When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes….

Shrillary Blows $50 Million on Cookstoves


Once the scale becomes sufficiently massive, wasting other people’s money must actually be difficult. Otherwise, our rulers wouldn’t have to resort to absurdities like Shrillary’s recent announcement that taxpayers will be looted for $50 million to spend on cookstoves for the Third World.

Hillary Has A Broad-Assed Campaign For Stoves To Save The Planet (Flopping Aces)

There’s more to this than coercive charity. According to the bizarre collection of delusions that serves moonbats for a belief system, improper cookstoves make it be too hot out.

What it touches on, other than our pocketbooks and Detchon’s long list of BS, is liberals’ ultimate dream: a world government under the boot of which you can’t so much as boil a hot dog without Shrillary Rotten and Ban-Ki Moonbat telling you how it must be done. One $50 million step at a time, they’re getting there. (Moonbattery)

Mullah Obama Shovels Our Money at Hamas Terrorists

When Obama generously shovels mountains of our money at Gaza, no one should be surprised that it ends up in the pockets of the blood-drenched Islamic terrorists who run the place

Global KRudd

When KRudd goes global, you know it costs you dearly:

Australia’s new Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, joined US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and billionaire philanthropist Melinda Gates to announce that Australian, American and British aid agencies would join forces with the Gates Foundation in a new alliance to deliver …… whatever…… to the worlds neediest… in KRudd we trust…..