so? Humanities help such as medicines, foods, are being denied for those who are really in need. Is that what we call Human Right?

  20. Anas,
    it seems you are the one who is closing his mind for the truth.
    I said “i started to read (not study) about islam 40 years ago”.
    “stop misleading people towards islam” are you kidding?
    “person of faith never insult another religion”???
    “christians and jews are apes and pigs” “jesus is the slave of allah”
    “slay the infidels where ever you find them”
    What do you want to be? a religious comedian?

  21. sm: So looks like you dont have any point to prove. and thanks for correct me on you only read about islam 40 years ago not study it. Thats answer why you know nothing of any basics of islam and only want to insult the religion. You shouldnt be bragging about knowing islam when you only read not study it. We read a lot of things, in newspaper, in blogs. But can we get a bachelor degree on that? Nope. Because reading and studying is different. By reading you didnt try to understand it while by studying you try hard to understand in every aspects. So dont act like you know islam when its u urself admit u dont. Sorry for a long paragraph only to prove a point. This is needed in proving a simple point for stupid close minded elders. You get what i mean, right? =) . Ahh, i forgot my promise to ignore you. Allrite now you will be ignored mr. too-old-to-open-his-mind. And yeah, not all muslim is that stereotyped angry-full-of-grudge person shown by your media. Some is funny, like me =)

  22. Oh btw, from our view on the topic of jesus is the slave of allah that you find insulting, we only looks at Jesus as a human. He was born on earth. We called him Isa A.S. and he is one of our prophet before Muhammad. Everyone, every human, every living things, is the slave of Allah. I am the slave of Allah. So that isnt in any way is insulting. But what i will say after this may insult you. Why, a man who was born on earth like everyone, is a god? And do go read the islamic hadis on slaying infidels thoroughly. Its too easy for us, billions of muslims, to kill all of you, if that is the truth. “Christians and jews are apes and pigs” –> this is not Islamic principle. We believe every human is the same in front of Allah. Do not hear from any unproven party and make it as Islamic principle. =)

  23. * we only looks at Jesus as a human

    Try looking at Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and accept that He died on the cross for your sins. You will thereby be saved, and receive God’s free gift of salvation and eternal life, but will be a saint of the Most High, as opposed to being a doomed muslim slave of allah.

    Change your mind, before God executes judgment upon muslims and islam, and deletes them from the planet.

    The fate of Iran (Persia) and similar nations:

    “And I have been judged with him, With pestilence and with blood, And an overflowing rain and hailstones, Fire and brimstone I rain on him, and on his bands, And on many peoples who are with him.”
    (God, via the prophet Ezekiel, 38:22)

  24. Anas,
    Nice to see that you are living proof of the imbecility that is islam. Bugger off. If you want to claim that you are the best then let others do it for you. BTW – most people here are more than a match for you intellectually. You have nothing to say, but you say it often and badly.

  25. Anas,
    Just read about some recent murders committed by the despicable tripe that call themselves muslim males. Religion of peace – NOT. Come back when you are a religion of peace – until then disappear.

  26. Its sad that as people we cant get past religion. It wont be until we realize that is a personal relationship with God and not a religion that we need. Its one on one. people agree for the most part that God is real so why not as a person go to the source and ask your self have a one on one with God and ask him what is right and wrong with out religion in mind or in the way and you might be amazed at the answers you get.

  27. Agree Vivi! The problem is that we have people like anas and its ilk who feel that somehow, and with absolutely no supporting justification or evidence, they have the right to determine our relationship with God.

  28. And that is the most awesome thing about God is it is a one on one thing and they can never take that away not even in death.As a people we need to realize that no one can determine our relationship with God they only can go as for as we let them, so i guess what i am saying is it is up to us as individuals to not allow other people think for us and we need to think and find for ourselves God and our spiritual path not what someone says it is or should be.

  29. Anas,

    I stated several things you commented on it wothout making any point.
    I started to read about islam 40 yrs ago and i started to study it 17 yrs
    ago, there is no significance in repeating/reciting braindead religion.
    You only assume things and rattle on in blissful ignorance.
    I was not admitting anything you are a poor reader and not so bright
    as you describe yourself. i studied the world major religions and i am
    not convinced by the religionists.
    You are a closeminded little islamist who does best what the ignorant
    do best; Ignore. if you can’t discuss topics than don’t try.
    You are so funny that you qualify automatically for the silly simple simon award for demonstrating dumb double talk in record time.

  30. Anas
    Jesus is not the slave of allah (alah is cursed in hebrew)
    you muslims are so limited that you can’t accept the omnipotence
    of YHWH manifested in Yehoshuwa Ha Moshiach, also you don’t
    have the YHWH Ruach so you really can’t excercise diakrises in order
    to read any holy scripture.
    If you want to remain slave to allah; that’s your bet.
    “slaves don’t remain forever in the house”says the Kurios.
    Jews want to remain servants of elohim and christians want to be friends with jesus. if you want to be part of Qahal YHWH you got be re.born spiritually which yoy are not (born, raised and still muslim).
    “it is too easy for us billions of muslim to kill all of you”
    really? Animists are over 6 billion divided into 2,3 christians, 1.5 muslims, 900 mln hinduist, 400 mln buddhist 400 mln universalist,
    200 mln atheists 150 mln agnostics and the rest.
    You are foolish because religionists are always divided, try to talk to
    the Russians and Chinese that way and they will provide fast and free transportation to the hereafter for you (and it won’t be paradise).
    The only country in history that really could have killed off religionists
    was the USA 1945-1960.
    You islamists lie in name of islam when people quote the things from islam and muslim sayings you try to deny it.
    Go on, you will meet your master eventually: the anti-christ will force
    you to revoke your islamic beliefs and force you to worship him.
    Without the YHWH Ruach you are no match for the adversary.

  31. Anas,

    Jesus is not the slave of allah (alah is cursed in hebrew).
    You people can’t understand the omnipotence of YHWH
    manifested in Yehoshuwa Ha Moshiach; you don’t have the YHWH Ruach so you can’t really deduct holy scripture.
    If you want to stay a slave of allah; that’s your bet, but you are not free;
    “slaves don’t remain in the house forever” says the Kurios,
    nor servants (jews) or friends (denominational christians).
    If you want to be part of YHWH you got to be re-born spiritually.
    “it is too easy for us to kill all of you” really? all religionists are too divided ; 6 billion animists divided into 2,3 bln christians, 1.5 mln
    muslims, 900 mln hindus, 400 mln buddhists 400 mln universalists
    200 mln atheists 150 mln agnostics and the rest.
    Talk to the russians or chinese like that and they will provide fast and
    free transportation to the hereafter for you (and it won’t be paradise).
    the only country in history that really could have killed off religionists
    is the USA in the period 1945-1960.
    Typical islamist; lie in the name of islam and deny if confronted with
    the facts produced by islam and muslims themselves. very weak!
    Go on, you will find your master; the anti-christ who will force you to
    revoke your islamic beliefs and force you to worship him

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