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Death by Yuman Rites Wankers

The welfare state has two clients, not one. One is the designated “victim” receiving hand-outs, and the other is the person making a comfortable living out of distributing the hand-outs. And these last clients are the real reason why these types of laws get made, not the first clients. (Rule by Social Worker)

Andrew Bolt

Blaming the reaction, not the action:

Demands that Muslim groups do more to assimilate in Europe are worsening ethnic tensions and aggravating the problems they are meant to solve, a top human rights official said on Thursday in a veiled warning to Germany and the Netherlands…


“However … anti-Muslim bigotry has in fact become a major obstacle to respectful relationships,” Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg wrote.

“The diverse groups of Muslims are now blamed by politicians in some countries for not ‘assimilating’.

And again with that chicken-or-egg stuff:

“The Islamophobic atmosphere has probably been a factor enabling extremists in some cases to recruit young and embittered individuals who lack a sense of belonging,” he added.

So the presence of Muslim terrorists and extremists is blamed on “Islamophobic” Europeans rather than the other way around. Which explains, I guess, why these extremists and terrorists are found only in Europe and not in, say, non-European Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya…

Somehow I think Hammarberg was never going to let the locals win this debate. Still, it’s one way to end a conflict – by forcing the unilateral surrender of one side. But what if they refuse to agree?

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