The Great Media Blackout

Geller: Countering the lies of the mainstream media

How the media is ignoring and minimizing the success of the 9/11 Rally of Remembrance. “Countering the Lies of the MSM: The Ground Zero Mosque War in the Information Battlespace,” by Pamela Geller at Big Journalism, September 13:

Tens of thousands attended the Rally of Remembrance for the 9/11 victims and against the Ground Zero mega-mosque on Saturday. The crowd was so large, it stretched as far as the eye could see; you could not see the horizon from our stage.  (More)


What’s more, the media is missing a bigger story: that some who attended our rally say that New York police were actually keeping people away from the rally. An Atlas Shrugs reader who was at the rally wrote to me speculating that police “must have been given orders to knock down the numbers.” She reported: “I was there and they were chasing us away – I was moved 7 times! I was moved so far away I had to go around the block and could not get back. The truth is they finally refused access to thousands.”…

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The Great Media Blackout

I’m disturbed, but not surprised at the media blackout for the protest held at the proposed site for the mosque at Ground Zero. I was there, and I stood right behind the platform where the media personnel gathered. Several of them took my picture, while wearing my Infidel shirt. I even said to a few of them, “Give us a good story, please.” They answered me and said they would. They knew my meaning- please don’t skew us, don’t portray us as haters. Be honest. And with the coverage, the amount of people there, the sheer diversity of the crowd: people from England, Australia, Egypt, Iran, Uganda, etc. were in attendance or speaking, I am just dumbfounded that not only did we receive a complete blackout, but in the media reports I have been able to find, they covered a different rally, and called those people us. That’s right, you did not misread. A completely different rally filled with Christian themes and anti-abortion agendas were portrayed as the people who attended the rally which Pam Geller organized. Just lies.

Therefore, if it’s up to the attendees to document it, to be fair and give ANY kind of accuracy and decent coverage, then so be it. It certainly won’t be the first time it was left up to bloggers to be citizen journalists. Ask those who got Dan Rather fired, or ask Matt Drudge. Below is my account, which I started writing yesterday, September 11, 2010. Jennifer Booth describes what she saw on Modern Conservative

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KRudd Watch

Betraying our Israeli allies for cheap spin

Greg Sheridan agrees that Kevin Rudd’s decision to throw out an Israeli diplomat smacks of the cheapest and nasiest kind of spin:

This is a government obsessed with the management of the daily media cycle… But it is very low-grade behaviour to ruin a key relationship such as that with Israel for domestic political advantage.

Sheridan doesn’t mention another factor I think is crucial to understanding this wild and damaging overreaction – Rudd’s desperate desire to woo Muslim nations in his campaign for a UN Security Council seat. About which, this latest news of Rudd-bestowed but taxpayer-funded junkets:

This week, for example, (Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith) was allowed to host the opening of the Botswana High Commission. In Canberra. On Africa Day. You might think nobody would turn up for that, but you’d be wrong. The Australian government flew journalists in from South Africa, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe for the event (curiously, not from Botswana). Such was the enthusiasm of Smith’s department for this event, they called it “Batswana” in the media release. We suppose he corrected this in the speech, which basically was aimed at getting Australia a seat on the UN Security Council but dressed up as concern for Africans.

KRudd steals your cash to advertise he’s a liar

Barrie Cassidy holds a liar to account for deciding to spend $38 million on taxpayer-funded ads arguing for his super profits tax:

In opposition, in an interview with Kerry O’Brien (video here), Kevin Rudd promised he would ban all publicly funded advertising within three months of an election – “unless explicitly agreed between the leader of the government and the leader of the opposition.

Tom Ormonde is astonished that more Australians don’t protest at the Rudd Government’s earlier taxpayer-funded campaign ads:

For those of you who haven’t seen the first ad (and that in itself would take some doing), it is a slick little production promoting the government’s revamp of the health system. The ad is interesting for all the wrong reasons – first, for the almost complete absence of information that the public actually needs to know and, second, for the thinly disguised party-political messages in the voice-over.

How can you sleep when the beds are burning?

It seems that Kevin Rudd’s free pink batts – meant to cut emissions – have started yet another fire:

A FIRE fought single-handedly by an 80-year-old woman in Ormond this morning was caused by faulty insulation.

Government lied to excuse its broken promise

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Israel Bashers Out in Force

Free Gaza – from Hamas

Jameel brings us this nice video.

Cleaners needed: Qaradawi calls to “cleanse Palestine”

There’s already 1.5 gazillion Islamic lunatics who want to kill Jews and “wipe the Zionist entity” off the map. What could it be that stops them?

Hint: its not Obama!  Hussein Obama could probably kiss the midterm elections goodbye had he not  invited Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to the White House. But why should Bibi go?

Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the most influential Muslim preachers, just gave a talk at the Olympic Stadium in Nouakchott, Mauritania in front of some 15,000 people.

He criticized the Arab nations for not fighting Zionism sufficiently, calling on them to go back to the basics of the Holy Quran and thereby “liberate” the Al Aqsa Mosque and “cleanse” Palestine.

Qaradawi also called to return to the ideals of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna.

The guy who also inspired Al Qaeda.  So when Qaradawi calls for Muslims to “cleanse” Palestine, what do you think he means? Ziyon has more>>

Carl in J’lem:

Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt was one of the fifteen rabbis who was present at that White House meeting with senior members of the Obama administration two weeks ago. He’s written an account of the meeting here.

Now back to the real point: why the Rudd Government’s massive overreaction to the use by Israel of fake Australian passports? How much has this to do with wooing Muslim nations for votes for Kevin Rudd’s bid for a UN Security Council seat? Andrew Bolt: Of course our spies use false passports, too

Even Mark Sawyer in The Age wonders why the Left is so jeeringly hard on Israel. And announces he won’t be buying the latest album of Elvis Costello.

More incitement over Jerusalem archaeology

Elder of Ziyon / Arab News reports:

“Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage”, an Arab propaganda outfit, claims that

“the Israeli authorities “failed since it started its excavations to prove Jewish presence in the holy city or that the Temple ever existed.” The foundation stressed that the “new excavations in the Old City are provocations for Muslims.” It urged Arab and Islamic states to take action to stop it.”

The foundation puts out press releases like this, warning of Israeli attempts to “Judaize” Jerusalem and to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and Islamic history, every day.

The only people who are denying history are the Muslims themselves, who keep saying even today that there is no evidence of any ancient Jewish presence in Jerusalem, an absurd lie that is believed by millions. Just like the lie that excavations at the Sultan’s Pool could possibly affect the foundations of a mosque that is not even close by.

Two Italian retail chains kowtow to Palestinian jihad, suspend sale of Israeli products

Two Italian retail chains look back nostalgically to the days when Jewish businesses were labeled as such and shunned by Nazis and those who feared them. “Mideast: Frattini, Coop-Conad Initiative Dangerous and Racist,” from ANSAmed, May 26 (thanks to JW):

Lies, lies, lies

“The Palestinians are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and not being on the dole.”

…and pigs will fly. If it wasn’t for the jiziya, there wouldn’t be any  Fakestinians…..

Who are the Americans that visited Gaza?

The name of the American group that visited Gaza over the weekend keeps changing. Now it is the “American Association for International Conciliation,” earlier it was the “National Institute for International Reconciliation.”

The Hamas UK newspaper, Palestine Info, describes them as “political figures and university professors.” Elder of Ziyon

The Arab Madness:

Al Quds has an article about Lebanese professor Kamal Salibi, who claims that the Promised Land in the Bible is really near Yemen.

What the media isn’t telling you about what life is really like in the Palestinian territories these days:

Fancy Restaurants and Olympic-Size Pools

A report on Gaza’s new Olympic-sized swimming pool .

If you pop into the Roots Club in Gaza, according to the Lonely Planet guidebook, you can “dine on steak au poivre and chicken cordon bleu”.

The restaurant’s website in Arabic gives a window into middle class dining and the lifestyle of Hamas officials in Gaza. And here it is in English, for all the journalists, UN types and NGO staff who regularly frequent this and other nice Gaza restaurants (but don’t tell their readers about them).

And here is a promotional video of the club restaurant . In case anyone doubts the authenticity of this video, I just called the club in Gaza City and had a nice chat with the manager who proudly confirmed business is booming and many Palestinians and international guests are dining there….(National Post)

"Jerusalem is an Arab land"

Thanks to Mullah:

“Grand Mufti” of Jerusalem whines, plays victim card, & tells porkies:

Pic & PMW article thanks to Tundra Tabloids

Tayseer Rajab Tamimi: I quote only from Islam’s unholy books

Tamimi lies whenever he opens his mouth…..

[Speaking at the Arab Press Club, the Grand Mufti stressed that Israeli violations of UN and other international resolutions and conventions are jeopardizing the objective of creating a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital and were tantamount to gradually excluding Christian and Muslim influences from the area.]

[“Jerusalem is an Arab land,” he stressed, noting that Israel is “repeatedly violating” UN Resolutions by its policies. He further noted that the decision to annex East Jerusalem in 1967 was another violation by Israel of the Geneva Convention.]

Cherry on top:

“We are not against Jews because they are Jews. Islam tells us to treat these people well,” the Sheikh remarked.

How well  “these people” are treated you can find out here: “Kill any Jew that falls into your power…”

Caroline Glick smells the coffee:

Time to plan for war

Daily reports of weapons build-ups and military exercises in Iran and among Iran’s clients Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas expose the contours of their war plans.

Syria and Iran have armed Hizbullah with some 40,000 missiles and rockets, including hundreds of Scud missiles and guided surface-to-surface solid fuel M600 missiles with a 250 km range and. This week Hizbullah threatened to attack Israel with non-conventional weapons. Syria itself has a formidable chemical and biological arsenal as well as a massive artillery and missile force at its disposal.

As for Hamas, since Operation Cast Lead Iran’s Palestinian proxy Hamas has expanded its own missile arsenal. Today it reportedly has projectiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv and beyond.

The US & the EU still want to give the Pal’s a state:  Pearls to the Swine

Europe Mulls Recognition of Palestinian State

Brussels Journal

France and Spain are laying the political groundwork for the European Union to recognize a Palestinian state — possibly as early as October 2011 — even if negotiations for a permanent settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are not concluded.     continue reading

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Jerusalem: Two families of Arab squatters quietly evicted

Update: Obama Watch

the Jerusalem city zoning commissioner President of the United States had condemned theeviction of squatters takeover of an Arab home in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood pursuant to an order of Israel’s leftist Supreme Court by vigilante ‘settlers.’

Someone needs to tell the President of the United States that this is a country of laws and that the Supreme Court – which generally does not rule in favor of the ‘settlers’ even when it ought to – ruled that the Arabs’ ownership documents were forged and that the Jews (specifically the Sephardic community) had good title to those houses. Carl has more>>

Two Arab families who were squatting in Jewish-owned homes in the Shimon haTzadik neighborhood were quietly evicted this morning after the Supreme Court ruled that their ownership documents were forged. The Shimon haTzadik neighborhood is the Hebrew name for Sheikh Jarrah, home of the Shepherd Hotel (pictured).

Two Arab families were evicted from Jewish-owned homes in the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood of Jerusalem on Sunday morning. The evictions took place following a Supreme Court ruling in which the court found in favor of Jewish families who claimed ownership of homes in the area.

The evictions took place without unusual disturbances, police said. More from Carl in J’lem

Why the Arabs can’t accept a Jewish state

Prime Minister Netanyahu has demanded that the Arabs accept Israel as a Jewish state. That’s a demand that the Arabs are incapable of accepting – ever. Mordechai Kedar explains why.

Thus, according to Islam, the State of Israel is not legitimate. From a religious point of view, Judaism is void. The Jewish nation is an invention of the Zionist movement. The land called “Israel” is considered Islamic Waqf land, consecrated for Muslims.

Netanyahu’s insistence on recognition of the state as a Jewish nation-state contradicts the Islamic faith, and questions the very essence of Islam, whose relevance is based on the invalidity of Judaism (and Christianity as well).

Therefore, there is no escape from the conclusion that Israel’s struggle for survival is religiously based, even if externally it assumes the form of a territorial struggle. It does not matter what its size, Israel will never gain recognition by the Arab and Muslim world as a legitimate state. Similarly, international documents which legitimize the “Jewish State,” such as United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 of 29 November 1947, are viewed by Muslims as illegitimate.

Many say: “You are turning a territorial conflict into a religious one,” when they mean to say that territorial concessions would facilitate the recognition of the Arabs and Muslims in the legitimacy of the State of Israel. Such a statement assumes that the Arab and Muslim world is as secular as our own, and shares our concepts, values and priorities. This is the result of Israeli and Western ignorance of all that is related to Islam and the Arab world, derived from the fact that Westerners do not understand Arabic and Arab and Islamic culture. Israelis and Westerners alike are not exposed to the harsh truths which are expressed in the local tongues, and are well-concealed by spokesmen of “inter-religious dialogue.”

Recognition of Israel as a legitimate Jewish nation-state has no hope or chance as long as Islam perceives itself – and itself alone – as “the true religion with Allah.”

Read the whole thing.



Hugh Fitzgerald wrote in The “Two-State Solution” Folly based on folly

Bush and Rice and Company are desperate for a “victory”. And whenever a “victory” is needed, it’s Peace Process Time in the Middle East. That’s always good for all kinds of sentimentality, and exaggerated false hopes, and studied inattention to the dismal facts, including the central fact ” the unavoidable fact, the absolutely critical fact ” of Islam, and the impossibility of Arab Muslims ever, ever conceivably accepting the permanence of the Infidel (and what’s still worse, Jewish) state of Israel. Peace treaties between Muslims and non-Muslims are always Truce Treaties, to be broken at the earliest opportunity.

In those two sentences, he expresses more wisdom that the entire foreign policy establishment has ever possessed. More>>

Exposing lies about Jerusalem

In a letter to the editor in the Boston Globe, CAMERA’s Andrea Levin exposes some of the liesbeing told about Jerusalem.

Jerusalem’s Arab population grew much faster than its Jewish population, rising from 25 percent of the total in 1967 to 35 percent in 2008. Likewise, Arabs have enjoyed a building boom in the city as Palestinian demographer Khalil Tufakji candidly observed in a CNN interview, stating: “We can build inside Jerusalem, legal, illegal, rebuild a house. . . Maybe we lose 10 houses [to demolition], but in the end we build 40 more houses in East Jerusalem.’’

Arabs and Jews have equal access to building permits, pay the same costs, and experience the same waiting period to get approvals. Some in both groups sidestep the law and build illegally, then face removal – just as in Boston or any other city with zoning laws.

Natan Sharansky, then minister of housing, reported in 2002 that at least 40,000 housing units had been built with Saudi money for political purposes.

Casting Israel as the heavy while ignoring Palestinian activity in Jerusalem may suit an ideological preference, but it’s inconsistent with the realities.


How to debate a Muslim

Here are some tips on how not to get caught with malevolent detractors who would pull the Islamic wool over your eyes and ears, (if you let them)

End Times Today with Walid Shoebat — Lesson 2: How to Deal with a Muslim

Part One is here


Circular reasoning:

“The Koran is the word of Allah because it says so in the Koran”

“Mohammed was not a pedophile because most of the women in his harem were older…”

That would justify the Austrian Fritzl who kept raping his own daughters for almost two decades while locking them up in his celler……..

But Muslims don’t  need perverts like Fritzl,  they’re always 2 steps ahead:

AMMAN: A Jordanian criminal prosecutor has charged a carpenter with the rape and murder of his teenage daughter after he tried to perform a caesarean operation on the victim to abort her and conceal his crime, local newspapers reported Monday.


In the last couple of days we’ve have quite a few of these ‘defenders of Islam’ on this blog. To spot these annoying time-wasters I dug this out from our “Islam” archive, just to help you all on how to smell the coffee early enough. Note also that most of these mental giants use Western names like  ‘Dave’ or ‘Michael’ and usually call themselves ‘Christians’-  all in the noble spirit of  “war is deceit”- but they are easily spotted.

Debating Mohammedan Taqiyya Doctors

Hugh Fitzgerald wrote this quite a while ago, I have taken liberty to  edit it slightly for length and  this blog entry:

Infuriating, is it not, to attempt to have a rational debate and to find yourself instead with an opponent who slithers about like an eel, and with whom you can never quite engage, because you can never quite grasp and hold him long enough, because he is forever slipping and sliding and meanwhile keeping of a non-stop patter of distraction and attack and omission and exaggeration. The very idea of a debate is or should be related to the idea that each party attempts, in good faith, to examine a topic together, and to ask, or answer, questions of or from the other.

Muslims don’t do that. They don’t ‘play nice’- because  they are religiously obliged to defend the indefensible, and you will be frustrated out of your wits about the detractions, the lies and prevarications that will be thrown your way.

Unless the moderator-hosts for such things set up strict rules, and demand that questions be answered and not remain un-answered or answered with irrelevancies, the farce will continue. And all that will have been learned is something about the eerily eel-like quality of the other side, with all that slipping and slithering –perhaps not quite as effectively as Tariq Ramadan — as far away from the real and serious matter at hand, as is possible.

Dhimmi Watch: Ibn Warraq on How to Debate a Muslim, Part II

Dhimmi Watch: Ibn Warraq on How to Debate a Muslim, Part I

A note from Robert Spencer

Deception in Islam

How to Debate a Muslim

Turnspeak, lies, deflection and taqiyya:

When trying to debate with Muhammed worshipers you will end up frustrated and exasperated: Muhammedans are masters of a technique called ‘turnspeak’–  they use Tu Quoque (’you do it too-arguments) ‘accuse the accuser’- they employ kitman & taqiyya (lies & deception and dissimulation) they deflect away from the subject matter to avoid getting nailed on the unpleasant things like the atrocities, the rape, the plunder, slavery and child-molesting of the ‘profit’ Mohammed and his companions. Inevitably, if you know your stuff-,  you will be cursed, they will threaten to kill you and tell you that you will go to hell for questioning their belief-system.

Expect this and prepare yourself accordingly:

Criticizing Islam? Get ready for this:

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Melanie Phillips: "a lie which is now generally assumed in the west to be true…is driving the genocidal hysteria against Israel"

Melanie Phillips quotes extensively from “The Two – State Solution is 87 Years Old,” an article by Victor Sharpe in the American Thinker, March 29. It is a superb and important piece, as she says, detailing Britain’s long record of betrayals of the Jewish people and appeasement of Arab demands — and even now, jihadist demands grow ever more shrill, and Western politicians prepare to betray Israel yet again in another round of appeasement, with Obama and company acting as if the “two-state solution” has never yet been tried, when it is the only thing that has ever been tried.

Phillips concludes:

It is only if the true history of the Middle East is understood that certain things become inescapably clear: the scale of the monumental lie that has been so assiduously promulgated about the nature of this dispute, a lie which is now generally assumed in the west to be true and which is driving the genocidal hysteria against Israel; the fact that the fundamental cause of this tragic impasse was the repeated British appeasement of Arab terror, illegality and injustice, a policy which continues to this very day; and the immorality and absurdity therefore of believing that today’s ‘two-state solution’ – which among other things means that the ‘progressives’ who support it thus support the ethnic cleansing of all Jews from the putative state of Palestine – would be anything other than a Final Solution for the Jews of Israel, not to mention an incalculable victory for the forces waging war against the free world.


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A Real Motha For The British Press

Melanie Phillips

  • Poll results: Do you believe the United Nations’ restriction of freedom of speech should be tolerated?  91 % of WoJ readers voted NO!

For those of you wondering why the British media is so anti-Israel, maybe this has something to do with it… from Carl in J’lem


The Real Lobby And Its Acolytes

Those who are regularly left open-mouthed at the way in which the British media puts across an overwhelmingly Arab narrative about Israel and the Middle East, trasmitting lies and distortions as facts and reversing victim and victimiser to present Israel as the regional aggressor and the Palestinians as their targets, may well also scratch their heads at being told with monotonous regularity that ‘the Jews control the media’.

Well now Arab Media Watch lifts a curtain to show us the real lobby at work. It boasts:

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