Is Islam a Religion?

Murfreesboro mosque debate: U.S. Department of Justice says Islam is a religion

Department says Rutherford County runs the risk of violating civil rights laws if it doesn’t treat Islam as a religion

Islam has never been challenged in the courts. Holders corrupt Department of Justice calls it a religion. Does it mean that FGM, child-marriage, honor killings,wife beating, polygamy, terror, jihad  and sharia are legal  in the pursuit of happiness from now on?


The U.S. Department of Justice on Monday waded into the debate over a proposed mosque near Murfreesboro on Monday, saying that Islam is a valid religion.

The department on Monday filed a brief in a lawsuit challenging the proposed mosque, arguing that Islam is an officially recognized religion and warning Rutherford County officials that treating Islam as anything other than a religion could violate civil rights laws.

U.S. Attorney Jerry E. Martin will be holding a 1 p.m. press conference today to discuss the brief.

The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is in the process of trying to build new worship facilities after outgrowing their Murfreesboro location. About 18 months ago, religious leaders there decided to develop land they bought at Veals Road and Bradyville Pike to host their new 10,000-square foot center, which would house worship services, receptions, classrooms, a gym and a pool. Outside, they hope to build sporting areas, a playground, a pavilion and a cemetery on the 15-acre site.

Tensions have been high about the proposed mosque, with competing rallies in and around Murfreesboro both for and against the proposal.

Opponents of the mosque have filed suit against Rutherford County officials, accusing the county of not properly notifying the public about the proposal. The lawsuit also argues that Islam is not a valid religion, but a political movement that is looking to supplant U.S. laws with Muslim laws.

The Department of Justice in its brief was blunt of that assessment.

“Every court addressing the question has treated Islam as a religion for purposes of the First Amendment and other federal laws. No court has held otherwise,” the brief reads. “Islam falls plainly within the understanding of a religion for constitutional and other federal legal purposes…”

The Department of Justice brief does not argue whether the proposed center itself should be approved, only that Islam is an officially recognized religion.

Federal law enforcement officials continue to investigate the arson of construction equipment at the site of the proposed mosque.

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6 thoughts on “Is Islam a Religion?”

  1. Another Solution:

    We MUST allow jihadists to behead members of our US Department of Justice, up to or including Eric Holder. This is an absolute necessity to our survival. We must put loyalties to the test. We must, absolutley must allow infiltration of jihadists into these lawyers neighborhoods and respond only after several gruesome beheadings.

    We also Must allow Mexican Drug Cartels to kidnap and torture/shoot/amputate fingers and ears certain citizen representatives who just do not get it.

    Only then wil we all be on the same team, and do what must be done. ONly then will we all come to the same conclusion that Islam is NOT a religion, but a violent death-cult with life-encompasing edicts. Only when all Americans realize this will we see victory in Afcrapistan and on our southern border.

  2. I have just contact Brain Haas, and give him the note:
    “Understanding Muhammad – Where Are We Headed”
    by Ali Sina, ex-Muslim of Iran Page 254 – 260

    …Non-Muslims are guilty of naivety. They are the ones who inflame
    extremism when they validate Islam as a legitimate religion. They have
    allowed unrestricted propagation of this nefarious cult in their
    countries, unaware of what Islam really is. Islam does not recognize
    any other religion or system as legitimate. Wherever it comes to
    power, it abolishes all human rights….

    Shortsighted, unsrupulous politicans bend over backwards to appease
    them and praise Islam as a “religion of peace” to vie for their votes.
    Some have gone so far as to pass “blasphemy laws” in order to ban
    criticism of Islam.…

    Ex-Muslims are the best allies the world has in this war. They know
    the evil of Islam, they know the value of freedom and they are
    determined to preserve it….

    …To defeat Islam ideologically we must talk about it openly and allow
    it to be questioned. Islam cannot stand criticism. It helds together
    like a house of cards and will fall just as easily….

    More info:

  3. I just posted the following comment on The Tennessean,

    Because of our 1st Amendment rights, America has become the home of many cults that masquerade as religions. We have seen what happened in Waco, Texas where followers of David Koresh and the Branch Davidian ranch at Mount Carmel fought off the FBI and the followers of Jim Jones’ American cult at the People’s Temple in Jonestown, Guyana. Islam is much the same only larger and older. Wikipedia defines the word “cult” as “becoming associated with things like kidnapping, brainwashing, psychological abuse, sexual abuse and other criminal activity, and mass suicide.” We have seen in the news today all of these things associated with Islam, as well as terrorism against America and intolerance towards people of other faiths. All of these concepts of Islam stem from the words in the Qur’an.

  4. Oh and, by the way, there is a terrorist training camp at Dover, TN, right outside Nashville……………………….let’s hope they stop this mega mosque, and that it will start a new trend in booting them OUT!

  5. No. The answer is no. It is not a religion. It is an ideology. A totalitarian ideology, trying to pose as a religion.

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