Submit! Muslim POTUS Tells America Not to Fight Islam

Obama: U.S. not at war with Islam; ‘sorry band of men’ hit us on 9/11

Obama stressed that America was not at war with Islam as he decried the “sorry band of men” who attacked the nation nine years ago in memorial ceremonies at the Pentagon on Saturday.

The biggest problem in the U.S. today is the sorry band of pussies who elected this POS  to add insult to injury and make America the laughing stock among nations…….

Read the rest from The Hill:

“My people, my people…”

Marking 9/11 at Pentagon, Obama says U.S. ‘never’ will be at war with Islam

In other news:

Looks like the Taliban didn’t get Obama’s message of peace:

There are still some who are defiant:

Today on Ground Zero:

Good night, America!

Pamela has terrific coverage:

8 thoughts on “Submit! Muslim POTUS Tells America Not to Fight Islam”

  1. “Islamic Involvement Denial” is a massive undertaking – the real “9/11 Conspiracy” – to sanitize the role of islam & marginalize and punish those who publish the truth of islamic involvement & ultimate goals.

  2. * Marking 9/11 at Pentagon, Obama says U.S. ‘never’ will be at war with Islam

    Basically an admission that the USA is being assimilated into the Dar al Islam, without a fight. Sounds like treason.

  3. Diana West doesn’t submit… very good reading!

    The Constitution trumps Islamic law

    [When reading stories about that formerly obscure Florida preacher who wants to mark the ninth anniversary of 9/11 by burning a stack of Qurans, bear in mind that the only law he breaks in doing so is Islamic law. With this in mind, it should become clear that the extraordinary global campaign against this stunt is yet another concerted effort, aided by an army’s worth of useful fools, to bring our constitutional republic into conformance with Islamic law.]

    [Repeat after me: The Constitution trumps Islamic law.]

  4. Good report, thanks.
    Time for them to know better THAT FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IS NOT NEGOTIABLE & time for American to know that Muslims are doing what Kouran said & they do take different approach but same goal.
    Stand up! wake up! Wise up ! & read more about who is your enemy America !

  5. This is worth reading. If D’Souza is right, it indicates the scale of blunder that was committed by Americans in electing not just un-American but an anti-American as POTUS.

    D’Souza on what drives Obama

  6. Obama was upset and angry that a pastor was threatening to burn a koran. And yet, the US army burnt Bibles in May 2009, i.e., when Obama was the CinC of the US armed forces.

    Burning Bibles is not something Americans, particularly ones in the armed forces are likely to do. Advice must have been sought on this issue of what to do, and gone right up the chain of command. So did Obama give consent to the burning of Bibles? If he is a Christian, as he says he is, I cant see any Christian willingly burning Bibles or giving an order to do so.

    Even if he did’nt, as he is the CinC, he must bear the responsibility.

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