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100 holes in Blackburn Lancashire

Muslims in UK celebrate end of Ramadan by rioting (Eye on the world)

Last Friday night (after the kuthba, the Islamic incitement from the imam in the mosque) around 100 ‘young Asian men’ descended on the town of Blackburn and decided to run amok through the town centre in which to cast off the dust of religious restraint which they had allowed to settle over the past month or so.

File photo of EDL demo in Bradford

After they had traipsed through a number of pubs, running  in and out of them, throwing glasses, tipping stuff up and shouting insults at people, the police arrived and after arresting 2 people, they escorted the remaining bunch of celebrating Islamic thugs back to the train station and sent them back to the town of Nelson from which they had set off from.

If Pastor Jones is a Crank. . . (Belfast Telegraph)

. . then what do you call the many Muslim governments who threatened the U.S. with violent consequences if that crank burns some paper?

Denmark: Chechen Muslim was planning to bomb newspaper that published Motoons

The one legged Muslim who blew up the loo and the never ending Motoon rage…..

10 years’ immigration in the Netherlands costs 72 billion euros

… But think of all the great restaurants! The cost of multicultural enrichment

From Gates of Vienna via Vlad Tepes:

“The second generation of non-Western immigrants makes greater use of collective provisions and contributes less in taxes and social security premiums than the average citizen.”

Last year Geert Wilders asked the Dutch government to prepare a cost-benefit analysis of immigration into the Netherlands, so that voters could make an informed decision about whether mass immigration from the Third World should be halted. The government refused his request, so his party commissioned a report from NYFER, a private research firm, to assess the overall net cost of immigration.

As Mr. Wilders mentioned in his speech last week, the results are in, and the report has been published. The full NYFER report (in Dutch, pdf) is available online, and the conclusions (in Dutch, pdf) have also been posted.

Tim Blair

Andrew Bolt is being sued under the Racial Vilification Act – by a bunch of white people: