Quelle surprise: Ground Zero Mosqueteer Imam Rauf Accused of Stealing Donations to Finance Lavish Lifestyle

The donors are seeking $25 million in damages.

Rauf with black eyeliner

The sinister Islamo-snake oil salesman was financing this lavish lifestyle not just by ripping off his slum tenants and our taxpayer dollars, but by stealing from Ground Zero mega-mosque donors as well:

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf accused of stealing donations, using them to finance lavish lifestyle

A deceitful (Musel-)man of wealth and taste….

Why not? It was all just jizya from the ever-credulous kuffar, right?

This comes as no surprise. Everyone behind the Islamic supremacist Ground Zero mosque project was unsavory. Remember that Ground Zero Mosque developer Sharif El-Gamal owns a rat-infested slum with 400 violations, and owes NYC $61,633 in fines, fees and taxes. Rauf is a slumlord also, and as Pamela Geller has noted, he “snagged more than $2 million in public financing to renovate low-income apartments” that he owned in New Jersey, but never made the renovations. Where is that money?

Yet these two Islamic supremacist robber barons, Imam Faisal Rauf and Daisy Khan, were lionized relentlessly by the mainstream media at the height of the Ground Zero Mosque controversy, and are still treated with awed respect. No doubt this will not change that.

“Suit: Money funneled by former ‘Ground Zero’ mosque imam to finance lavish lifestyle: Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf pocketed money for trips, real estate and a fancy car, the suit charges,” by Barbara Ross and Larry Mcshane for the New York Daily News, February 5 (thanks to JW):

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Mona tries to find answers….

Update from Scaramouche:

Today In It Isn’t Islam’s Fault…

An Atlantic scribbler ignores the cognitive dissonance blaring in his brain and finds a way to blame deep-seated Arab chick-hate on–wait for it-the West.

Hey, wasn’t that a Jackson 5 number?

Don’t blame it on the Koran,
Don’t blame it on the Islam,
Blame it on the kafir…

The Real Roots of Sexism in the Middle East     (It’s Not Islam, Race, or ‘Hate’ — its clueless A-soles like Max Fisher!)

Mona Eltahawy has published an impassioned and audacious piece about violence against women in the Arab world, Why Do They Hate Us?, and already the twitterati and post-colonialist/post-modernist/post-feminist cohort are after her. 

Westernized Muslima Eltahawy says “they hate us and we need to admit that!” — after she got a good trashing and a fair bit of abuse during ‘the Arab spring’. Now she is guilty of  ‘orientalizing’ Arab society with a Western discourse based on civil-rights, equality and individual freedoms.

Mona Eltahawy  is no Ayaan Ali Hirsi, but  whoever questions Islam arouses suspicion.

Leila Ahmed: 

‘I read just Eltahawy’s opening lines,  broad brushstrokes and sweeping generalizations’-  finds ‘almost every paragraph of Eltahawy’s essay ‘similarly troubling,’   accuses Eltahawy of blaming Islam (a thoughtcrime,  even in the west!) and typically  tells Mona to go and bark up another tree.

Ground Zero mosque slumlord  &  Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf,  (who also dabbles as a Jew)   feels compelled to  ‘clear up misunderstandings’ and literally lies himself into a hole:   the Prophet Mohammed was a revolutionary feminist”, (good one, that, Aisha can confirm it!)

Back in Egypt  the Koranimals are unbothered:

Egypt’s Islamic supremacist-dominated Parliament mulling laws legalizing child marriage and sex with corpses

Here is yet more delightful evidence that Sharia is benign and completely compatible with U.S. Constitutional values, as we are constantly told. “Egypt’s women urge MPs not to pass early marriage, sex-after-death laws: report,” by Abeer Tayel for Al Arabiya, April 25

Al Qaeda Imam Rauf Does Taqiyya @ Harvard Memorial Church

Radical Imam Speaks at Memorial Church

Just to show you how far we have gone down the sinkhole. Rauf is a subversive element, an enemy of America.  It is outrageous that this lunatic who believes that we have “more Muslim blood on our hands than al qaeda has the blood of ‘innocent’ non-Muslims”  and that Osama Bin Laden “was made in the USA” is receiving  $20,000 to speak. (Atlas Shrugs)

When ‘Interfaith” Meets Gaga: allowing  this sly and cunning Muslim Brotherhood propagandist to do his da’awa at Harvard is like celebrating with a cannibal…. by sharing the flesh of your children!

Harvard Crimson (check the comments, some know their stuff)

Slumlord Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Islamic leader who rose to prominence through his proposal to build a mosque near Ground Zero and the first imam to speak at Memorial Church, called for spiritual unity at a time of conflicts among different faiths during a sermon yesterday.

“There is more than one right way to love God, more than one language, more than one liturgy to love God in. This is part of the divine intent,” Rauf said, emphasizing a spiritual brotherhood of the “Abrahamic faith traditions.”

(That’s not what Islam teaches,  Rauf, its all wrong. Allah is not God, the Koran accepts only Arabic, and Mohammedanism has nothing  ‘Abrahamic’ in it.)

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Jihad & Sharia: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Sharia: A Muslim’s life is worth twice that of a Jew or Christian, and fifteen times more than that of a Hindu or Buddhist

From the website of the Consulate General of India, Jeddah, who is recording these matters because they come up in connection with his people who are working in Saudi Arabia (via JW)

How Feisal Abdul Rauf and Muqtedar Khan whitewash Sharia

“Just pretend it doesn’t exist until we are strong enough to overcome the kuffar….”

“Veiling Shari`a in a Judeo-Christian Cloak: Imam Ra’uf’s and Muqtedar Khan’s Latest Ruse,” by Timothy R. Furnish at History News Network, October 25/Read it all.

Reuel Gerecht: Sharia really isn’t all that bad

This is a couple of weeks old, but Jihad Watch reader Benedict just brought it to my attention today, and I thought in light of the ongoing recent attempts to whitewash Sharia, it was worth setting the record straight. Gerecht never answered my response to his straw-man attack on Pamela Geller, so I doubt he will respond to this — which is unfortunate only because his befuddled New Republic readers will continue blithely on with the misconceptions he has given them.

Gerecht here criticizes those who allegedly “blur the line between militant Muslims and the everyday faithful,” and asserts that Sharia should not be subjected to a “blanket demonization,” because, he says, just look at fine men like the Ayatollahs Sistani and Montazeri, both Sharia scholars and adherents, and neither terrorists.

All right. Let’s look at them. The Ayatollah Sistani’s website contains this helpful classification, placing unbelievers (kafir) on par with blood, urine, feces, etc.:

The following ten things are essentially najis [unclean]:1. Urine
2. Faeces
3. Semen
4. Dead body
5. Blood
6. Dog
7. Pig
8. Kafir [unbeliever — i.e., non-Muslims]
9. Alcoholic liquors
10. The sweat of an animal who persistently eats najasat [unclean things].

Is this Sharia? Yes, for Shi’ites in particular, who base the idea that unbelievers are unclean on Qur’an 9:28. Is this idea “militant” or “terrorist”? No, but it is supremacist, and unbelievers who believe in equality of rights for all are not wrong to be suspicious of the spread of such ideas Westward. And Montazeri held the same views, such that an Iranian Christian complained that his views of non-Muslims were “rubbing salt into our wounds.”

I’m going to stand against such things, and for human rights.

“The Bill O’Reilly Fallacy,” by Reuel Marc Gerecht in The New Republic, October 16 (thanks to JW)

More here:

Analyst Reuel Gerecht’s confused, uninformed pieties, vs Professor J.J. G. Jansen’s scholarly lucidity

Andy Bostom

Analyst Reuel Mark Gerecht, in a recent New Republic essay, condemned those who “demonized” Sharia—Islamic Law—despite conceding that the application of what he refers to deferentially as Islam’s “Holy Law,”

…can be ugly, not least for women. Westerners, especially Europeans, are quite right to be outraged by the importation of Sharia practices to their shores. And Westerners should cast a very dim eye on any financial institution that sets up Sharia-compliant offices that could, if left unchecked, discreetly normalize anti-Semitic practices in big global institutions……[E]ven some Muslim theologians have seen the strain of despotism in Islamic history as being related to the static and authoritarian nature of Islamic legal practice…

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Anti-Corruption Group Sues Over Imam's Taxpayer-Funded Trips…

Thanks to the RoP:

Judicial Watch Sues Obama State Department to Force Release of Information on Taxpayer-Financed “Religious Outreach Trips” for Ground Zero Mosque Imam

Controversial Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf Sent to Promote “Religious Tolerance” on Government-Sponsored Tour through Middle East

Contact: Jill Farrell, Judicial Watch, 202-646-5188

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The Mosqueteers From Ground Zero & the Useful Idiots From the Media

Hamas-linked Islamic groups compare Ground Zero mosque to Rosa Parks

You remember when Rosa Parks took down the Twin Towers? Remember when she murdered 13 Americans at Fort Hood? Remember her Times Square bomb plot? Remember her Christmas underwear plot? Remember when she murdered a soldier at a Little Rock Army recruiting center? Remember her London bombings? Her Madrid bombings? Her Mumbai bombings? Her Beslan massacres? Her Bali bombings?   (JW has more)

Thanks to Atlas

Mahdi Bray, key Ground Zero mosque ally, supporting Hamas and Hizballah (Bray is also, don’t forget, a thrice-convicted felon.)

More dishonesty, but no sign yet that the New York political elites are going to reexamine his claims to be a “moderate,” despite his advocacy for Sharia and call for restrictions on the freedom of speech in his book What’s Right with Islam. “Rauf’s vote boast really all bluster,” by Tom Topousis and Jeane MacIntosh for the New York Post, September 14 (thanks to Gisela):

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Claims Credit for Training NY TImes Reporter


The Islamic machine is in full throttle. I discussed the infiltration of the highest echelons of the media in this piece at Big Journalism back in January: The Society of Professional Journalists: Why We Never Get the Straight Story on Islamic Jihad

Rauf ‘s group is claiming credit for training the NY Times reporter who first wrote of the Ground Zero mosque where Rauf said,

“’New York is the capital of the world, and this location close to 9/11 is iconic,’ Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, 61, the cleric leading the project…”

Pamela blogged  on it back in December when it ran — here.

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The Great Media Blackout

Geller: Countering the lies of the mainstream media

How the media is ignoring and minimizing the success of the 9/11 Rally of Remembrance. “Countering the Lies of the MSM: The Ground Zero Mosque War in the Information Battlespace,” by Pamela Geller at Big Journalism, September 13:

Tens of thousands attended the Rally of Remembrance for the 9/11 victims and against the Ground Zero mega-mosque on Saturday. The crowd was so large, it stretched as far as the eye could see; you could not see the horizon from our stage.  (More)


What’s more, the media is missing a bigger story: that some who attended our rally say that New York police were actually keeping people away from the rally. An Atlas Shrugs reader who was at the rally wrote to me speculating that police “must have been given orders to knock down the numbers.” She reported: “I was there and they were chasing us away – I was moved 7 times! I was moved so far away I had to go around the block and could not get back. The truth is they finally refused access to thousands.”…

Read it all.

The Great Media Blackout

I’m disturbed, but not surprised at the media blackout for the protest held at the proposed site for the mosque at Ground Zero. I was there, and I stood right behind the platform where the media personnel gathered. Several of them took my picture, while wearing my Infidel shirt. I even said to a few of them, “Give us a good story, please.” They answered me and said they would. They knew my meaning- please don’t skew us, don’t portray us as haters. Be honest. And with the coverage, the amount of people there, the sheer diversity of the crowd: people from England, Australia, Egypt, Iran, Uganda, etc. were in attendance or speaking, I am just dumbfounded that not only did we receive a complete blackout, but in the media reports I have been able to find, they covered a different rally, and called those people us. That’s right, you did not misread. A completely different rally filled with Christian themes and anti-abortion agendas were portrayed as the people who attended the rally which Pam Geller organized. Just lies.

Therefore, if it’s up to the attendees to document it, to be fair and give ANY kind of accuracy and decent coverage, then so be it. It certainly won’t be the first time it was left up to bloggers to be citizen journalists. Ask those who got Dan Rather fired, or ask Matt Drudge. Below is my account, which I started writing yesterday, September 11, 2010. Jennifer Booth describes what she saw on Modern Conservative

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Imam Rauf "Deeply Distressed"- but nothing will stop his victory mosque….


Faiz Khan, Associate of NYC Mosque Imam Calls 9/11 Attacks an ‘Inside Job’

… all religions fly jets into buildings, stone women, kill homosexuals, whack women under shrouds, practice FGM, polygamy, beheading…….

Imam Behind Controversial Islamic Center Speaks Before Council On Foreign Relations

(NY1) thanks to DP111

Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam behind an effort to build a controversial Islamic center near the World Trade Center site, reaffirmed today that his goal for a peaceful project – with an eye toward reaching out to Muslims around the world and expressing a love for America.

Video here

In a speech this morning before the Council on Foreign Relations, the imam said that building the Islamic center will bring honor to the city and send a message that Americans are tolerant and live up to their ideals.

“In recent days some people have asked, ‘is there really a need for an Islamic Community Center in Lower Manhattan? Is it worth all this firestorm? The answer is a categorical yes!” Rauf said.

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Imam Rauf: Madeleine, My Bitch!


Imam Rauf: Madeleine Albright “is now pushing [my] ideas in many places, she is in constant communication with me, and on the issue of Hamas, America should really engage with them….”

The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam. Sayyid Qutb, Milestones, 263.

With all the talk about “building bridges” and Imam Rauf’s books being used for Muslim Brotherhood Dawah (proselytizing for Islam), it would be good to take a look at how they understand the bridges they build.

Building on the revelations exposed in the new audio posted at Atlas Monday morning, now comes new exclusive audio of the very connected, very influential stealth Imam radical Rauf.

9/11 was a watershed, was a major milestone, and a major catalytic force in, in catalyzing the attention towards the issue of Islam, it’s presence in the West, and it brought into much greater prominence our work and the importance of our work. Imam Rauf

– No we’ve created a different concept a different model, Mark. I’m the head coach of this strategic initiative, and the President of the United States, or the President of Malaysia, or the President of England, is like a player you want to bring in for particular plays. Imam Rauf

So if we have strategic action plays, designed plays, in the area of foreign policy, in the area of healing the divide, and then you unpack and give up  Israel, and then what do you do, what are the specific actions that you might do, because things are always moving, things are always happening. Imam Rauf

Pamela has a lot more, including transcript

More Stealth Jihad, Anybody?

NY: Muslim Brotherhood’s school named after Muslim-conquered Spain

Just like the Cordoba House mosque, the Andalusia School name refers to the Islamic conquest of Spain, as described on the school’s own website.  Equally concerning is that the Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim American Society (MAS) is running schools in the United States. (Creeping Sharia)

ACLU and ‘Asians’ sue FBI Over Mosque Surveillance

The legal jihad continues, pro bono. Where’s the pro-bono defense of America? The ACLU’s subversiveness, like CAIR, continues.

NJ: ‘Why Islam’ dawah Center decieves non-Muslims

Another puff piece on “interfaith” relations and Muslims reaching out during Ramadan.

Americans should be researching the dawah centers in their neighborhoods – even if they offer good food and open their doors. Understanding what is being taught, what books are being read, the speakers passing through, the foreign funding, and the spokesman of their campaigns.

We covered the spokesman for the ‘Why Islam’ campaign in, Director of Islamic dawah ads in his own words, and what we found was this:

  • Sabeel Ahmed learned his dawah trade from a man who met Osama bin Laden numerous times and received funding from bin Laden’s family
  • Ahmed teaches Muslims that “Christmas is a big innovation [bidah],” and that
  • “showing happiness and joy on Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Good Friday is like shaking hands with Satan”
  • “a Muslim can’t enjoin in any aspect of Christmas in the disguise that Jesus is our Prophet too” (proving his advertisements are complete lies)

Creeping Sharia has more>>

America is indeed sharia compliant

Decision Not to Rebuild Church Destroyed on 9/11 Surprises Greek Orthodox Leaders


According to the “Pact of Umar* the conquered Christians had to submit to the following humiliating conditions:

“we shall not build, in our cities or in their neighborhood, new monasteries, Churches, convents, or monks’ cells, nor shall we repair, by day or by night, such of them as fall in ruins or are situated in the quarters of the Muslims.”

More on the pact of Umar and the humiliating conditions of dhimmitude at the bottom of this page.

Is the Obama regime and NY mayor Bloomberg submitting to sharia?

Ground Zero Mosque Fast Tracked, Church Permit Withheld

“What about us? Why have they forgotten or abandoned their commitment to us?” asked Father Alex Karloutsos, assistant to the archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. “When I see them raising issues about the mosque and not thinking about the church that was destroyed, it does bother us.”  (Supporters: Church ignored in NYC mosque furor/WaPo)

Greek Orthodox leaders trying to rebuild the only church destroyed in the Sept. 11 terror attacks expressed shock this week after learning, via Fox News, that government officials had killed a deal to relocate the church.

The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, once a tiny, four-story building in the shadows of lower Manhattan, was destroyed in 2001 by one of the falling World Trade Center towers. Nobody from the church was hurt in the attack, but the congregation has, for the past eight years, been trying to rebuild its house of worship.

Though talks between the church and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey stalled last year, church leaders say they’ve been trying to kick-start discussions ever since. But amid debate over whether a proposed Islamic community center should go forward near Ground Zero, government officials threw cold water on the prospect of any deal with the church — telling Fox News the deal is off the table.

Confronted with the Port Authority’s verdict, Father Mark Arey, of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, said it’s the first he’s heard that.

“Negotiations did break off last year. We were expecting to hear from their lawyers — we never did. We’re still expecting to hear from them,” he told Fox News. “We’re disappointed. … 130 Liberty Street was promised to us.” (More from FoxNews)


Idiot: Bloomberg Calls Allowing Mosque Near Ground Zero ‘Fighting Terror With Freedom’

Ramadan body count total is now at 584.

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