STFU, Merkel!

Germany’s Merkel “regrets Dutch right-wing” government formation

Berlin – German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday that she “regrets” the formation of a Dutch right-wing government including Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam Party for Freedom (PVV).

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Addressing German legislators, Merkel said there was no question however that her country would continue to cooperate with its neighbour.

A Turk threatens Germans with death & destruction  (but for Merkel, Sarazzin is “unhelpful”)

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“We simply have to accept within Europe that sovereign countries’ government formation cannot completely terminate our cooperation in Europe,” the chancellor said.

Merkel referred to the EU’s boycott of Austria in the year 2000, when Joerg Haider’s xenophobic Freedom Party entered government.

“The way Austria was treated did not really serve the European idea,” Merkel said.

The chancellor’s comments came after a senior opposition member, Axel Schaefer of the Social Democrats (SPD), called on Merkel to distance herself from political movements with right-wing tendencies within the EU.

9 thoughts on “STFU, Merkel!”

  1. Merkel has to keep her bosses happy. However, they (her bosses) don’t realise that most Germans cannot stand the muslim invaders, and that the muslim invaders can measure their time in years (this means that the muslim invaders will be removed – sooner than later).

  2. Why is it that nowadays politicians forget who it is they’re working for?

    They are servants of the people and not the other way around.

  3. …die islamisten trallala
    ziehen gerne übers mittelmeer halalala

    die wellen schlagen zu
    die welt hat ruh’

    lyrik,poesie,propaganda und agenda
    oder politic …… ????
    man weiss es nie


  4. Anyway, Germans won’t work anymore for other countries and muslims who only come to Germany to tell German that Allah is great. Germans show more and more that they had enough of islam, and i’m sorry you can say and think whatever you like, the fact is Germany still pays a very big part of every catastrophy or financial support for each country in the world! Germany is still one of the countries that bring new technology and science for the world! Germany will soon step out of the EU, yes even Merkel said it, and either she’s stupid or intelligent, she said the truth this time! And one thing is sure, the day Germany steps out of EU, the rest of the countries will follow and EU will be nothing anymore but a shortly lived dream, and then bye bye paradise for islam! So keep accusing and criticising Germany now, because later countries in the world will cry and scream for help from Germans/Europeans, but there will be no more fucking Bruxelles in EU to throw out money and lives for saving asses of the idiots in islamic countries. So muslims can be happy, because soon they will be sent back in their countries, where they can pray to Allah night and day, and nobody will come to disturb you while praying (sorry if i offensed you, but actually everything offenses you, like a austrian farmer who singed a tyrolean song while working). So stop dreaming of colonizing Europe, because, like you know it very well, every beginning has an end.

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