So what does the Koran say?

Lets revisit Banning the Burqa”, screened on SBS, Tuesday  the 21st of September

How can banning the burqa be such an affront to Islam if it isn’t required by the religion? How long can Muslims have it both ways?

No Straight Answers on the Burqa? (Andrew Bolt)

Earlier, Tim Blair posted on BAGFEST: Wearing their finest freedom sacks, the babes of Hizb ut-Tahrir are loud, proud and under a shroud:

Sheikh Shady al-Suleiman said Muslims loved Australia but rejected interference in the practice of their religion. ‘’Keep away from our affairs,’’ he said.

When your religion is in the main street, strolling about in Mohammed’s Snuggie and viewing the world through a mail slot, it’s not just your affair, mate. More from Ardati:

‘’We dress like this because it is the command of Allah, not any man.’’

There you go:  Allah commands, the believers have no choice. But at the same time they tell us ‘its their choice’ and we cannot tell people what to wear. Confusing indeed, especially for Australians who are unfamiliar with Allah’s duplicitous ways, because Allah is the best of schemers, (Koran 3:54)

To clear things up, I did check my Koran (King Fahd Academie translation) which is the most precise. Here’s what it says:

Sura 33, Al-azab, 59:

O prophet! Tell your wives (sic) and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils)all over their bodies (i.e. screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way) that will be better……

Islamically correct one eye burqa

So then: the only question that remains is why the lies and why the denials?

The answer should be easy: Western useful idiots are demanding that we respect ‘their right’  to wear what they want. Indeed, what could be worse than Westerners telling Muslim women what to wear?

However, where the soldiers of Allah  have the upper hand, Muslim women have to chose between the freedom sack or else:

Chechnya forcing women to wear Islamic dress

It’s bitterly ironic how often we’re told that Muslim women in the West wear Islamic dress freely and proudly. Yet Islamic spokesmen in the West never seem to get around to addressing this kind of coercion.

An update on this story. “Chechnya Coerces Women on Dress, Activists Say,” by Sophia Kishkovsky in the New York Times, September 27 (JW)

MOSCOW — Women in Chechnya are under pressure to adopt Islamic dress, according to human rights activists and an Islamic fundamentalist video circulating on the Internet in the latest example of deteriorating women’s rights under Ramzan A. Kadyrov, the president of the restive southern Russian republic.Activists in Chechnya, where Russia has waged two wars against separatists in the past 16 years, said intimidation reached a peak during the fasting month of Ramadan. There was also a crackdown on violations of Islamic law such as the sale of food before sundown and any sale of alcohol, they said.

The activists who spoke from Chechnya insisted on anonymity because they said they feared reprisals.

Threats tapered off, they said, as Ramadan ended in mid-September. Men in Islamic clothes had been approaching women whom they deemed unsuitably dressed to pull them by the arm, an offense according to Chechen custom.

A woman activist said that incidents she recorded in August included a woman being taken away by men in a jeep for wearing a skirt they regarded as see-through and no head scarf in Grozny, the Chechen capital. Other men handed out leaflets to women advising them how to dress, she said.

According to Chechen tradition, women should not wear sleeveless clothes; they usually wear a strip of headscarf more like a hairband than a hijab. Until recently, it was considered the prerogative of male family members to decide their style of dress, but Islamic activists, with support from Mr. Kadyrov, are calling for much fuller cover.

The run-up to Chechen Women’s Day, a holiday decreed by Mr. Kadyrov to honor 46 Chechen women who drowned rather than succumb to Russian soldiers in 19th century wars, featured fawning praise in the Chechen media of women as wives and mothers and calls to observe Islamic morals.

Chechen television reported on September 16 about a march in Grozny of female students of an Islamic university in Islamic dress. The event, organized by a club called “Ramzan” and a government agency responsible for “spiritual and moral education,” was dubbed “Beauty of the Chechen Woman.”

“Every person must strive to beauty, and a young woman who puts on a hijab looks beautiful, as befits the dictates of the Almighty,” Sado Meserbiyev, the chairman of “Ramzan,” said.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch said in August that women’s rights were being violated by efforts to impose an Islamic dress code. It said women without headscarves or in immodest dress had been attacked with paintball guns in Grozny. […]

Yet attacks by insurgents who say they are true representatives of Islam continue, even as Mr. Kadyrov introduces measures that he says are meant to preserve peace and the purity of Islam….

Footage on the Internet shows women in dresses with short sleeves and no headscarves being sprayed with paint from passing cars. Mr. Kadyrov told Chechen television in July that he approved of such action.

“Even if it was done with my permission, I wouldn’t be ashamed,” he said. “It turns out that the girls who were sprayed with paint had been warned several times previously. After such an incident, a girl should just disappear from the face of the earth, lock herself in the house and not go out because she behaved so inappropriately that such a thing happened to her.”…

It’s all her fault, doncha know.

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  1. If only God had told Germaine Greer and sisters to wear bras, not burn them – bras would suddenly become “liberating”, a ‘feminist choice”.

    There’s one born every minute, and it wears a burka in the ticket office at Barnum & Bailey, after CAIR sued. /pinchofsalt

  2. I’m concerned that the one eye burqa pictured above might provide too much temptation for the average Muslim male.

    How about a no eye burqa? OK, it means the woman would have no means of seeing out of it or navigating the streets, but that would mean she would have to stay at home where she belongs. I say, bring back purdah!

    Alternatively, as she would be completely unable to see when outside, we could waste taxpayer money circumventing the Islamic ban on dogs to guide blind people and come up with a seeing eye goat or some such animal.

    Come to think of it, what if the seeing eye goat ate her burqa and everything was uncovered?

    It’s so difficult ensuring one’s modesty is in compliance with Islam!

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