Muslims torch detention centre, but its all good; at least they're negotiating!!

Another boat, as Afghans break out of detention

Andrew Bolt

Yet another boat has been intercepted today – the sixth since the election.

We have more than 4100 boat people now in detention, and some are getting very restless:

POLICE are searching a group of Afghan asylum-seekers who broke out of Darwin detention centre to stage a protest as they fear they may be carrying weapons…

Reports have put the number of detainees who breached the perimeter fence at 92 and police have cordoned off part of the Stuart Highway and are negotiating with the group.

One of the men, Hussein Ali, said he was protesting to raise awareness of his people’s plight.

Meanwhile, we’re getting the best government money can buy:


It’s a carbon coalition:

The Greens have agreed to back the Gillard government in return for creation of a climate change committee with multi-party membership to get a price on carbon.   (Tim Blair has the sordid details)