Even if Bin Laden Had Been on the Gaza-Bound Flotilla, Israel’s Actions Would Have Been Illegal, Says UN-Appointed Judge (CNS News)

Thanks to the Elder of Ziyon

Hamas celebrating the past ten years of killing Jews

“Israelis desecrate Joseph’s Tomb”

It’s so easy to make up lies (updated) I ran across this at the Intifada-Palestine site, a list I have seen before:

Here’s the roll-call on who introduced terrorism (along with biological, chemical and nuclear weapons) to the Middle East:
Bombs in Cafés: first used by Zionists in Palestine on March 17th, 1937 in Jaffa. (actually grenades).
Bombs on Buses: first used by Zionists in Palestine Aug. 20th-Sep. 26, 1937
Drive-by shootings with automatic weapons: IZL and LHI in 1937-38 and 1947-48 (Morris, Righteous Victims, p681.)
Bombs in Market Places: first used by Zionists on July 6th, 1938 in Haifa. (Delayed-action, electrically detonated)
Bombing of a passenger Ship: first used by the Zionists in Haifa on 25 November 1940, killing over 200 of their own fellows.
Bombing of Hotels: first used by Zionists on July 22nd, 1946 in Jerusalem (Menachem Begin went on to become Prime Minister of Israel).
Suitcase bombing: first used by Zionists on October 1st, 1946 against British Embassy in Rome.
Mining of Ambulances: First used by Zionists on October 31st, 1946 in Petah Tikvah
Car-bomb: first used by Zionists against the British near Jaffa 5 December 1946.
Letter Bombs: first used by Zionists in June 1947 against members of the British government, 20 of them.
Parcel Bomb: first used by Zionists against the British in London 3 September 1947.
Reprisal murder of hostages: first used by Zionists against the British in Netanya area on 29 July 1947.
Truck-bombs: first used by Zionists 4th Jan 1948 in the centre of Jaffa, killing 26.
Aircraft hijacking: world-first by Israeli jets Dec 1954 on a Syrian civilian airliner (random seizure of hostages to recover 5 spies). 14 years before any Palestinian.

I didn’t check the veracity of these claims, but I did waste a few minutes looking up any evidence of earlier Arab crimes of the same types.

I found:

On June 4, 1936, a bomb was thrown by an Arab into a bus in Haifa, injuring 6 Jews and two Arabs.

On July 23, 1936, an Arab was arrested for planting a bomb in a cafe, also in Haifa.

Arabs threw at least one bomb at a small hotel in Tiberias on June 29, 1938, injuring seven Jews.

And, a few years ago I found that Arabs exploded a car bomb in 1938.

The list was obviously just made up without any real research, but when people read lists of such “facts” with specific dates they tend to not think critically about whether the facts are true or not.

And while it takes little time to make up lies, it takes a lot of time to debunk them. It is the Internet equivalent of asymmetric warfare, with the liars taking the roles of terrorists.

(I commented at the site, and for a few hours my comment remains “waiting moderation.”)

UPDATE: As expected, the site didn’t allow my small fact-checking comments – where I challenged them to admit that their anonymous source was making up facts – to pass moderation. Just in case anyone out there thought that a site called “Intifada Palestine” had any interest in truth.

From Carl in J’lem we have this:

It probably won’t come as news to most Israelis that Yasser Arafat asked Hamas to carry out terror attacks in the aftermath of the 2000 Camp David summit. After all, when the IDF raided the Mukhata in 2003, it found documentation of Arafat paying Hamas for the very same terror attacks. But the admission by Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar that Hamas acted in concert with Arafat was enough to put the story on the front page of the print edition of the JPost on Wednesday.

Here are some awesome pearls of wisdom from members of the special flotilla commission appointed by the UN ‘Human Rights Council.’  Aside from incredible stupidity, their interpretation of international law is way off base.

Read the whole thing.

Video: Ship of moonbat Jews boarded, diverted to Ashdod

On September 28, 2010, the Irene, a small boat with several passangers headed to Gaza were peacefully intercepted by the Israel Navy and rerouted to Ashdod Port. Israel has implemented a maritime closure on the waters off of Gaza, which is currently under the control of the terrorist organization Hamas. Ships that attempt to enter the waters off of Gaza are in violation of the maritime closure and are intercepted by the Israel navy.

In this particular case the ship was intercepted and boarded without incident of any kind and the Irene is currently sailing to Ashdod port.

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  1. If “Palestinians” keep on like this, there is the possibility that God will delete them from His holy land. They really need to curb their Judeophobia.

  2. Unbelievable! This is exactly why the American governmant should stay out of problems other countries are having. I had no idea these things have been going on for over 73 years!

  3. A tiny glimpse at the Arab narrative

    Elder of Ziyon points to an early English draft version of the history textbook that is supposed to show both the Arab and Zionist narrative.

    I commented back that I was not thrilled with the book beginning its history with the advent of modern Zionism leading up to the Balfour Declaration, because it gave short shrift to thousands of years of Jewish history beforehand.

    But glancing at the Arab narrative, I saw this gem on page 6:

    The Balfour Declaration is considered a political gain for the Zionist movement at the expense of Arabs and Muslims, who originally owned the Holy Land.

    How anyone can write such a sentence without their head exploding from cognitive dissonance, I have no idea. The implication is that Islam predates Judaism, which might be the Islamic perspective but no real historian could ever say that with a straight face.

    If I have the stomach and the time for it, I’ll keep looking through it.

  4. * … Arabs and Muslims, who originally owned the Holy Land

    On the basis of what Covenant, I wonder?

  5. Anecdote:

    To those who claim they are an ‘Ancient People…’

    October 18, 2010 | Eli E. Hertz

    “In 1926, Lord Plumer was appointed as the second High Commissioner of Palestine. The Arabs within the Mandate were infuriated when Plumer stood up for the Zionists’ national anthem Hatikva during ceremonies held in his honor when Plumer first visited Tel Aviv. When a delegation of Palestinian Arabs protested Plumer’s ‘Zionist bias,’ the High Commissioner asked the Arabs if he remained seated when their national anthem was played, ‘wouldn’t you regard my behavior as most unmannerly?’ Met by silence, Plumer asked: ‘By the way, have you got a national anthem?’ When the delegation replied with chagrin that they did not, he snapped back, “I think you had better get one as soon as possible.” [1]

    [1] Christopher Sykes, “Cross Roads to Israel – Palestine from Balfour to Bevin” London, Collins, 1965, pp. 92-93

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