Dumber Than Dirt

Behar & Whoopi Storm Off Set after O’Reilly says “Muslims killed us on 9-11″

The tarts from The View represent the absolute dumbest, most primitive females in the US of A.  Beats me why f*kcwits like Joyless Bewhore & Woopie can get airtime on TV. O’Reilly  of course is not much better for lying down with these bitches and promptly catches fleas. “Hate-speech?” Hate-speech my ass!

Update: He even apologized, the pinhead!

Here’s more from Gateway:

Hypocrite Joy Behar Defends Islam But Has a Long History of Bashing Christians (Video)

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg blasted Bill O’Reilly today on “The View” after he insisted that Muslims attacked us on 9-11… because Muslims attacked us on 9-11. They stormed off the set and demanded an apology from O’Reilly for offending Muslims.

Laura Ingraham pointed out Behar’s blatant hypocrisy later on The O’Reilly Factor. The vulgar leftist has a long history of attacking Christians, Catholic Saints and Christianity.

Dumb, fat, ignorant,  post-menopausal females: who needs them?

4 thoughts on “Dumber Than Dirt”

  1. It’s called “Failure to personally investigate those who killed your fellow American citizens”. In this case, it IS Islam. It is not something else. A cursory investigation will reveal that “Good Muslims” are the ones who caused 9-11. Further investigation reveals their founder was a murderer and rapist, as well as a child rapist.

    BTW, if O’Reilly knew his stuff, he could have done a great service to the American audience..it’s not just the Koran…it’s the Koran, hadiths. and sira, in toto.

  2. Andrew Bolt:

    And they have the hide to claim O’Reilly’s the intolerant bigot
    Joy Behar demonstrates that only one thing exceeds both her arrogance and ignorance – and it’s her intolerance. Figures, really. Whoopi Goldberg may not be as stupid, but that just makes her own refusal to tolerate even hearing Bill O’Reilly’s view even more obnoxious.

    What diminished the effect of their walkout is that their gabbling, arm-flapping, waddling and swathes of excess cloth made it seem as if some nurse had rung the dinner bell in a nursing home for the mutteringly confused. Dignified it was not.

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