Radical Right Wing Islamophobe Rejects Mohammedan Mummenschanz, Muslims Whine….

Major wave of Islamophobia”

German doctor refuses to treat Muslim women wearing hijab, Sarrazin to blame:


A doctor based in the south German city of Waechtersbach has banned his female Muslim patients from wearing the hijab in his office, the daily Gelnhaeuser Neuen Zeitung reported on Friday

Ahlul Bayt News Agency, Doctor Rainer Peters justified his discriminatory policy by alleging he had always what he called difficulties with Muslims.  He also initiated a series of other rules in his office deemed insulting and discriminatory to Muslims migrants, according to the report.

Germany has been gripped by a major wave of Islamophobia following the release of a controversial book by German central banker Thilo Sarrazin who claimed Muslim migrants posed a threat to German society.

The other side of the coin is, as usual, ignored:

Defiant Muslim dentist ‘refused to treat female patients unless they wore Islamic dress’: Again!

A Muslim dentist refused to treat patients unless they wore traditional Islamic dress.

Omer Butt, 32, ordered women to put on head scarves or he would not register them or their families at his NHS-funded clinic, it was claimed.   At least two patients were left in pain after they declined to follow his self-imposed rules, the General Dental Council heard.  (Daily Mail via Islamization Watch)

3 thoughts on “Radical Right Wing Islamophobe Rejects Mohammedan Mummenschanz, Muslims Whine….”

  1. Excessive covering of the body is unhealthy. Human beings, especially women and their unborn children, need fresh air and sunlight.

    Besides that, just about anybody, including ‘splodeydopes with suicide belts, and other armed miscreants, may be hiding under jilbabs, abayas, and burqas. Excessive bodily and facial disguise militates against the level of trust needed to make a civilized society function.

  2. Muslims do not fit into the Western way of life on many on many points

    1. Their mode of dressing clashes with the urban environment
    2. Their hygiene standards are not modern
    3. Their dietary requirements put unnecessary obligations on the host society, as well as being cruel to dumb animals
    4. They are more prone to crime and terrorism then any other section of society.

    All these combined are more then sufficient reason to start the repatriation of Muslims.

    But if we ever do, Muslims will change their behaviour pretty fast. And of that does not stop the repatriation, they will start to bacon and ham, and if that does not work, will start to wear a cross, and if that does not work, will even fraudulently convert to Christianity, till the danger has passed.

    To remove Islam is the only way the West can save itself. Its removal will be very painful, as this parasite embeds itself in the host body, and then mimics it.

  3. I hate predicting violence, but the German doctor in question can expect a bomb in his surgery at any time. This is how they deal with any objection.

    I totally support DPP 111, and your view is spot on. No one could say it more clearly than what you have. Hope there is a politician out there somewhere reading what you have written. Thank you.

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