Wilders is in!

AP is desperate:

“Rightist” Dutch parties agree on minority coalition

AMSTERDAM — The leaders of Dutch “right-wing”  parties say they’ve concluded an agreement for a minority government supported by the anti-Islam party of Geert Wilders.

How could  anyone possibly  be “right wing?” How can anyone be “anti-Islam?”  Where would we be without Mohammedan inventions?

Mark Rutte, head of the Liberal VVD party, announced the accord with the Christian Democratic Alliance and Wilders’ Freedom Party, which will back the government without sitting in the Cabinet.

Together, they control 76 of parliament’s 150 seats.

The accord came 3 1/2 months after deadlocked parliamentary elections. Policy details of the alliance were not immediately released.

The accord Tuesday among the party leaders needs approval of the parties’ parliament members. Several members of the Christian Democrats have objected to a government that relies on the anti-immigrant Wilders for its survival.

2 thoughts on “Wilders is in!”

  1. Thank you, Sheik Yer Mami, for the news that we’re all looking for and we can’t find in the Lame Stream Media. That’s why I’m not renewing my subscription to my daily newspaper. It’s conservative in name only. Please continue to update us on Geert et al.

  2. While abrogation of suras due to a passage that states “If a Sura has been contradicted in the Qur’an the latter shall prevail,” and the Qur’an is not set in chronological order, there are statements in the Qur’an that do not mean what they may suggest to westerners who read the Qur’an, even if correctly read in Chronological order and knowledge of abrogated verses. Here is one example and I take this example because it is widely used by Islamofascist-apologists in the west.
    “If you kill a person, it is as if you have killed the whole people.” Now that sounds pretty good to western ears and is thought to be a statement of peaceful and tolerant intentions. Virtually every western politician trots this one out including George Bush, Hillary & Bill (Beavis & Butthead) Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. However, think about the sura statement for just a minute and remember that in the context of historical Islam. Have you figured it out, yet? Well let me enlighten you and I will rewrite that sura as it is meant to be read by Muslims: “If you kill a Muslim, it is as if you have killed the whole Umma.” Under Islamic Shariah law non-Muslims are not persons or people who deserve respect or dignity and can only live in semi-servitude (practical slavery) to their Muslim betters. Here’s hoping you read the Qur’an as it is meant to be read by Muslims, and not the western ideology of liberal-leftism that sees Islam as something it has never been in its entire existence: Peaceful and Tolerant. We must also remember that Islam is a entire way of life that is incompatible with other ways of life. Islam is Islam.

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