The Great Media Blackout

Geller: Countering the lies of the mainstream media

How the media is ignoring and minimizing the success of the 9/11 Rally of Remembrance. “Countering the Lies of the MSM: The Ground Zero Mosque War in the Information Battlespace,” by Pamela Geller at Big Journalism, September 13:

Tens of thousands attended the Rally of Remembrance for the 9/11 victims and against the Ground Zero mega-mosque on Saturday. The crowd was so large, it stretched as far as the eye could see; you could not see the horizon from our stage.  (More)


What’s more, the media is missing a bigger story: that some who attended our rally say that New York police were actually keeping people away from the rally. An Atlas Shrugs reader who was at the rally wrote to me speculating that police “must have been given orders to knock down the numbers.” She reported: “I was there and they were chasing us away – I was moved 7 times! I was moved so far away I had to go around the block and could not get back. The truth is they finally refused access to thousands.”…

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The Great Media Blackout

I’m disturbed, but not surprised at the media blackout for the protest held at the proposed site for the mosque at Ground Zero. I was there, and I stood right behind the platform where the media personnel gathered. Several of them took my picture, while wearing my Infidel shirt. I even said to a few of them, “Give us a good story, please.” They answered me and said they would. They knew my meaning- please don’t skew us, don’t portray us as haters. Be honest. And with the coverage, the amount of people there, the sheer diversity of the crowd: people from England, Australia, Egypt, Iran, Uganda, etc. were in attendance or speaking, I am just dumbfounded that not only did we receive a complete blackout, but in the media reports I have been able to find, they covered a different rally, and called those people us. That’s right, you did not misread. A completely different rally filled with Christian themes and anti-abortion agendas were portrayed as the people who attended the rally which Pam Geller organized. Just lies.

Therefore, if it’s up to the attendees to document it, to be fair and give ANY kind of accuracy and decent coverage, then so be it. It certainly won’t be the first time it was left up to bloggers to be citizen journalists. Ask those who got Dan Rather fired, or ask Matt Drudge. Below is my account, which I started writing yesterday, September 11, 2010. Jennifer Booth describes what she saw on Modern Conservative

Pamela has great cover, here: America Speaks! Historic 911 Rally Draws 40,000

Imam Rauf

Islamic supremacist Imam Rauf: Ground Zero mosque site not “hallowed ground”

“Jews and Catholics, Irish and Italians, blacks and Hispanics — in time each group has overcome these challenges and our core values have been affirmed,” Abdul Rauf told the Council on Foreign Relations. “Now it is our turn as Muslims to drink from this cup.”

Yes, you remember all those Jewish, Catholic, Irish, Italian, black and Hispanic terror attacks. Everyone has had to drink from this cup.

A message from Robert Spencer:

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is an open proponent of Sharia and restrictions on the freedom of speech; he refused to denounce Hamas; and he has been highly disingenuous about his funding and about whether his mega-structure would contain a mosque at all. Yet we are to believe he is an warm-hearted moderate with nothing but good intentions.

We have had enough of being lied to. And we have had enough also of our dead being disrespected, and of the prospect of a monument to their deaths being built where they were killed. We have had enough of the media smearing everyone who opposes this mosque as hateful — running interference for a hateful ideology that would deny equality of rights to women and non-Muslims, and eradicate the freedom of speech and freedom of conscience.

Again: William Jennings Bryan said it in 1896 in a vastly different context, but every word applies today:

We do not come as aggressors. Our war is not a war of conquest; we are fighting in the defence of our homes, our families, and posterity. We have petitioned, and our petitions have been scorned; we have entreated, and our entreaties have been disregarded; we have begged, and they have mocked when our calamity came. We beg no longer; we entreat no more; we petition no more. We defy them!

We beg no more. We entreat no more. We petition no more. We defy them. We are not the aggressors. We are not haters. We are not racists. We are not bigots. We are not neofascists. Those who claim otherwise are knowingly or unknowingly abetting a monstrous evil.

We defy them. Peacefully, lawfully, and with unshakable resolvem, we defy them. And we stand for freedom today.

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