Obama calls Fox News “destructive”

Sure. For the Marxist Muslim impostor POTUS the truth is “destructive”. MSNBC propaganda is “invaluable”; how good is that?

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While giving the commencement speech at the University of Michigan back in May, President Hussein Obama discussed the state of political discourse in the country:

Obama was direct in urging both sides in the political debate to tone it down. “Throwing around phrases like ‘socialists’ and ‘Soviet-style takeover,’ ‘fascists’ and ‘right-wing nut’ — that may grab headlines,” he said. But it also “closes the door to the possibility of compromise. It undermines democratic deliberation,” he said.
Passionate rhetoric isn’t new, he acknowledged. Politics in America, he said, “has never been for the thin-skinned or the faint of heart. … If you enter the arena, you should expect to get roughed up.”

Political discourse could be improved, but this is how it has always been in our country, and it has been much worse at various times, such as the Election of 1800 between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and the Civil War.

But if President Obama was serious about raising the level of discourse, he probably shouldn’t say things like this:

Fox News pushes “a point of view that I disagree with. It’s a point of view that I think is ultimately destructive for the long-term growth of a country that has a vibrant middle class and is competitive in the world,” Obama said.

“But as an economic enterprise, it’s been wildly successful. And I suspect that if you ask Mr. Murdoch what his number one concern is, it’s that Fox is very successful.”

Fox has yet to respond to the president. But during the administration offensive against the network last year, network spokesman Michael Clemente slammed the White House for continuing “to declare war on a news organization instead of focusing on the critical issues that Americans are concerned about.”

That’s hypocritical.

If Obama wants to condemn destructive behavior, why not start with Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL), who is running blatantly false ads against his opponent. Why not look at look in the mirror as well since he proving to be part of the problem?

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Is he a Muslim? Yes or no? You won’t get the answer from Miller:

But if you really want to know, ask Robert Spencer:

Is Obama a Muslim?

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    Excellent. We will kill them all with Hellfire Missiles (Mohammeds’ Kiss), Napalm (the Will of Allah), and accurate sniper fire ( Infidels’ Embrace).

  2. Yep he loves Mohammedans so much but dont you dare insinuate that HUSSEIN, born to a BRITISH Muslim father adopted by an INDONESIAN Muslim Stepfather schooled and brought up as a Muslim (and as an INDONESIAN CITIZEN which he had to be to attend STATE school in Jakarta) , is a Muslim . I mean what possible evidence do you have LOL. He also loves ILLEGAL Immigrants and wants them all to be Legal DEEM’o’crat voters even his ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT Aunty. He also thinks like a Christian, well HE thinks he thinks like a Christian but he quotes the OLD TESTAMENT instead, and wants you to love your neighbours and your Brothers a.nd Sisters, except for HIS brother of course who lives in a mud hut in Kenya with no sanitation and electricity on $20 a YEAR .
    Yep he loves GIVING advice but never seems to think HE needs it the NARCISSIST.

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