Mohammedanism good, America bad: 3rd world guru Tariq Ali finds refuge among Australia's delusional leftist traitors

These 3rd world  Islam-propagandists really know how to spin it, don’t they?

They can’t clean up their own backyards but are brazen enough to tell us how to run our affairs. Tariq Ali has been a parasite on the British Taxpayer since the 1960s.  A troublemaker he was then – he still is, now. It’s probably because he’s never had a job.

Sly jihadist Tariq Ali: The History Channel’s Distortions of the Crusades (Raymond Ibrahim exposes Ali as the professional BS peddler he is)

Beats me how Western ‘intellectuals’ can waste time looking for guidance from third world clowns like Tariq Ali or Arundhati Roy who have nothing, absolutely nothing to show for.

Unfortunately, the mental baggage of our would-be 3rd world masters somehow resonates with people of the new world order, one world government advocates and clowns like this,who sees our salvation in a Bombay slum.

I beg to differ.

Full article below the fold: Ali finds a refuge in Australia (Andrew Bolt)

Professional anti-American Tariq Ali finds a paper that still takes his conspiratorial Marxist preaching seriously. But why does The Age still see merit in a rant that includes such grotesque caricatures of 1970’s agit prop as these:

THE election to the presidency of a mixed-race Democrat, vowing to heal America’s wounds at home and restore its reputation abroad, was greeted with a wave of ideological euphoria not seen since the days of Kennedy. The shameful interlude of Republican swagger and criminality was over…

Bush the criminal? Even most of today’s campus radicals would think this analysis shallow.

There was no fundamental break in foreign policy between the Bush and Obama regimes. The strategic goals and imperatives of the US imperium remain the same, as do its principal theatres and means of operation.

Exactly what are the colonies controlled by this “imperium”? Where is America’s India?

On December 27, 2008, the Israeli Defence Forces launched an all-out air and ground assault on the population of Gaza. Bombing, burning, killing continued without interruption for 22 days…

Ah, the fashionable new anti-Semitism – sorry, anti-Zionism – of the Left. Well, as new as the Beatles, anyway. An all-out assault on Gaza? If true, it’s astonishing that the nuclear-armed Israel managed in this alleged uninterrupted slaughter of three weeks to kill no more than 1400 people – and then stopped. And is there any reason that Ali neglects to mention just why Israel went to war with Hamas, a terrorist group pledged to its destructrion?

There persists (in the US) the uneasy thought that the Iraqi resistance, capable of inflicting such damage on the US military machine only yesterday, might just be biding its time after its heavy losses and the defection of an important segment, and could still visit havoc on the collaborators tomorrow, should the US pull out altogether.

The fascists, Islamists, headhackers and suicide bombers who killed so many civilians, election officials, policemen and followers of the “wrong” brand of Islam are “resistance” fighters? Their victims, and the men and women trying to maintain Iraq’s new democracy, are “collaborators”? What a vile mischaracterisation. What sinister praise for fascists and damnation of democrats.

Perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps Ali is not a retro symbol of the ‘70s but the ‘30s. And what does that say of the Australian institutions now feting him, from The Age to the University of Adelaide?