Peace in our time and the 'unwavering' Klintoons

Clinton Confirms “US Going for Middleast Peace

In Ramallah, President Mahmoud Abbas met with Clinton, telling the press in advance of their sit-down that “unwavering American commitments and the tireless efforts give us hope that we will reach peace.”

Some Congressmen” Come Out Against US-Saudi Arms Deal

Saudi Arabia finances terror and doesn’t deserve our aid, says Rep. Anthony Weiner of huge military package.

“Saudi Arabia is not deserving of our aid, and by arming them with advanced American weaponry we are sending the wrong message,” wrote Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), the lead author of the letter.

Other RoP offerings:

‘Martyr’ meets virgins, Hamas accuses Zionists of ‘hideous crime’

Either way you lose: they tell you ‘kafir we love death and you like pepsi cola’, but when the IDF assist them in meeting the virgins they squeak like seared pigs:

Al-Qassam Brigades confirms the following:

First: Congratulations to our people the martyrdom of the leader Iyad  Shelbaieh who sacrificed his whole life for jihad.

Second: We hold the Zionist occupation full responsibility for this heinous crime, and it bears all the consequences. (IMRA)

Israelis kill jihadist, thus harming peace process

See, taking out a jihadist harms the peace process. Jihadists should be allowed to operate freely. That will help the peace process.

And people actually fall for this Orwellian nonsense. Also, what was a Hamas operative doing in the West Bank, which is supposed to be Fatah territory? “Israeli troops kill Hamas militant in West Bank,” by Matti Friedman for Associated Press, September 17 (thanks to JW)

Shillary doesn’t lie, she’s just full of s#@t!

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  1. Mmm would that “peace” include HAMAS and Gaza ???? No thought not. What a heap of steaming Islamic HYPOCRISY and moonbat, left wing ,naive, gullible, STUPIDITY these so called “peace negotiations “are.

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