Sydney: Nazis Discovered!

No sh*#t! Nazis in Sydney! Who would have thought?!

Not violent Islamo-thugs and rabid mosqueteers who chase our coppers down the road shouting ‘allahu akbar’, no: Nazis! These Nazis must be as rare as the ‘moderate Muslim’ however, because we’ve never seen one. If you happen to spot one, please let us know,  because we’re all Nazi-hunters now:

A CONTROVERSIAL anti-burqa mural in inner-Sydney has been altered because of fears a white supremacy group planned to gather at the site.

The Daily Telegraph/Henry Budd/thanks to Mullah

62 comments on this story (Personal protest … glass sculptor Sergio Redegalli outside his studio in Newtown)


Protection … A mural depicting a woman wearing a burqa had to be protected by a security guard overnight.

Newtown artist Sergio Redegalli painted the mural with the slogan “Say no to burqas” and featuring the image of a veil-wearing Islamic woman with a red line through it.

Such was the controversy, the artist employed a security guard to stand watch over the mural on Thursday night to prevent it being defaced.

But Mr Redegalli yesterday painted over the burqa-clad woman and someone had added a slogan “stop racist attacks”. The change, he said, was a bid to ward off a neo-Nazi group which was threatening to hijack his campaign.

Mr Redegalli painted the original sign on the exterior of his workshop early this week to protest against against face-covering veils and extremism.

He said his original image was neither anti-Muslim or anti-Islam and he was angry that fringe groups were trying to hijack his message.

“I didn’t think twice about changing the mural,” he said.

“I wasn’t going to give the wrong people the ability to use the image in the wrong way.

“It was already hard enough to explain the image without some neo-Nazi group using it in their own way.”

Almost 90 per cent of the 7700 participants in an online poll for The Daily Telegraph wanted the original mural to stay. But police advised Mr Redegalli not to leave his workshop today just in case tensions erupted.

Asked if he feared for his safety, the artist said: “After what the police told me, yes.

“Being abused takes it out of you.”


“The thing is Mr Redegalli is trying to get the message across that by women wearing the burqa their identity is being wiped out. A policeman said to me it has practical problems for them, such as identifying people,” he added.

A resident, who did not want to be named in case of reprisals, said: “I’m only a pensioner but I would like to give the guy $50 for doing this.

“These people come to our country so the least they should do is try and integrate a bit. I don’t want to be named because I fear for the safety of my family and friends – everyone’s scared of them.”

Mr Redegalli said the painting was a rallying call against the creeping growth of extremism in Australia and was not anti-Islam.

“It’s about the burqa and extremism and not Islam. This mural has come from frustration,” he said. “You can’t say anything about Muslims without getting in trouble.”

The image, which faces one of CityRail’s busiest corridors, has been defaced twice since painting began on Monday.

Marrickville Mayor Sam Iskandar said he “condemns” the painting but council did not have the right to remove it.

Muslim Women’s National Network Australia president Aziza Abdel-Halim said the image was disrespectful, insulting and an “immature way” of starting a debate.

The “mature” ways of Muslims “debating” have been documented here on WoJ for years now……..

“I don’t think [Mr Redegalli] is really even worth thinking about,” she said.

“[Wearing a burqa] is a matter of personal choice.”

We beg to differ.

Here you can watch how women make “a personal choice” in wearing the burqa:

Transcript from ‘Undercover Mosque’

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– on women’s rights

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Should the ban the burqa mural be removed?

  • Yes 12.86% (1205 votes)
  • No 87.14% (8162 votes)

Total votes: 9367

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  1. Islamism, Nazism, same old same old, only the name changes but the ideals are the same.

    Funny how history tends to repeat itself.

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