Fanatical Frenzy Watch: Chinese Muslims Go on Rampage Over Rumors

China: Prostitution fears spark riot in Muslim area

Times of India

BEIJING: Thousands of Muslims of Hui ethnic minority in China’s Gansu province raided and ransacked a newly-opened clubhouse near a mosque following rumours that it has become a prostitution den, according to a media report.

The residents stormed into the Linxia clubhouse, which also houses a karaoke lounge, bathhouse and nightclub after 10 pm on September 21, just a few hours after it was opened, and ransacked it, Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post quoted the Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy as saying.

The rioters smashed just about everything they could reach. About 10 people were injured in the clashes between the rioters and security guards of the clubhouse.

Up to 30 local Islamic leaders, some of them in their 70s were arrested more than a week after the clash for allegedly instigating the riots, the newspaper report said.

The clubhouse was large enough to accommodate up to 1,000 customers and was run by relatives of a leading figure in the Linxia prefectural administration who was believed to be from Hui community.

The club was ransacked by the crowd following complaints from residents that services provided by it violated Muslim social values, the paper reported.

The people were also upset by the loud music from the club.

Bai Zhiliang, a Hui staff member said one reason for the residents’ anger could have been that the clubhouse was only about 500 metres from a mosque.

More than 100 households living in the same building, above the nightclub, had also been concerned about the likelihood of loud music being played well past midnight. The boss of the nightclub was well known to every resident.

“They dare do every dirty thing inside,” he said. This club unlike the other two other karaoke venues on the same street was believed to have provided special service – a euphemism for prostitution on the mainland China, he said.

The two clubs confined to music and dance, the newspaper report said.

A woman working in a nearby pharmacy said Islamic leaders had approached and tried to talk to the owner of the business, also an ethnic Hui, to give it up but their efforts had ended in failure.

Dubbed the “Chinese Mecca” since the middle of the Ming dynasty, Linxia is an autonomous prefecture housing about 10 million strong Muslim Hui ethnic minority and boasts a long history of Islamic culture.

Located on the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the region’s Muslims regard themselves as the descendants of Arabs who traversed through the Silk Road centuries ago.

Over the time Hui Muslims mixed well with the growing numbers of Chinese Han population in the region.

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  1. … and it begins! China’s muslims, until now so docile except some Uyghurs in Xinjiang province making trouble but in all fairness the Chinese *did* occupy their country, are now finding their feet and voices.
    And what’s better than to be offended about something to do with sex?

    Come on, Chinese government, treat these vandals like you would a journalist exposing some land grab, and the lawyer defending him: Crack down really, really hard. I used to be so happy about living in China because the Chinese government doesn’t tolerate this sort of thing, but now we’ll see. It wouldn’t surprise me if they, to suck up to world opinion for a change, started on the “tolerance” and “acceptance” thing too. After all premier Wen Jiabao has recently expressed publicly a wish for China to become more democratic …

  2. No. Oh yes, a Saudi prince killing his servant, middle-aged geezers marrying 11 year-olds, filmmakers being killed for quoting koran, girls buried alive for talking to boys … apart from that, not much.

  3. Good question Anne I believe there are concerted efforts worldwide to find an answer to it. So far there is no resolution to the thin skinned perpetual victim Rage Boy Mohammedan question.

  4. Just laugh at them – make them look ridiculous, and when they become violent .. kill them.

  5. ‘rumours’ acting on rumours. Nothing backwards about Muslims. I hope the Chinese Government use these ar*ewipes as garden fertiliser.

  6. This is excellent news. We must allow China (and Russia) to become embroiled in the war against Islam. I agree with Kaw…ridicule until anger boils over to violent action (i.e. Koran, hadith, and sira burnings), then kill them all. Wouldn’t it be ironic to use Sun Tzu’s own logic…against the Chinese?

    “To win in battle, make your enemies fight each other.”

  7. I lived in China for three years and going back next month. One thing I know about China and that is that they cannot afford to have disturbances. They have far too many people and having any of the population rioting or causing disturbances is not a practical thing in terms of controlling over 1 billion.

    However, in one of the Southern cities where i lived, the street vendors who sell dried fruit and nuts etc are usually Muslim traders and the police move them along regularly. The Chinese traders who pay rent for their shops complain and rightly so. The Chinese dont like them as a group at all. The Muslim vendors looked very poor but am reliably informed that they are “yellow men” who trade in a lot of illegal stuff including money changers. Not poor at all.

    In the last five to ten years a different type of Arab is now gracing the towns and cities of China. They are a different. They have vast amounts of money and this equates to power. In small viliages throughout China where formerely there were a few corrigated iron sheds posing as the market place – are now multi billion dollar cities with 5 star hotels. All because of the wealth of the Arab. These people are also hated by the Chinese. They dont ask questions about anything to do with China. They are not interested. You will never see any of them for example taking a stroll around West Lake in Hangzhou. They are not interested at all. They are only interested in squeezing the last bit of financial blood from the Chinese producer. Not all Chinese are wealthy industrial giants. Most of the vast business is done by families – extended families just trying to make a living. Farmers in many areas are living on less than five hundred dollars a year. I love China, but I hate what Islam is doing to it. They now rely on them. This is a shame. China will only take so much for so long. The Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon.

  8. Interesting.

    Looks like the “mosaic” and the ‘diversity’ lies in different strategies of spreading the cult. In the south of Thailand and in the Philippines they use the traditional method:

    Thailand: Jihad against teachers

    The intrepid mujahedin, gunning down teachers and forcing school closures in the entire province. Later on, they, along with analysts in the West, will complain about the region being poor and underdeveloped, and say it causes jihad. But this is a classic example of jihad causing poverty, and obliterating the means of improving one’s lot in life.

    “Call for Thai school closures after teachers killed,” by Rapee Mama for Agence France-Presse, September 7

  9. This is exactly why China keeps a tight grip on the bastards. Conflict costs money, and is not good for the environment. This is why Muslim lands are the way they are. They destroy everything in their path and now they are coming after ours.

    I am confident – that in the end – we will defeat them. When we can all say collectively Enough is Enough. Trouble is Islam is cunning enough to start grass fires all over the planet and we are kept busy trying to put them out while they sit back in the fire station and laugh themselves gutless.

  10. And, Thailand was mostly Buddhists and so was Afghanistan – see what Islam has done for the Afghan! Destroying all the 4 thousand year old precious monuments -not to mention the life of the Afghan. Same in Egypt which was Christian predominantly. Philippines was Catholic – but corrrupt. Corruption allows Islam to walk in. This is why we are so easily corrupted by them. First destroy our kids with money and drugs, then get to the politicians, and you have – The Great Muslim Takeover.

  11. I cannot waste sympathy on Chinese Communist regime. The Hui were patriotic Chinese before Mao took over. Mao make them raise pigs, which the Jiangs government never did. Why should the Chinese Communists expect Musilin to honor their immorality?

  12. Good for Linxia Hui. When Mao living. All Hui people is bad and immoral because not want raise Black Bug. My Uncle kill by Red Guard because not want raise Black Bug feed Communist. Now is Communist want put immoral place by Qingzhensi. Hui people is stand up. Hui and Weiwuer people need together.

    I not like Qaeda. America is good country. American Christians is good people. But China government is much bad.

    Sorry my pool English

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