Harvard finds long time Jewish benefactor "distressing"

That’s why they encourage the Red Guards to “educate him”.  Phyllis Chesler has the story, here:

This benefactor, Marty Peretz, is not only  a Goracle friend and Obama supporter, but also a great friend of Israel, something the liberal progressives at Harfart  and their Mohammedan protectors find intolerable.

In typical fashion, any critique on Mohammedan headbangers is instantly conflated with race, which is deliberate and perfidious. Islam is not a race, Jews are. But no matter how often we point that out, it seems the unhinged left and their Mohammedan pets only become more fired up with rage.  The progressives are the most unprincipled, corrupt whores on the planet.

In our time, there are really only two crimes, two sins, and they are connected. Peretz is a proud and passionate Zionist. By now, jihadic propagandists have persuaded the Islamic world and the Western mainstream media and professoriate that a Zionist is someone who favors colonialism, imperialism, and the continued “Apartheid Occupation” of innocent, helpless Arabs.

Again: Zionism is not racism–but anti-Zionism is.

Even the late, great Martin Luther King, Jr. understood this. Thus, the anti-racists are proud of their racism towards Jews and towards a Jewish Israel; by Orwellian definition, in their view, Jew-hatred is not “racism,” it is a highly acceptable progressive political position.

Dr. Martin Peretz is a Jew and he loves the state of Israel. He is seen as an acceptable target for public mockery and humiliation at a major American university. (Read it all)

Another example of severe wacademic dementia:

The Guardian (of Muslims) weighs in: University under fire for plans to honour New Republic’s Martin Peretz who wrote that ‘Muslim life is cheap’

Peretz has made two apologies, saying he was wrong to say Muslims should be stripped of their free speech rights, but defended his assertion that Muslim life is cheap. This is a statement of fact, not value,” he said

Among the critics is Stephen Walt, a professor of international affairs at Harvard, who described Peretz’s views as hateful. (Sitting in a glass house, one should not….Walt is of course one of the two anti-Semites of Mearsheimer & Walt notoriety, who smeared “The Israel Lobby”  beyond recognition in their infamous report back in 2006)

If you had said this about blacks, Jews or Catholics, it would be a scandal,” he told the Boston Globe. (Muslims say worse things about blacks, Jews and Catholics, and its never a scandal…)

Some of Peretz’s critics say he has a history of expressing views that would draw stinging criticism from the mainstream press if they were not about Muslims. In March, Peretz admitted to a prejudice against Arabs.

Frankly, I couldn’t quite imagine any venture requiring trust with Arabs turning out especially well. This is, you will say, my prejudice. But some prejudices are built on real facts, and history generally proves me right,” he wrote in the New Republic.

Peretz, who is a strident supporter of Israel, has said in conversation that he believes Palestinians are unfit to have their own country and suggested that Arabs are genetically violent.

Although Peretz was criticised in a New York Times column after his recent comments, critics have contrasted the reticence of the American media over his views with the barrage of condemnation for the journalist Helen Thomas, after she said Israel’s Jewish population should “go home” to Germany, Poland or the US.

Peretz was among her severest critics, calling Thomas wicked and a Jew-hater.

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