Burqa Moments

Afghanistan: Jihad/martyrdom bombers attack UN office

“Wearing police uniforms and burqas”

— again indicating that there is substantial reason to ban the burqa in Western countries: you never know who or what might be under it. “Suicide bombers attack UN office in Afghan city,” by Aref Karimi for AFP, October 23 (thanks to Weasel Zippers via JW)

NASA Chief Who Called Muslim Outreach ‘Foremost’ Job Heads to Sowdi Barbaria

In case you missed it:

The NASA chief who caused an uproar over the summer when he said outreach to the Muslim world might be his “foremost” priority has embarked on a trip this weekend to Saudi Arabia.

We will give them our latest rocket technology and the Saudis will tell us how to sight the new moon.

They  signed a letter of intent in the space and aeronautics area…

“Our joint experience with them will be applied to the satellites to be manufactured in Saudi Arabia. A Saudi team is currently working in the US to design and produce satellites,” he said…

He added that Prince Sultan Bin Salman’s space trip 25 years ago has in fact been the inspiration for Saudis to achieve greater accomplishments in the field of space science… (FoxNews/Sweetness & Light)

E.T. gets an ambassador: U.N. to appoint Earth contact for aliens

It looks like the U.N. has taken steps to answer that age old request;  “Take me to your leader”.News.Com.Au

Egyptian Islamic scholar: we must conduct jihad against the West

Robert Spencer:

Must.  And clearly he means military action, not interior spiritual struggle. All the schools of Islamic jurisprudence agree that when a non-Muslim force enters a Muslim land, jihad becomes the individual obligation of every Muslim (fard ‘ayn) rather than a collective obligation of the entire umma, from which one is released if others are taking it up (fard kifaya). Bulghah al-Salik li-Aqrab al-Masalik fi madhhab al-Imam Malik (“The Sufficiency of the Traveller on the Best Path in the School of Imam Malik,”) says this:

Jihad in the Path of Allah, to raise the word of Allah, is fard kifayah [obligatory on the community] once a year, so that if some perform it, the obligation falls from the rest. It becomes fard `ayn [obligatory on every Muslim individually], like salah and fasting, if the legitimate Muslim Imam declares it so, or if there is an attack by the enemy on an area of people. (continued below the fold)

Taliban Space Program

Jihad in the way of Allah  (continued)
The Hanafi, Maliki, and Shafi’i schools of Sunni jurisprudence further declare that jihad, once it is fard ‘ayn, is no different from prayer and fasting — in other words, to engage in warfare with non-Muslims in that case is a religious devotion that cannot lawfully be evaded. Hashiyah Ibn `Abidin, an authoritative text of the Hanafi school, says that jihad is “fard ‘ayn if the enemy has attacked part of the Islamic homeland. It thus becomes an obligation like salah [prayer] and fasting which cannot be abandoned.”

“Egyptian Islamic Scholar Ibrahim Al-Khouli: We Must Conduct Jihad against the West, Who Are Aggressors against the Land of Islam,” from MEMRI, September 25:

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian Islamic scholar Ibrahim Al-Khouli, which aired on Azhari TV on September 25, 2010: […]
What formula should the Islamic nation adopt in its dealings with America and the West? […]

Ibrahim Al-Khouli: We must confront them, and say: You are aggressors on the land of Islam. You are occupying our lands. You are exploiting our resources. You are humiliating our people. Unless you stop doing that, and restore our rights, the only path we will take is the path of Jihad, which is an individual duty incumbent upon the nation.

Interviewer: Yes.

Ibrahim Al-Khouli: Forget about Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. That’s not what I’m talking about. I am talking about the Jihad of the entire nation.

Interviewer: Not of individuals.

Ibrahim Al-Khouli: I’m talking about Jihad which is led by the Islamic scholars, and the entire nation will be mobilized for the sake of the supreme Jihad. This will lead us to a confrontation.


We should follow the example of the young men of the Taliban. A group of several thousands of students have been crushing NATO in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Where are the armies of the Muslims?

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  1. * the entire nation will be mobilized for the sake of the supreme Jihad

    Against another nation in the vicinity? Bad move.

  2. ‘The NASA chief who caused an uproar over the summer when he said outreach to the Muslim world might be his “foremost” priority has embarked on a trip this weekend to Saudi Arabia.’

    The main job of Oxford University now is to show the headhunters of Borneo what a contribution they have made to European philosophy .

    The main job of the British Film Institute now is to show the Nepalese what a contribution they have made o European film industry .

    Why not , let’s all go mad

  3. All your moons are belong to us:

    Mohammd Moon Station to Be Set Up

    (AhlulBayt News Agency) – Dr Rezvan Alfaqir, Canadian-Moroccan descent cosmologist and space scientist, announced the deployment of an unmanned research spacecraft by Mohammad Institute for Space Science.

    With its headquater in Vancouer, Canada this research institute is active in development of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology and space exploration in the World of Islam.

    This institute cooperates with several research centers around the world recruiting a multicultural, multinational range of skillful scientists.
    Expressing his regret over the lost glamour of Muslims in the world of science, Dr Al faqir counted paying respect to the high status of the Prophet Mohammd (PBUH) as the motivation for the mission.

    The head of the whole project, Dr Mohammad ai-Faqir announced that the laboratory which is to be based on the Moon by 2013 is upgraded to a bigger laboratory in 2015 and completed into the Mohammad Moon Station two by 2015.

    The system is a research instrument to facilitate young Muslim scientists so that they can access the station through their personal computers and school porograms can benefit the plan in order tp develops the science in the World of Islam.

  4. Muslim scientists, you must be joking. Muslims all over the world can and will be ready to mobilize at a moments notice for their moon god allah. Quite fitting to name the space stations after their moon god, don’t you think? The only thing these morons can really do is follow orders from their burqa clad imams.

  5. The missile silo was constructed on South Pender Island, British Columbia in 2010. A tunnel boring machine dug it on the evening of 8 Feb 2010.

    Google: Fanar muhammad moon station

  6. While there are good scientists who are muslim, the reasons for their success have nothing to do with the poison that is islam. Islam has achieved nothing since its inception, but that is not new. For all muslims who want a conflict – BRING IT ON.

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