One More Honor Killing in the UK; Acid Attacks in Vancouver & Rome

Acid attacker: ‘Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?’

Bethany Storro, 28, is in serious condition after the acid attack.

VANCOUVER, Wash. — A 28-year-old Vancouver, Wash., woman who had acid thrown in her face has undergone surgery at a Portland hospital.

Bethany Storro, of Vancouver, Wash., was getting something out of her car in downtown Vancouver when the attack happened Monday evening, her mother Nancy Neuwelt told The Oregonian.  (MSNBC)

Muslim soldiers never take ‘NO’ for an answer

Turin, 31 August (AKI) – Italian police have arrested a 23-year-old Moroccan man on suspicion of attacking a co-national with acid. The suspect in last Thursday’s attack in Turin was seized on a Naples-bound train in an alleged attempt to evade arrest.  Also arrested on the train was a 24-year-old friend of the Moroccan man who faces charges of aiding and abetting a criminal. Both are unemployed and in residing Italy illegally.
A 19-year-old Moroccan woman suffered second and third degree burns over 20 percent over her body during the acid attack.

The victim told police that prior to the attack she had rejected her alleged aggressor’s romantic advances. (ADNKRONOS)

Perth: Dr Ali offers better grades to students for sex

A former Perth university academic invited a vulnerable foreign student back to his house and asked her to “satisfy him” for higher marks, Western Australia’s corruption watchdog has found. Dr Ali targeted “young, vulnerable, full fee-paying overseas female students”.(NINE MSM)

U.K.: Muslim parents arrested for honor killing of daughter who balked at arranged marriage to cousin

Qur’an 4:34: “Good women are obedient….” And it’s just downhill from there. The letter and spirit of Qur’an 4:34 open the door for attempting to control women with violence in Muslim households: Allah says you can hit if you feel you need to.

Authorities did not help Shafilea Ahmed. In 2003, she told them: “My parents are going to send me to Pakistan and I’ll be married to someone and left there.” (The mention of the prospective groom being a cousin is also at the preceding link.)

The problem of forced marriages has since gained greater recognition in the U.K., but a day late and a pound sterling short for Shafiliea, whose body was found dumpedmonths after she died from being “strangled or smothered.”

“Parents held over death of Shafilea Ahmed,” from BBC News, September 2:

UK: Taxi driver doubled as bounty hunter, tracking girls fleeing forced marriage and bringing them back to their families

Sometimes people ask me why more Muslim women don’t speak out against the unspeakable situation for women in Islamic cultures and subcultures. “The taxi driver who doubled as a bounty hunter: For £5,000 he tracked down young women fleeing a forced marriage and brought them back to their families,” by Nadeem Badshah for the Guardian, August 29, via JW….

8 thoughts on “One More Honor Killing in the UK; Acid Attacks in Vancouver & Rome”

  1. Another case of “If I cant have you, no one else will want you”.

    Is it any wonder we don’t want any filthy Islamic scum in any country in the world? It is time for the Christian world to stop the brotherley love and start to fight for our very lives. We will face this in Australia soon enough. It is just a matter of time.

    We had several years ago, a Lebanese father murder his daughter in Sydney because she did not want the person he chose for her.
    Another cowardly attack. It is usually a question of money. Their daughters are a commodity on the open market. If she refuses a chosen spouse, “Daddy does not get the promised dowry money”. So, the daughter must be destroyed.

    Personally, I hope the Moroccan in this report dies a painfully slow death with acid forced down his filthy throat followed by a testicular removal, followed by having them forced fed into his miserable gullet . Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth for these bible people. This is all they understand.

  2. Therese , you’re a xxxx moron. You mention Christian morals, then you completely contradict them. Die in a fire, you xxxxxxxx

  3. Atty.Matty,
    YOU are a complete moron – not Theresa. And don’t threaten people again or your muslim arse will be burned alive – what you wish for others will be returned to you 100 fold. Now piss off.

  4. its nothing to do with religion its the sick individual itself as everyone is equal some hav goood heart some hav bad ones

  5. “allah” has a totally evil “heart”, along with its false prophet, and is everything to do with religion (or the rebellion of satan and its angels against God the Creator).

  6. I am a Muslim, born and raised in England. I ran away from home, can back home and my parents were very understanding and glad i was back. I then got causght up in a violunt relationship with someone my parents did not approve of however i am still here, my parents do not care what the world, society may think, my happiness means more to them than what anyone else might say or think. NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE SAVAGE, UNEDUCATED AND HEARTLESS WRETHED POOR EXAMPLES OF MUSLIMS.
    I believe its unfair to say all muslims are like this as so called honour killings take place in all parts of the world, religions and cultures. It totally how your parents are with you and if you need help then you must go out there and seek it. I believe if your parents force you into a marriage then they do not love you and don’t worry about what people will say, do what makes you happy.
    Sistser in Islam.

  7. Maybe if the majority of people who have commented on this page took some time to learn about what religion actually is, they wouldn’t wish a fiery death on any one. Frankly, using religion to justify pain and hatred is an abomination to the whole concept. Mind you, I don’t subscribe to any religion, rather I see them all as a proper path to a higher being. I hope that one day, people will start reading and understand what they’re reading is a guide to being a better person.May the individuals who partake in these honor killings get what’s coming to them. Whether that be a case of self loathing, or retribution from other people who actually care about humanity. Regardless, delivering pain and suffering on the behalf of a higher entity is not our job. If that were the case, then there would be physical proof of “his” existence which would guide us. (Un)fortunately there is not and so we are relinquished to making our own decisions and not condemning anyone else for their opinions.

  8. muslim sister,
    no one cares if you are muslim, but we do care if you try force islam down our throats. Use your name … you have one don’t you? Or are you concerned that your co-religionists will disagree with what you may write? If that is the case then you have already demonstrated why people are against islam and its mindless ideologues. If you have used your moniker to try and influence our perspective of islam then you have again demonstrated a clear reason as to why we should fight against islam and its mindless adherents.

    agree with you.

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