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Dear Sheik Yer’mami,
I am a Dutch citizen and extremely worried about the ultra rightwing upcoming of morons like Rev.Terry Jones.I saw him this morning on BBC 1 and listening to him I found a S.African accent,is he a S.African? In the Netherlands we also have a MP Geert Wilders who is send by Israel’s zionists as Mr.Lieberman is a great friend of his.They all talk about freedom why is it not so that freedom is not for Moslims? We live in a very dangerous world.Israel is a great threat to worldpeace.
Kindest regards,

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  1. Is this letter fake or what?
    It’s very obvious that the author chose a phony name “ans jansen-meurs”.
    This is obviously a “Moslim”.

    The fox is a very famous figure in fables and usually is described as greedy, dishonest and tricky.

  2. Good answer Sheikyermami! My laugh for the day …. good to see that you can still maintain a sense of humor in spite of the depressing stories you report on daily. Many thanks for sharing your news stories and pictures which I often email to friends to promote your site as I think most Canadians (especially the PC politicians) have their heads frozen in snow and ice regarding their understanding of Islam and Muslims.

  3. It smell like a muzz, writes like a muzz, C & C says it is a muzz. Sheik, you are definitely making an impact to get this BS in your postbox! Keep your eyes open!

  4. “They all talk about freedom why is it not so that freedom is not for Moslims?”

    Because muslims want to use OUR hard earned freedoms to change freedom into oppression, islamic oppression-sharia.

  5. Freedom means…

    Muslims should be free to punish those who deny Allah and reject his Shari’a, for this is justice against reprobate idolators.

  6. Yes,I am a Dutch citizen and not a moslim but an activist to help free the Palestinians.Will you please do me a favour and remove my email address from you website as I receive many hate mails.Thank you. Regards,Ans

  7. * activist to help free the Palestinians

    From what, exactly?

    Are these your droppings, translated into English?

    [Dear Christian Union
    Ik vraag mij toch af U als christen Partij géén standpunt in durft te I still ask myself off as a Christian Party You dare not take a position
    nemen omtrent het Israelisch staatsterreur inwoners van Gaza.U take on the Israeli state terror residents Gaza.U
    wilt ook dat Israel erkent gaat worden. also want to acknowledge that Israel will be.

    Israel erkennen?Het heeft niet eens een grondwet!De grenzen van Israël Recognize Israel? It does not even have a Constitution! The borders of Israel
    hebben geen geografische, demografische, economische, of planologische have no geographic, demographic, economic, or urban planning
    logica. logic. Ze zijn ontstaan door militair geweld, en door het zionistisch They were created by military force, and by the Zionist
    streven om grondgebied te annexeren voor een Joodse staat. desire to annex territory for a Jewish state. In het In the
    West-Jordaanland heeft Israël een nederzettingspolitiek gevolgd, die West Jordan Land, Israel has followed a political settlement, which
    tegen alle planologische logica ingaat, met als enige doel het beheersen planning goes against all logic, with the sole objective of controlling
    van het gebied door Joodse kolonisten. Jewish settlers in the area. Ook de militaire logica ontbrak, The military logic was missing,
    en sommige nederzettingen zijn inmiddels onverdedigbaar. and some settlements have been indefensible. Daarom Therefore
    annexeert Israël nu een aaneengesloten strook, en zet deze af met een Israel annexed it and now a continuous strip, and secure it with a
    veiligheidsmuur, die bestaande dorpen en infrastructuur in tweeën security wall that existing villages and infrastructure in two
    snijdt. cuts. De opdeling van Palestina in 1948 leidde ook tot de demografisch The partition of Palestine in 1948 also led to the demographic
    en planologisch onverantwoorde ‘stad’ in de Gaza-strook – eigenlijk een planning and irresponsible ‘city’ in the Gaza Strip – a fact
    enorme vluchtelingenkamp op kale grond. enormous refugee camp on bare ground. De migratiestromen binnen The migration flows within
    Mandaat-Palestina werden afgesneden, en vervangen door een irrationele Mandate Palestine were cut off and replaced by an irrational
    intercontinentale migratie, langs etnisch-religieuze lijnen.etc.Als intercontinental migration, ethnic-religious lijnen.etc.Als
    Israel door de Palestijnen vandaag erkent zou worden zijn ze al hun land Israel recognizes the Palestinians today, they would have their land
    kwijt.Terugtrekking achter de grenzen van 1967 dan pas kan er vrede kwijt.Terugtrekking behind the 1967 borders, only then can there be peace
    zijn.Israel is een bedreiging voor de wereldvrede. zijn.Israel is a threat to world peace.
    Wij weten allang dat de Joodse lobbies geld geven aan mensen wereldwijd We know already that the Jewish lobby groups give money to people worldwide
    die achter hun ideologie staan,bent U daar een van.Indien zo haal dat who stand behind their ideology, are you there so get that one van.Indien
    Christelijke dan maar uit Uw partij naam. Christian then but your party name.
    Mvg Mvg]
    Ans Jansen-Meurs Ans Jansen-Meurs

  8. Wow,if you are a good moslim you do not have to ask me a gentile “from what’ do the Plaestinians need to be freed.Yes, from the Israelian zionist state terror!

  9. * Yes, from the Israelian zionist state terror!

    Really? In lands that God has covenanted to them, and from which muslims and their aiders and abetters seek to remove them?

    You don’t think the Jews have a right to occupy and defend the lands which God has given them?

    “In that day Yahweh made a covenant with Abram, saying, “To your seed I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates:” (Genesis 15:18)

    You would be better advised to urge muslims to live in peace with Israel, instead of performing their acts of aggression against the Holy Land, as God will destroy them when they carry out their mass invasion of Israel (Ezekiel 38 / 39)

    If you have any feelings for muslims, warn them to flee from allah and islam, as God will deal with them and their blasphemies against Jesus Christ (denial of sonship and crucifixion), and their allah-mandated drive to kill, convert, or extract protection from us dhimmis.

    P.S. save the “zionist state terror” nonsense for Ahmadinejad and his mates in the OIC, before God destroys them.

  10. There won’t be peace in the Middle-East,
    all people are working to make the Bible-prophecies come true
    although they don’t believe them.
    Anyway you can’t change YHWH’s plans.

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