Australia: Another Day, Another Mosque…..

Over 200 mosque objections lodged

Matthew Killoran/Gold Coast

MORE than 200 objections have been lodged against a mosque proposed for Worongary.

The extended period for submissions has now closed and the fate of the proposed Islamic building lies in the hands of town planners and councillors.

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The proposal has ignited passions in the community, with two protests on site attracting hundreds of people and prejudicial graffiti sprayed in the area.

A petition against the mosque collected more than 1600 signatures, while more than 200 objections were received by the Gold Coast City Council during the submission period, which was voluntarily extended for two weeks by the applicant 137 the Islamic Multicultural Association of the Gold Coast.

If approved the mosque would cater for a maximum of 40 people at a time.

Objections lodged ranged from traffic concerns, many taking pains to say it was not on religious grounds, to a mosque in a ‘Christian’ community inviting conflict and even increasing the ‘carbon output’ in the green area.

Worongary resident Sean Mann, who organised the protest on traffic issues, said it was a ‘no-brainer’ that they would lodge an appeal if the council approved the Alkira Way mosque.

“The bottom line is, if this application is rejected that doesn’t stop us from trying to help them. If it’s accepted we will appeal it,” he said.

He said they had other sites for the mosque in mind, but it was a matter between the protesters and the IMAGC.

Mr Mann said the protest had been civilised and focused on town planning issues.

“I’m really happy with the support of our community and the fact that this has all been done in the correct way. I’m proud to be a member of the community,” he said.

“We’ve been very, very lucky in the sense people realise the argument is only town planning.”

In 2009, protests were held about the proposal for the now-approved Australian International Islamic College at Carrara and more than 1800 people signed a petition against the school.

A council spokeswoman now the objection period on the mosque applicationwas closed the council planning officers had 20 to 40 days to make a recommendation.

However, the process can be deferred for more time if the applicant wish to supply more information.

A spokesman for the Islamic Multicultural Association of the Gold Coast declined to comment.

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  1. The same will happen here as happened in Cairns.

    It’ll get knocked back by Council a couple of times, they will then take it to the Land and Environment Court, who will give it the green light.

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