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Malawi: “Howling” Muslim students attending a Catholic school tear up New Testaments and throw them in the street

Funny, there will be no Christian riots. No streets blocked and piles of tires burned in faraway places. No protests to the U.N. to impose itself on other nations to stop criticism of Christianity. That proves it can be done: insults protested, but allowed to pass non-violently. Imagine that.

Or is self-control just for the kuffar, as it so often appears to be similarly reserved for women?

“Muslim students in Malawi desecrate New Testaments,” from Catholic Culture, October 28 (thanks to JW)

Zimbabwe’s white farmers face new violent surge

Zimbabwe blog

Stealing from whites and murdereing them if they resist has become a sport for black thugs:

Deon Theron, head of the Commercial Farmers Union that represents Zimbabwe’s dwindling number of white farmers – some 300 whites still hold farmland – said the attacks followed an announcement last month from President Robert Mugabe that scheduled a constitutional referendum and national elections early next year. He said police and security authorities have refused to act against a new wave of “violence, evictions and occupations” in the build-up to polling. (WaPo)

One of Zimbabwe’s most prominent white farmers has been murdered at his home. (Telegraph UK)

Two farmers have died been murdered in robberies and at least three have been forced from their homes in the Banket district, 60 miles (100 kilometers) northwest of Harare, in the past two weeks.

Two farms owned by German and French investors have also been seized despite bilateral investment protection agreements. Claims by another 13 evicted farmers of Dutch origin for compensation under investment agreements between Zimbabwe and the Dutch government have been dismissed by Zimbabwean courts. (WaPo)

Mass-murder of  Christians in Nigeria by Boku Haram,  a jihadist movement

Tabari 9:69  “Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us” The words of Muhammad, prophet of Islam. (more)

Somalia: Two teenage girls shot dead in public by jihadists for “spying”

It has been observed in the media before that jihadist groups like the Taliban, al-Shabaab, and the former Islamic Courts Union in Somalia bring “law and order” and work quickly to “resolve” cases that take longer in other court systems. The catch, of course, is living under brutally arbitrary tyranny with due process subject to the whims of those who were given carte blanche to restore “order” under Sharia law, and sentences intentionally carried out too hastily to allow appeals or protests.

These are the consequences. “Two teenage girls executed by Somali militants,” from CNN, October 28 (thanks to JW)

Niger: Muslim groups urge boycott of vote on constitution that would separate powers of Islam and state

Sharia is a comprehensive set of laws designed to address every facet of human existence.

Now, if you say that with a smile and stop there, you’re well on your way to a fruitful career in lobbying or the mainstream media. Not so much if you continue with the observation that Sharia’s existence as a package deal that does not lend itself to compartmentalization is a profound liability, because of the many provisions in the law that are regressive, unjust, discriminatory, and unreasonable. Those include the areas of women’s rights (see below, last paragraph), the subjugation of non-Muslims and restrictions on the open practice of their religion, the death penalty for apostasy, cruel and unusual punishments like amputation and lashes, and the doctrine of jihad to advance the cause of Islam.

Obviously, the clerics have a personal, vested interest in ensuring the political power of Islam for its own sake. They would have a major piece of the action. But the acceptance of Sharia in principle sets the stage for the assertion of more severe implementation of the law, as well as for perpetual and possibly bloody conflict over “how much” Sharia is “enough,” when purportedly divinely-issued laws do not lend themselves to an a la carte treatment, and the purpose of jihad itself is to impose Islamic law.

If they want to see such a ticking time bomb in action, they need only look at theconstitution of Afghanistan, the laws already passed, and demands made for Sharia’s most severe punishments, which would be perfectly constitutional. Or Aceh, where galloping Sharia infringes ever more on citizens’ rights in public and private, all of which was likely once met with a chorus of “oh, that won’t actually happen here.”

“Muslim groups urge boycott of Niger vote,” from Reuters, October 27 vs JW>>>

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  1. That picture is sickening – and possibly the biggest reason why muslims should NEVER be allowed to settle in non-muslim countries! Barbaric is an understatement!

  2. Agreed Davey Crockett. I made an audible gasp! These blood thirsty cultists of Mohmmaden Islam must be stopped. Dear Heaven this is demonic. Islam is truly demonic to commit such heinous crimes against humanity, then claim peace. Twisted and sick. They’re a blood thirsty cult itching to bring this sickness to Americans. There is a special place in hell where Mohammed is, and his sick perverted followers will go. This is murder!! It is genocide. WHERE IS THE PROTECTION FOR INNOCENT PEOPLE IN AFRICA?

  3. I gasped also! It is more than shocking this goes far beyond any human behaviour.
    We should all take a copy of this photo and send it to every person we know. Let the world know what these bastards are intent on, and this is what we can all expect. Julia Gillard, should be sent the wake up call too.
    Also send one to every electoral office in this country State and Federal and point out the horror we feel and also the part Somali’s are playing in it. Somali’s were responsible for the latest arrests for terror activities in our country.
    Last week in Adelaide Somali’s were hacking people and belting them with clubs. Newcastle is one of the hotbeds for Somali migration, as is Melbourne. Every taxi driver there is of the blue/black variety. And I dont mean this in a racist manner, it is the normal colour of the skin of many of the Somali people, offset by their beautiful white teeth, tall and stately women and men.
    However, for the last five years the city of Newcastle has welcomed these people with open arms. The Mayor of Newcastle had special arrangements for them and everyone pitched in and did their share of welcoming, but the mood has now changed. They are no longer the happy smiling faces. Now, if we say “G-day” to them, they look the other way. Well if the people of Newcastle are not very careful, they will have not arms. It appears we may have welcomed savages into our midst.
    Gosh I am upset.

  4. I must use this photo and caption in my book please Sheiky. Australia needs to be shaken up. It is over half an hour since I first gazed dumbfounded at the photo above. I am still mad, and so disheartened in humanity.

  5. Would you know when and exactly where this happened please. I remember the articles from about 5 months ago in Nigeria where the villagers were hacked to death after being caught into animal traps first. Some of those scenes were deplorable by any standard, but this more recent one goes beyond the pale.

    The onlookers show very little concern about the stench that must be there from the rotting corpses. They are “blown” so they may have been there for one to two days, but in tropical Africa this process may be faster. Not one is wearing a mask to protect themselves from disease or recognition. They all look so matter of fact about the horror that were once living beings.

  6. Jesus warned us about other prophets that will come in the future and claim they are messiah. Satan hate Jesus and the peace on earth he predicated and so created a new prophet Muhammed who predicated violence and holy war instead of peace. Those who read, think and understand will know.

  7. The world is divided between between believers and infidels; and remember, that the world belongs to Allah and His Apostle. “Fight and slay the infidels wherever ye find them …” (Holy Quran 4:74-77)

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