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Hussein Obama to visit Indonesia in November

Update: an Open Letter To President Barack Hussein Obama from Rogue Jew


US President Hussein Obama said on Thursday he would make his twice-postponed trip to Indonesia in November, making good on a promise to travel to the Muslim-majority nation where he lived as a boy.

Obama called off previous plans to make his first visit to Indonesia as president due to his ultimately successful drive to pass health care reform and then over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The visit will allow Obama to speak directly to the Islamic world in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, following rows over plans to build a Muslim cultural centre in New York and a US pastor’s cancelled plans to burn Korans.

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Indonesia: Muslim arrested with 7,000 detonators

For fish bombs, of course. He wanted to catch a lot of fish. “Indonesia: Malaysian arrested with 7,000 detonators,” from AKI, October 21 (thanks to JW):

Indonesia: Muslims demand removal of Buddha statue on temple roof

And of course the statue is going to be removed. Islamic Tolerance Alert from modern, moderate Indonesia. “Buddhist Statue Draws Islamists’ Ire,” by Arientha Primanita, Bilhuda Haryanto and Aidi Yursal for the Jakarta Globe, October 22 (thanks to JW):

Indonesia: Muslims offended by church named after Mother Theresa, prevent its construction

And authorities do nothing, since of course they don’t want to rile the Muslims. Islamic Tolerance Alert from modern, moderate Indonesia: “Islamic fundamentalists against church named after Mother Teresa,” by Mathias Hariyadi for Asia News, October 22 (thanks to JW):

A Second Villa Trashed in Lombok after Alleged Insult to Islam

“His words were deeply hurtful.”

German in protective custody  for accusing Muslims  of smashing his statues. Stephen Alexander threatened to report the vandalism to the police….  German media silent….

There is an very important hint in the follow up article JG published:

“Alexander, who is also a Muslim, had been “warned” to remove the statues because they resembled Hindu deities. “

He dared to place hindu statues in front of his House. So this justifies all violence and his Villa must be destroyed.

Luke Gregory Lloyd, 64, meanwhile, is facing the prospect of six years in jail after he was charged with blaspheming Islam and immigration violations after disrupting a late-night Koran recital in a mosque near his house in Kuta, Lombok, on Aug. 22. (he pulled the plug on the imams loudspeakers, how good is that?)

Continued, Hussein Obama

It will also be a homecoming of sorts, as Obama lived in the country for four years as a boy with his late mother, and has often spoken fondly of his memories of that time.

The president noted in a speech Thursday to the UN General Assembly that he had already announced plans to visit India in November, adding that “I will continue to Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country”.

Obama, who, as a native of Hawaii, has billed himself as America’s first Pacific President, will then make previously scheduled trips to South Korea and Japan.

The president had intended to travel on to Australia during the two previously postponed visits to Indonesia, but there are no plans to make that visit in November.

Obama’s trip to Indonesia in November will be another clear sign of his intention to improve US ties with the region, and will come after Friday’s US summit here with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

In Indonesia, Obama will stress the country’s emerging economic weight and the role of the world’s most populous Muslim nation in battling extremism, as well as to build on his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo last year.

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  1. I am sure obama is home sick for his beloved Indonesia. I suppose we will see him bowing once again to the jerk who is the president of this muslim country.

  2. U.S.-backed forces in Indonesia target Christians

    “It is shameful that the US has renewed its ties with Kopassus when they continue to target churchmen and civilians merely for speaking out about the suffering of their people.”

    “US-backed elite Indonesian forces target church members and civilians,” from Ekklesia, December 6 (thanks to JW):

    A leading churchman in West Papua has called on President Obama to withdraw US cooperation with Indonesia’s elite ‘Kopassus’ forces, after finding himself on a military ‘enemies’ list. Kopassus soldiers murdered a previous ‘enemy’, Papuan leader Theys Eluay, in 2001.

    The Rev Benny Giay, an outspoken defender of human rights in West Papua, has found himself on a list of ‘enemies’, which appears to have been leaked by Indonesia’s Kopassus forces. US assistance to Kopassus was renewed in July this year.

    Kopassus is notorious for human rights violations in West Papua and East Timor. Giay told the indigenous rights NGO, Survival, that by renewing ties with Kopassus, “The US is supporting the policy to oppress the Papuans, to wipe us out.”

    The leaked documents show Indonesia’s special forces to be targeting church leaders and unarmed civilian activists in Papua, defining them as Kopassus’s main ‘enemy’. The Indonesian military has not denied the veracity of the documents….

    Survival’s Director, Stephen Corry said, “It is shameful that the US has renewed its ties with Kopassus when they continue to target churchmen and civilians merely for speaking out about the suffering of their people.”


    om Billesley | December 7, 2010 12:28 PM | Reply

    An assemblege of some available information on Indonesian activities in West Papua, and Barack Hussein Obama. Make of it what you will.

    Predominantly Christian West Papua is being colonised by Muslim Indonesian settlers brought in from Java. A google search on “muslim settlers west papua” brings up a lot more on the Indonesian repression of West Papua – economic exploitation, bringing in muslim settlers to outnumber indigenous mostly christian people, burning of villages and churches etc., The repression is by the Indonesian military and by Islamic terrorist groups such as ‘Laskar Jihad’ and the Indonesian ‘Red & White Defense Front’ (red & white are colours of the Indonesian flag).

    Note in this last link description of geologists working for Standard Oil having discovered rich gold & copper reserves in West Papua in the 1930’s. This was kept a commercial secret from Dutch colonial government. US companies later negotiated with Indonesians for post-colonial exploitation.

    Heads of Indonesian independence movement, Japanese collaborators, later, by threatening to go communist, coerced JFK into pressuring the Netherlands into ceding ethnically distinct West Papua to the new Indonesian republic.

    In the 1960’s, Freeport Company negotiated with Indonesia for mining of gold & copper. Freeport Company started as Freeport Sulphur of Feeport, TX and is now Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., of Phoenix AZ. Its subsidiaries include PT Freeport Indonesia and PT Irja Eastern Minerals. Best known for its Grasberg mine in West Papua, the company is the largest taxpayer to the Indonesian government. West Papua possesses the largest reserve of gold on the planet. Grasberg’s gold reserve is worth $21.5bn.
    Another high profile US investment in Indonesia is Exxon-Mobil’s Arun gasfields in Aceh.
    Wasn’t Lolo Soetoro, (Barack Hussein Obama’s stepfather), a colonel in the dictator Suharto’s genocidal military? Weren’t these the years that Kopassus, the Indonesian army’s brutal “Red Berets” invaded Papua on a mission to expropriate the vast wealth of the province and subjugate the indigenous population? Time Magazine describes Lolo Soetoro as “conscripted” into the Indonesian military. I didn’t know colonels with important connections to the U.S. Embassy would be “conscripted”.

    Obama’s drama alludes to his stepfather’s participation in the invasion of Papua this way:
    In Jakarta in the late 1960s, a young Barack Obama noticed his stepfather’s great unease and silence about his one-year military service (how do we know this?) in New Guinea.

    Obama is a neo-liberal globalist with fascist tendencies. At this point he parades in sheep’s clothing. Therefore, he has characterized the transfer of war material and training for Kopassus as U.S. assistance in the war against “worldwide Islamic terrorism”
    “It should also be noted that Stanley Dunham (Obama’s grandfather) started an Oil company for Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia called Mobil Oil.. so that Standard Oil could make transfers to Indonesia using Lolo’s Oil front. Tweny-percent of the Standard Oil company’s Oil went to powering German Submarines during WWII using a different Oil front in Indonesia prior to Lolo’s.”
    July 21 2007 (Bloomberg) — Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama more than doubled the fundraising of Republican rival John McCain last month…..
    ……Among the donors to the joint fundraising committee was Richard Adkerson, chief executive officer of Phoenix-based Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., who gave $28,500,

    President Clinton Unveils Program and Featured Attendees for 2009 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting
    President Barack Obama to Address Opening Session
    The following are among those who have confirmed their attendance at the 2009 CGI Annual Meeting:
    Richard Adkerson (Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold),
    US government have been involved in funding the training of Indonesian military and police units that have operated in West Papua.
    March 5, 2010, Inter Press Service
    The administration of President Barack Obama hopes to resume U.S. training of an elite Indonesian military unit whose members have been convicted of gross human rights abuses in East Timor and elsewhere in the sprawling archipelago.

    Indigenous men tortured by Indonesian soldiers. A disturbing video of an incident confirmed by the Indonesian government.

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