EU springs into action on stoning:

Rome, 3 Sept. (AKI) – European Parliament vice-president Roberta Angelilli on Friday vowed to push through a debate next week and resolution condemning Tehran over the Iranian woman Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who faces death by stoning.   “We have decided to mobilise the European Parliament to give voice to a protest, perhaps something more, a genuine rebellion of consciences against this violation of human rights, which we consider barbaric, inhumane and cruel,” said Angelilli. (Took a while, but better late than never….) AKI

Inverted Reality:

Fidel Castro warns US pressure over Iran’s nuclear programme will lead to  ‘nuclear war’

Of course, this couldn’t have anything to do with it:

Iran’s Thug-In-Chief predicts removal of “the Zionist regime from the world scene”

Imagine the international outcry, the furious denunciations, the hand-wringing over “Islamophobia,” if a Western leader spoke this way about Iran. But about this, the world yawns. “Ahmadinejad predicts the removal of ‘Zionists’ from the world,” from the Telegraph, via JW

Here’s Hugh Fitzgerald on the subject, from way back in 2004:

It is true that Islam regards lands once part of the dar al-Islam as first on the list of lands to be reconquered — hence Israel (particularly galling given its geographic position), but many Muslims keep noting that “we lost Spain, India” not as a matter for the past but of present fury. But, in fact, in Islamic teachings there is no need to bring up any putative Muslim population, because ALL people were originally Muslim (all Christians and Jews were BORN Muslim, but their faith was somehow perverted); all lands belong to Allah, and therefore to Allah’s people, the Muslims…

Israeli ambassador to U.S.: Hizballah has 15,000 rockets hidden beneath hospitals, homes, and schools

Human shields, and war crimes waiting to happen on Hizballah’s part. And nothing will be done to stop them. There is certainly no political will in Lebanon or at the do so, just as prior calls for Hizballah to disarm have not been worth the paper they’re printed on.

No, if and when hostilities resume (and Hizballah isn’t amassing all these arms to sit and look at them), this report will be long forgotten, and almost everyone will blame Israel. “US envoy Oren warns: Hizbullah has 15,000 rockets on border,” from the Jerusalem Post, September 3:

2 thoughts on “Iran”

  1. * Iran’s Thug-In-Chief predicts removal of “the Zionist regime from the world scene”

    Prophet Ezekiel prophesied the removal of Iran (aka Persia) and its allies from the world scene – Ezekiel 38 / 39.

  2. Rome, the centre of the Christian church. It is about time some response came from Italy. Someone should have the Iranina monster taken out. The pope meets and greets his Islamic friends, pretending there is no problem. Well “holy father” there is a big problem. Unless you want to become the “last” pope, you need to show some leadership and strength or RESIGN.
    At least the Italian Parliament is getting a condemnation of Iran and not just to dismiss it as the Western World usually does.

    I have several friends in the priesthood, another 2 who are Christian Brothers and five women who are catholic nuns. NONE of them condone Islam, they CONDEMN IT and decry it for the evil it is, and cannot understand why the Christian Churches are not getting out on the streets and screaming back at Islam. I have a friend who is an Anglican Minister and his wife also, and when the subject of Islam comes up witch it often does, they become infuriated – especially when they hear that more Christian priests, and others have been slaughtered in Africa and other places . Not a word of protest from our media – only scant reports that the event took place. It makes their jobs so difficult. They listen to their parishioners, they know the feeling in the community, their people are angry and afraid. Angry with our government, and afraid to speak out for fear of repercussions. This is the reality in which we live. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

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